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Christian Dada designer Morikawa has been one of Tokyo’s precious ingenues since even before he was picked up by Lady Gaga to dress her for numerous media occasions (like MTV Awards Japan last year). Oh and she put in a quick request during her world tour last week and he whipped up in DAYS this incredible origami “tsuru” (crane) dress that is, simply put, incredible.

If you want to learn more about this budding superstar then tune in to NHK World’s “Tokyo Fashion Express” TV show, which is a 30 min program that talks about Japanese high-fashion and trends in English. For this week’s episode they followed Morikawa through the process of creating his digital jacquard fabrics and up through his fashion show “Lost” from the 2012 AW Tokyo Fashion Week. It gets into the details, including his inspirations (the forest), troubles, and what he’s thinking for the future.

Christian Dadaのデザイナー、森川さんは東京が誇る真の才能。
その才能が目に見える形で評価された決定的な出来事といえば、やはり昨年行われたMTVのビデオミュージックアワードの中でLady Gagaが彼の作品を着用したことが大きいだろう。そして今回、ワールドツアーでまたしても日本を歓喜の渦に巻き込んでいった彼女のツアー衣装にも、そう森川さんの作品。その時の作品が、折り紙の鶴にインスパイアされた作品なのだが、こちらがまたシンプルなアイデアながら素晴らしく美しいドレスに仕上がっている。

彼のことについてもっとよく知りたい、という方に是非見て欲しいのがNHKにて放送されている”Tokyo Fashion Express”。30分の番組のこちらの今週放映される回で、彼がデジタルジャカードのファブリックを作り出すプロセス、彼が先日発表した2012年秋冬コレクションのこと、ディティールやインスピレーションやその中で起こったトラブルや彼の将来の展望に至るまで彼の深層に迫っている。

lady gaga in christian dada

Lady Gaga in Christian Dada. Photo by via FAKE

I got to go visit his showroom when they were filming so they got me on camera giving some much deserved praise. I was even wearing my Dada SS 2012 dress. 


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mroikawa christian dada

The show is available streaming online at NHK World online, but it’s not on-demand so you’ve got to be watching at the right time. It’s on TODAY, and there are only two more showings— at 20:30 /24:30 /28:30 Japan Time (check what it is in your own country online, or use an app on your phone). http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/index.html

時間は日本時間にして20:30、24:30、28:30の3回 http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/index.html

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fashion show

It was interesting to hear about what he’s thinking for the future. While a lot of designers recently-especially young ones- have been quite content with staying in Japan rather than going over to Europe, Morikawa hinted that he doesn’t want to be standing still for long. “I think eventually I will want to change where I call home base.”

“最終的には自分のホームと呼ぶ場所は今とは違うところになるだろうと思っている。” 森川


Speaking of home, the fall/winter collection is called “Lost~the place we go home to~”. Here are some details of some of the newest collection’s best pieces and then some.

なるほど、”ホーム”というとそう言えば最新のコレクション2012年秋冬の”Lost~the place we go home to~”とも話が繋がってくる。ということで最新コレクションから特にお気に入りの作品をご紹介

Runway photos via MBFWT

dada show

dada jacquard

tree armor

tree bark armor



pillow flower


A flower-type showpiece made out of cushions. Morikawa said he was given some advice, “If you want to [make a splash and] introduce more of Japan to the world, you’ve got to have pieces that are inexplicable or have an emotional side to them.” There is a lot that can be inferred emotionally about a giant black flower made of couch cushions. A safe place?


Spring Summer pieces:



(Side note: his site is HTML5??! It rocks!!)


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