Is it possible to wear lingerie as clothing, and why would you do it?

In the last article, I wrote about how the idea of wearing lingerie as fashion is something that is already going from strong to stronger in the trend department. It’s on the streets, the catwalks and now it is very normal to see lingerie details in all kinds of fashion.

But this time, I want to get to the real point; WHY would you wear actual lingerie as fashion instead of the other way around?

Photos: Kentaro Minami
Direction & Styling: Misha Janette





Here is the “lightbulb” moment: good quality lingerie has all of those wonderful little details like lace, beads, embroidery… but when you go out and buy fashion with those details at the store they will cost a thousand dollars or more per piece (the price of luxury brands is already out of control, if you’ve been thinking it you are certainly not the only one).

But aside for a few super luxe lingerie lines, sleepwear is actually quite reasonably priced… if you consider the fact that it is DOUBLE the wardrobe. Basically, you get a really fancy piece of sleepwear, but you also get a camisole, a coat, a dress, and more. We use the term “cost performance” to describe how many times a garment will be worn compared to how much it cost. Leather bags and walking shoes have high cost performances… and now, perhaps lingerie has a much higher- co-pa than we ever thought!

For example, Trefle by Wacoal is only a couple hundred dollars and has all of the fixings. And here’s the kicker: it’s actually washable at home! (I haven’t seen a high end clothing piece that doesn’t say “dry clean only”on the tag in a very long time). Here, I have collaborated with Wacoal one some “lingerie looks” to show that lingerie doesn’t just need to be worn under clothing all the time. I have put together some outfits for beginners, skilled, and advanced, that perhaps will get you rolling in the lingerie-look bandwagon.




Easy Lingerie Styling: Petticoats

The petticoat is already a style icon unto itself, and needs no introduction. In fact, a petticoat is meant to give your outer skirt more volume, or to keep it from being see-through so it is already a very functional item that many women already have in their closet. But here, Trefle has produced some gorgeous petticoats that can be the star of the outfit all on their own.


This outfit is perfect for this fall/winter season as Velvet is a huge trend, as well as fake  colored fur.


For this look, I have gone really modest with a long cardigan jacket- which is great for wearing in the office. Notice how I am in a matching blouse, which makes it look quite sophisticated and not like lingerie at all. Speaking of the blouse, that brings me to…




Lingerie Styling Advanced Level:  Blouses and Babydolls

Although it may seem that there are only bras and camisoles in lingerie, there are blouse tops, too. And don’t forget the mini-length teddys which make for great babydoll tops!


Trefle has a series of blouses, and they are great because their inner tank top is removable. What`s more, notice the neckline: it’s straight! Most lingerie blouses will have low necklines, but with a straight one like this, it doesn’t look any different from a day-to-night top. This is particularly important in Japan and other Asian countries where modesty is welcomed.


Look at how cute this teddy nightie is worn as a top! I styled it with wide leg jeans as teddies were a look that were very popular in the 1970s (the same decade that Trefle was established!). As a bonus style tip, I have tied a blue flower sash under the teddy for some color contrast.



Lingerie Style Expert: Bra Looks



For this one, I am wearing a Trefle lace embroidery bra over a top in the same color. This way, the bra doesn’t stand out so much. I have also wrapped a flower sash around my neck like a backward apron and tied it (hiding it under the bra) to make a really beautiful halter top.



Finally, this look is just to show off how beautiful the embroidered lace is. I love the 3D effect, and the very cool and sophisticated coloring. For a more…modest take, see the blouse look for this above :)




トレフルのサイトはここからどうぞ!Trefle Official HP

What do you think? I hope you guys will start looking at lingerie in a new light! And heads up that these items are now for sale where Trefle is sold. On the next drop, I will take on the party look and… the holiday!

Find out more about Trefle here★Trefle Official HP

Photos: Kentaro Minami
Styling/Direction: Misha Janette