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森ガールってどこの森に消えていった? Effects of deforestation; Where have all the Forest Girls gone?

Screen shot 2014-03-13 at 2.11.04 AM

If a forest girl is taken out of the forest, is she still a forest girl? Can one hand clap? Where DO all of those lost socks from the laundry go???

It’s these prodding questions that keep me up late at night.

And speaking of forest girl…it seems she’s now living in something that looks a helluva lot like a cement jungle, and not the actual jungles like before…





“Forest girl” (Mori girl..and her partner, the Herbivore Boy, I suppose) was one of the biggest fashion movements in Japan since goth-loli, appearing in the mid -2000’s. The idea was to look like a fairy from a Bothers Grimm tale and they even had a lot of arbitrary rules to follow at one point. They were kinda hipsters before hipsters were cool. It didn’t really come up in my personal discourse much, except when Tokyo Fashion Week rolled around and one of the catalyst brands for the Forest Girl movement, FurFur, would hold a show.  It had all of the elements; layers, unbleached cotton, doilies, lace, baby’s breath and tulle. It led the group from being a little bit gothic one season to cutesy and kawaii the next, but it still remained very true to what one might imagine a Mori Girl to wear or consider her ideal.

So fast forward to today when I opened up the newest catalogue from FurFur on a whim. I couldn’t find the forest anywhere. This girl was wandering the streets of Tokyo, standing in puddles, looking totally disinterested in my face agape with surprise. Whoah! When did the Forest Girl totally move into the city? Glamping isn’t a thing anymore? And neither are tons of layers or even being Japanese either (one of the characteristics of the brand was having casts made up almost entirely of local girls). This girl is a bit more boho-street LA blogger….well, not exactly LA… maybe more like Palm Springs.

Ok, but seriously… is mori girl totally finished? It wasn’t tied to any decade so I thought it might have some longevity… even gothic and lolita still have pockets of activity. Has it changed names? Is it just “ao-moji” now? Or iyashi-kei? There’s too many questions! What’s it called…you tell me!  Or I’m gonna have to go look in the parks for ’em myself.

In the meantime, see the evolution of FurFur at a glance:


だから、ちょっと久しぶりにFurFurの最新カタログに目を通した時驚いたの。え、森どこ行った?!って。(笑)その女の子は東京の街中をうろついてて、水たまりに立ち尽くしていて・・・多分その時のミーシャの顔といったら、驚きのあまり顔の表情筋硬直してたわ。いつの間に街中にお引っ越ししてたのよ!グランピング(グラマラス+キャンピング)はもう流行りじゃないの?重ね着も、ていうかまず日本人であることが必須条件みたいな風潮でさえあったのに、モデル外国人じゃない(元々FurFurはほぼローカルの女の子をキャスティングしてた)!いわば、彼女はどちらかというとボヘミアン・ストリート系のLA在住ブロガー風になった・・・のかな〜? うん。だけど本当にさ・・・森ガールってもう完全に死んだの?長生きしそうなトレンドだと思ったんだけどな〜。ゴスとロリ—タでさえまだ元気なのに。それとも名前が変わったの?「青文字系」になったのかな?それとも「癒し系」? Spoonはまだ人気のある雑誌でしょ?違う??ハテナがいっぱい!もー何が起きてるのかさっぱり。逆にミーシャに教えて誰かー!

fur-fur-2008-spring-summer-collection-look-016 fur-fur-2008-ss-spring-summer-collection-look-016
2008 SS
fur-fur-2008-aw-collection-look-016 fur-fur-2008-aw-look-016
2008 AW
fur-fur-2009-spring-summer-collection-look-016 fur-fur-2009-ss-spring-summer-collection-look-016
2009 SS
fur-fur-2009-fall-collection-look-016 fur-fur-2009-aw-collection-look-016
2009 AW
fur-fur-2010-spring-summer-collection-look-016 fur-fur-2010-ss-collection-look-016
2010 SS
fur-fur-2010-aw-collection-look-016 fur-fur-2010-aw-1
2010 AW
fur-fur-2011-spring-summer-collection-look-016 fur-fur-2011-spring-summer-collection-look
2011 SS
furfur_2011aw_50 furfur_2011aw_2
2011 AW
fur-fur-2012-spring-summer-collection fur-fur-2012-ss-1
2012 SS
fur-fur-2012-aw fur-fur-2012-aw-2
2012 AW
fur-fur-2013-spring-summer-collection-1 fur-fur-2013-spring-summer-collection-2
2013 SS
furfur_2013aw_50 copy
2013 AW
Screen shot 2014-03-13 at 2.11.41 AM
 Screen shot 2014-03-13 at 2.11.23 AM
Aaaaaand the new FurFur girl… 2014 SS そして新しいファーファーの女性像
じゃじゃーん 2014春夏
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