マドンナに会えるとこんな気分?・・という憧れのSylvio Giardinaの3次元クチュールに直撃してきた。

sylvio giardina  fwPerhaps if your average designer wanted to create slinky curves, swoops, droops and folds on the body, what would they do?

Drape the fabric, right?

Well, that’s not the only way around silly old physics. Enter another contender for major elegant curves: “Polyethylene foam”. Or to sound more palatable, let’s call it “sculpted cushioning”.

Paris-born and Rome-based brand and designer Sylvia Giardina uses this technique and has mastered it to make it the axis of his brand’s image. “Couture” and “mastered” being keywords here since Sylvio spent 15 years in the high-fashion and couture design industry before starting his own label just one year ago.

I met Sylvio in Milan in February and when it came to up-and-coming brands that I needed to check out, his was on the TOP of my list. I first saw his dresses online and never thought I’d see them up close. They are amazing. They are my rockstars. My Madonna. I was going to meet my Madonna.

Just feast your eyes on these photos of his S/S 2012 collection:



それが、そうでもないらしい。体のラインを際出させ、尚かつこの上なくエレガントに仕上げる技法。具体的には、”ポリエスレン・フォーム”を使用するのだが、もっとファッション用語的に言えば “クッションスカルプチャー”を用いるのだ。

Sylvia Giardinaというパリ生まれ現在ローマ拠点の新星は、この技法を巧みに操りかくなる上はブランドのイメージまで作り上げてしまったのだ。彼はたった1年前のブランド創設以前、15年間もハイファッションとクチュールの世界で生きてきたそうでその精神は自身のブランドにも色濃く反映されており、ハイテク技術を駆使しながらも極めてクチュール的な作品に仕上がっているのだ。



soft plastic

skirt 2012 ss

blue formal

orange ss 2012The lumps are created with cushioning that Sylvia sculpts by hand and then covers with jersey fabrics. It’s almost as if the pieces were created using a 3D printer… or that they are not even real and I’m just looking at photos of hyper-realistic computer graphics. They appear to be plastic, but are completely soft. A juxtaposition of couture.

Fall/Winter 2012-13 showpieces:



fw 2012


orbit dress It wasn’t until I got to touch them at the exhibition that I confirmed that they really do look like that! The bumps aren’t as distracting as you would expect, and the designer is fully aware that most women don’t want to add on extra padding to their backsides, so you’ll see that the sculpting ends at the side seams unless balanced well.

I love these dresses’ futuristic and yet elegant fluid shapes, and tangible curves. LOVE. The only thing is that if you wear one you are practically asking people to come up to you and touch and poke….like
*squish squish*. They should come with their own “Do not touch” signs.





white basement sylvio showroom


black beauty

blue tank

swarovski detail



gold top

silver sheenThe designer was so gracious and enthusiastic at his exhibit, in the basement of the WHITE tradeshow which is Milan’s biggest during fashion week. He was showing with other edgy upcoming designers, but his collection drew the most interesting characters. Like this girl, who was either a) a blogger herself or b) an assistant to another blogger who came sweeping through with his full entourage.



customerSylvia is fully aware that his foam designs might be too out there (pun not intended) for the average person, so he takes his curves and flattens them for everyday use as seen in his newest AW 2012
collection. Colors and patterns change, but his signature is staying true.



sylvio autumn 2012


manteauThis is not just the future of design, it is the now of design. And I am excited to be a woman living it. Looking forward to meeting this idol again.






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