Normally, when a foreign fashion magazine announces plans to set up a localized version in Japan, it’s cause for celebration. But the announcement of a Japanese version of “girlie” culture UK magazine Lula getting released this fall is actually bringing some furrowed brows along with it. Why would a country which *thrives* on girlie culture as Japan does, have anything glum to express? Perhaps its because most Japanese versions of foreign mags means death…






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..that is to say, the death of that magazine as you know it. “Mode” foreign magazines are much less so than their Japanese counterparts. So it goes to predict that Lula, which already has a large fanbase here even in it’s native English text, would be a bit concerned. Even so, people are clearly excited for it. See the numbers from my tweet:



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Yes, and in that tweet is another concern that we are already hitting the peak of girlie-dom in Japan. After mori (“forest”) girl, kawaii anarchy-kei girl, fairy-kei girl, 80s spank girl and now the akiba idols and maids, could it possibly get any girlier?? I personally am serisouly experiencing girlie burnout (as you can see in my all-black looks lately).

What we can look forward to is some more adult-oriented girlieness, hopefully retaining the sweet-raunchy taste of the original UK magazine. Japan is stigmatized with the petulant lolita fetish image from the men, and many women here want to be “naive, innocent” pre pubescent teens forever a la virginal Neverland, but what about the rest of us?



lula-magazine-japan lula-magazine-japan-10 lula-magazine-japan-8



The Lula Japan magazine is said to be targeting women in their late 20s to mid-30s. That would be me. And when I think of “girlie” for people like myself, I admit I conjure up images more along the lines of pin-up Agent Provacateur ads. Or even my favorite fashion editorial of all time, featuring Gemma Ward playing with Barbie dolls in Vogue Paris. Here’s hoping a feminine but cool “Lula” will be the next girlie trend.  What do you think? What’s your ideal “girlie”?

「ルラ ジャパン」は、20代後半、30代半ばぐらいまでの女性をターゲットにするらしいけど、まさにこのミーシャの世代だ。この歳になると、ただ”甘い”というより、激的なガールの方がピンと来る。ミーシャから言わせると、たとえばAgent Provacateurのピンナップガールの広告だったり、もっとも好きなファッションページのVOGUEパリのジェマーワード出演のものだったり。フェミニンだけどクールなガーリートレンドがこの雑誌から生まれ、「Lula系」と名付けられることを願って止まない。それが自分的に理想な「ガーリー」なんだけど、みなさんなら、どういうガーリーが好き?






-Misha Janette
-Lisa Ishiwata