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Mona, not the painting, is Japan’s Next Big (Super)Model. Meet her now…◎人気はモナ・リザ級? 9人の松岡モナに会える写真展で日本発の次のスーパーモデルを知る


Mona Matsuoka might not ring a bell for you even if you’re the most hardened otaku of model industry fans, but she’s soon becoming the Biggest Thing Since Samurai on this side of the pond. The 15 year old was recently given a special “model of the week” feature on, THE barometer of model popularity and buzz, and considering models come a dime a dozen it was a surprise to see her there. 

Or maybe not. Is Mona going to be our next big supermodel?

世界の名だたるファッション業界人たちもチェックするmodels.comていうサイトをご存知?世界の最新モデル情報を発信するこのサイトの”Model of the Week”コーナーで、日本のモデル”松岡モナ”が特集されたっていうのはついこないだの話。彼女はもしかしたら、次の日本スーパーモデルとして輝けるかしら?




At just 15 Mona booked the opening look for ANTERPRIMA in Milan, then signing with overseas agency CORE management at the same time. 

And the good news is just getting started for her. From Feb 7th to the 24th at Shibuya PARCO Part 1 will be the “INFINITY Vs~ How we shot Mona” photo exhibit featuring portraits and fashion shots by 9 of today’s top Japanese fashion photographers.

Mona is an excellent model, and it seems our shooting schedules never match up except at parties or my book would be FULL of her. As a trained dancer, she has the posing, the height and, as a VERY determined young woman 1/2 American 1/2 Japanese, she has the witty attitude which does nothing but earn friends in this industry. How did Mona bring the 9 stories of these photographers to life? Come to PARCO to check it out, and keep your radar on Mona.


そんなビックニュース続きの彼女にまたニュース!写真展 “INFINITY VS. ~僕らとたった一人のモナ~” が2月7日から24日まで渋谷パルコPART1で開催決定!東京を代表する9人のフォトグラファーとモナの世界観の融合がみられる貴重なチャンス。9人のトップフォトグラファー(北島明と小林幹幸、笹口悦民、設楽茂男、鶴田直樹、中村和孝、半沢健、舞山秀一、Rosemary) がそれぞれのフィルターを通してモナを見たとき、どう表現し、モナがどう輝くのか興味ない? 










-Misha Janette

-asst. editor : Natsumi Yasuoka


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