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MTV81 is a neat program on MTV that showcases youth culture, and within the hour program is a little corner called JAPON where people living here introduce their own little slice of Tokyo life. I was featured this week (never DREAMED I’d be on any iteration of MTV ever, even though it was turned on my TV 24/7 growing up. MTV, you raised me to be such a refined young woman!)! I take a trip to Bunka Fashion College, get mobbed by students in a class, then run out to Omotesando’s ISSEY MIYAKE Reality Lab store where Harajuku icon Si Oux and I try on origami clothes. “From 2D to 3D, that’s what fashion is all about!”.

MTV81っていうPOPカルチャーを発信するTVプログラムに、日本に住む人の日常を切り取って紹介するJAPONというコーナーがある。なんと今週はミーシャがフィーチャーされてるよ!(まさか自分が年中無休で放送してるMTVに出るなんて夢にも思わなかった〜!そしてMTVさん、ミーシャの生活すごいおしゃれだって持ち上げたな〜笑)まず、文化服装学院に行ったけど学生たちにかこまれ、表参道のISSEY MIYAKE Reality Labに退散。そこで原宿アイコンのスーちゃんとミーシャは「折り紙」服にトライ。 2次元から3次元へ…ファッションてまさにこういうこと!

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In my fermenting wisdom (also called getting older) , I’ve gotten used to speaking in public and having my photo taken, even if the thought makes me wince still. It’s like… can’t everyone at least slap a beauty filter on all of that ish? PLEASE. Hearing my own voice was always the worst, and I get nervous with my mouth when speaking to a camera. So I was scared to see the MTV 81 shoot turn out making me look socially inept and full of bullshit (wasn’t it obvious?)… but I was pleasantly surprised!  It’s short, it’s fun, (it’s in English!) so please check it out! MTV81 video feat. Misha Janette



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-Misha Janette
-Natsumi Yasuoka