Louis Vuitton’s Leather Petting Zoo

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LOUIS VUITTONの「革製小物ふれあい動物園」!

louis vuitton mon monogram -grasshopper

I spotted a few curious comments floating around Twitter last Friday. “A chameleon!” “Wow, it’s a bug!”. “How Louis Vuitton!”.

Stop the leather presses….! What do bugs and lizards have to do with LV? It gnawed at me… so I put in a hurried e-mail and got the call; the FW 2011 exhibition was on, and there were to be surprises in store.Curiosity killed the cat, and it killed my Friday afternoon super-concentration writing session… because I was on my way to the final session before it all got packed up and shipped off to the next country.

I was happy to have made it as I was slack-jawed when I got to the final room, where I met these wonderful little creatures made of parts taken from leather handbags, wallets and belts!





louis vuitton mon monogram chameleon

There were four ingenious creations on display; a grasshopper, chameleon, beaver and armadillo. I was ecstatic to see fashion goods used so creatively and transformed into art pieces! Meet the  tanned creatures below….



louis vuitton mon monogram -armadillo

See the rest below (or after the jump) | TOPページからは下記クリックして続きご覧下さい

louis vuitton armadillo by billie achillios


louis vuitton chameleon by billie achilleos


louis vuitton leather chameleon by billie achilleos


louis vuitton grasshopper by billie achilleos


louis vuitton beaver by billie achilleos


louis vuitton leather animals beaver

The four animals were created to celebrate the introduction of the “mon monogram” service, wherein one can get their monogrammed goods personalized with initials and colored stripes. They now have bright PINK. Takashi Murakami thankfully already opened that pink-on-monogram-hatch, so it’s a definite win.


mon monogram


The animals were created by puppet-designer Billie Acchilleos of the UK, and they join 20 other animals she has already done for the London and New York “maison” stores (there is a maison store in Kobe, FYI).


bond street store new york

louis vuitton leather snake

Snake, count yourself charmed.


louis vuitton leather piranhas

Monogram piranhas!


These photos are from the artist’s own blog, and I couldn’t find any better photos. I want to see more iterations of this idea! Is there a woodchuck? A toucan? A pygmie horse???


billie achilleos for louis vuitton

Oh, and the artist is herself is tres chic. Lawd.




louis vuitton AW 2011 collection press preview in tokyo

Sadly, the creatures are already on another landmass somewhere else in Asia. Same goes for the elevators used in the show, brought all the way to Tokyo for the exhibit. The next LV-related art event will be in September, when the next Esapce Tokyo gallery kicks off its next exhibit.

残念ながら、AWコレクションを含めて、もう次の国へ飛びまわり中。次に、LVのエスプリを味わえるアート展といえば、この間できたばかり表参道にあるEspace Tokyoの、9月からの新しー展示だと思う。Wait for it a little more!

Tokyo Fashion Diaries by Japan Fashion blogger misha janette | ファッションブロガーのミーシャジャネットの東京ファッションダイアリー

ここまで読んでくれたらシェアやいいねして下さい!レブログも歓迎。Tell me you read to the end! ↓


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