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Masaya Kushino makes beautiful beastly shoes ◎ 野性的な美しさ、串野真也のワイルドな新作シューズ


Bag and shoes designer Masaya Kushino has made a name for himself by creating elaborate shoes worthy of a museum. Now they have found a home in one;  at The Kyoto Costume Institute’s “Future Beauty” which just opened, where Kushino’s never-before-seen masterpieces are on display. And they are BEASTS. See them up close…

シューズとバッグデザイナーの串野真也が作り続けている観賞的な靴がミュージアムに飾っても違和感ない程美しい。それが今現実に!3.21から始まった京都服飾文化研究財団による”Future Beauty”展が京都国立美術館で彼の新傑作が発表、展示中。なんて野性的でワイルド!近くでみると…


According to the designer:

I was inspired by the [traditional] drawings of bird artist Jakuchu Ito (died in 1800). The collection is titled “Bird-witched”, which comes from the words bird and bewitched put together. In order to make Ito’s madness come to life, I employed the help of Kyoto’s nishijin-ori (traditional woven textiles usually for kimono) artisans at Hosou, weaving the patterns over and over again until it was just right. The feathers of Ito’s birds are beautifully complicated, and here they’re given depth in color and added shine for a 3D-like effect. The piece de resistance, the claw heels, were made by sculptor Atsushi Nakamura. He gave them a sense of movement as if they would begin to walk at any moment, and crafted a completely different leg design according to each shoe’s personality. The feathers were dyed to give the colors depth which change depending on the angle they’re looked at. This expression of a bird that transforms into shoes is how I’ve given back life to the birds that Ito drew so long ago. (translated by misha)


伊藤若冲 (~1800) が描く鶏の絵から着想しました。



Jakuchu Ito painting 伊藤若冲作


masaya-kushino-shoes-2014-4 masaya-kushino-shoes-2014-5

Wow, wow, wow. ワオー!ブラヴォ!




Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 4.54.00 PM

More info on the exhibit which features lots more incredible Japanese fashion here
日本の最先端ファッションを紹介する絶賛展覧会Future Beautyの詳細はこちら



Kushino is also the man behind all of those skull bags you’ve been seeing around, and he has them in a plethora of colors and new fabrics thanks to a backing by AMBUSH. See more here 

アンブッシュとのコラボによるスカルバッグも好評すぎてなかなか在庫が見つからない(上のデニムの作品は月末まで大阪阪急で出ているらしいが?!) 。後、たまにzozotownに入荷あり



-Misha Janette

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