the infallible daphne guinness

I just re-read the biography “Blow by Blow” on fashion muse Isabella “Issie” Blow, who is credited with discovering Alexander McQueen but commited suicide in 1997, cover to cover. I won`t go into her now because it is all too tragic, but she is one of my muses; people often tell me I remind them of her because I love couture fascinator hats like she did which elates me (although I get “you look like Lady Gaga!” recently, to my chagrin, if only out of respect to Issie).

Daphne Guinness was one of Issie’s confidantes and she is also one of fashion’s most important muses and patrons of our time. She is my living style icon.

さきほど「Blow by Blow」というファッション・ミューズ”イザべラー・ブロー”のbiographyを再度読み終わって、頭が全然落ち着かない!彼女がアレクサンダー・マックイーンを発掘した人で有名だが、1997年に自殺し、悲劇的な人間だった。彼女は私のミューズの一人だった。イザべラーと同じように自分も魅惑的なクチュールの帽子が好きだから、よく「似ている!」と言われる(でも、最近は「レディガガーに似ている!」と言われ、うれしいの反面、イザべラーには失礼という気持ちもあるな...)。



wearing a sun dial hat


pairing chanel with silver leggings

see more about Daphne below  |  続きで詳しくご覧下さい

a portrait befitting an heiress


Daphne is an heiress of the Guinness family and born into an aristocracy, the details of which befuddle me, being raised in a aristocracy-nonexistant Pacific Northwest USA and all.

In any case, she was born a V.ery I.mportant P.erson.


looking a bit like a lady


she created this armor jewelry herself



It has taken a long time for Daphne to be “discovered” by the fashion community at large, but thanks to the internet she has become one of the new characters of style to be pinpointed and often referenced (along with the likes of ex Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld, or Vogue Japan’s Anna Dello Russo et al).


there is always a dark side to daphne's style


daphne can be a chameleon if she wishes


daphne looks good in brunette hair, too


daphne guinness has ecclectic taste


she had a phase where she was wearing contacts


Unlike a lot of today’s style icons, especially Hollywood types, Daphne is something different altogether. Her look is not manufactured and comes off as being truly natural and inherent to her. It’s no surprise, considering she has said that as achild she used to swim with lobsters in artist Dali’s pool, who was a neighbor.



daphne was a good friend and muse of mcqueen

She was not only a huge fan of Alexander McQueen, but they were also fast friends (with her as his muse-as seen above, in a magazine editorial before his suicide). His death was a huge blow to Daphne and she often laments his passing. She wore an incredible McQueen dress to the recent metgala opening as a special homage.



daphne guinness in italia vogue couture

Vogue Italia couture supplement


Since her profile in the fashion industry has risen, she has dabbled in modeling lately. She was in this couture supplement for Italian Vogue last year and it is perhaps my favorite editorial of all time. Mystery, intrigue, 007, glamour, steampunk, androgyny..how I would love to hear the inspiration behind it!


daphne guinness in italia vogue editorial


daphne guinness poses for vogue italia

daphne guinness in epic editorial for vogue italia

daphne guiness with child in couture supplement

daphne guinness in vogue italia

dpahne guiness appears in vogue italia couture supplement

There is no doubt that she is not just a model, as her own personal style heavily influences the tone and fashion in the shoot. That is the definition of muse.



daphne guinness in maybach car ad

Maybach campaign


daphne guinness is the face of NARS

NARS campaign


Above, as the face for NARS cosmetics. She is also in the campaigns for Maybach automobiles (above) and AKRIS, which is a decidedly conservative brand (and Daphne is nothing if not completely over-the-top). I asked designer Albert Kreimler when he was in Tokyo recently why he chose to use Daphne in his campaign.

“I was taken with her. And I don`t think she dresses crazy every day like that.”

We must not have been talking about the same Daphne Guinness. Because as you’ll see in the next article, her daily clothing is a wonderful sight to see. I will put it up soon!


上載の写真は今ダフネが飾っているNARSのキャンペーンより。また、Maybach最高級車、AKRISのイメージガールも務めている。でもAKRISはダフネと違って、どっちかというとコンサバ系なの。だからデザイナーのAlbert Kreimler が来日した時に、気になって、ズバリ聞いてみた。



-Misha Janette
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