Mawi ロンドンが一体どうしてブランドを若くして成功できたか?そしてシグナチャーとなったグリッタークラッチにフォーカス! 

This was basically the ONLY shop and atelier I was able to visit when I was in London due to the shortage of time, but I couldn’t have picked a better group to stalk.
It was 6pm on a Friday, right about the time I would be in a panic to finish my work before hitting the reception circuit in Tokyo. But I wasn’t in Tokyo, I was in London. And if people are still working at 6pm on Friday in London, you know it means they are gravely busy. Today I was at the Mawi studio in London, and the team were still a pack of busy bees.

So busy, that the only way to take the edge off and get through it is a company-wide round of Irish Coffee cocktails. It was a great, great fun time with the crew… when we finished our coffees we got some Rose and Sparkling wine. Now THAT’s a Friday at the office!


Mawi is a london brand that may not exactly be a household name brand (yet) but they have been absolutely a crucial part of shaping the trends of fashion jewelry in the past few years. All those heavy-duty metal chain necklaces dotted with costume gemstones? That is Mawi to the bone. 
AND I SAW A COPY IN A SHIBUYA BRAND’S WINDOW DISPLAY *gasp* Do NOT buy a fake Mawi clutch!! Not only is it a slap in the face to the designer, but I guarantee you the cheap bag will have terrible glue and the glitter WILL get all over you. You don’t want to be the girl who is bleeding glitter all over the place…being a glitter monster is not chic.
Mawiは一般世間にまでしみてないかもしれないけれど、ここ2、3年ファッションジュエリーのトレンドを形づくるのに大変重要な役割を占めているロンドンのブランドだ。コスチューム宝石がちりばめられたメタルのチェーンネックレス。そう、それが Mawi が最初から押してたトレンドだ。今やはみ出したい子はみんなglitter bugのクラッチを持っている。こちらをチェックしてみて!

そしてそして、なんと私は渋谷でMawiのぱちもんを見つけた。(びっくり!) ぱちもんのMawiのクラッチなんて絶対買わないで!!それはデザイナーの顔に泥を塗るだけじゃなくて、あのグリッタ素材は、安いもんは洋服にラメがべたべたついちゃうから。汚いものはシックじゃない。
mawi-2014-tokyo-london-13 mawi-2014-tokyo-london-12 mawi-2014-tokyo-london-11 mawi-2014-tokyo-london-10
You can get the clutches at GUSUCUMA in Harajuku, and they are keeping it on the very down-low so you’ll not find that information anywhere else!
I had actually met Mawi and her business partner Tim Awan in Italy when I was there with Diesel for ITS Trieste. I interviewed them there and asked about their success. While many brands really struggle to get even 2 or 3 stores, Mawi bulleted to 120 stores for their FIRST collection. Luck, timing, genius… all three they had in spades.
The other advice they gave to other small brands and designers, is to try your best to split the business side from the creative side. As in, have one person manage the biz while one takes care of the operations. That’s extremely hard for young brands to handle, especially when it’s so trendy nowadays for a brand to have two designing partners. But think about it hard, because it could mean the difference between success and obscurity.

イタリアで、トリエステのディーゼルと一緒にいた時に、実際Mawiのデザイナーと彼女のビジネスパートナーであるTim Awanさんに会った。そこで彼女らに、ブランドの成功についてインタビューをさせていただきました。新ブランドは大体、取引先2-3個を確保させるためにとても苦労するのに、Mawiは初めてのコレクションから即に120もの卸先を突き進んだ。運、タイミング、才能。そのすべてを確実にもっていたからこそ、異常に良い成功道を歩んでる
My favorite lines are the very cool and elegantly aggressive Neo PaganDeco Noir , and Deco Glam  lines of accessories
今私が一番注目しているのは、アールデコをモダンのNeo Pagan, Deco Noir , and Deco Glam のジュエリーライン。
Thanks to Haruki Horikawa
Asst editor Karen Shimada