軽いおしゃれ。細貝里枝「DAISY BALLOON」によるバルーンファッション。

daisy balloon for rich magazine

Rie Hosokai is one of the best balloon artists in the world, but she is also one of the most innovative fashion designers. She uses balloons to sculpt dresses, tops, bottoms and ornaments with such lightweight yet structured volume it surely strikes envy in the heart of any fibrous, limp textile.

Hosokai was once an employee at a flower shop who was moved to a department in charge of making balloon arrangements. It was there that balloons captured her imagination and she started her balloon design company, “Daisy Balloon”.

Hosokai has won balloon art competitions in Japan, the U.S. and Belgium, and has exhibited her latex masterpieces throughout Asia and the U.S. Now a master of the delicate material, she’s even created a defense system to protect against the elements or a wayward fingernail. “The dresses are made so that if one balloon pops, it won’t affect the others,” she explains. “But it’s still extremely difficult and stressful to work with.”




daisy balloon

rie hosokai

daisy balloon hair

I can`t quite place my finger on it, but these dresses almost look as if a math formula was rendered on a computer and Hosokai has constructed the readout. The volume  achieved in the grey dress above would be quite impossible with any material other than a balloon for sure.


art work : rie hosokai (daisy balloon)
art direction : takashi kawada (kotenhits)
photography: hiroshi manaka (tiimu / nam)
hair-dreesing & make-up : rie suda
stylist : tastuhiko marumoto (eight peace)
photo retouch : yoshiaki sakurai (iino graphic images / nam)

ayumi mitsukane so en daisy balloon

My first introduction to Hosokai was at the esteemed So-En awards, a fashion design contest in which she constructed three looks with Ayumi Mitsukane (one of them above). They opened the show and set the tone for the contest that is founded on innovation. Unfortunately they did not win (the curse of going first?) but they were fantastic to see in action.


planet dress by ayumi mitsukane

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rich magazine balloon hair art

I love the work she did for high-art and fashion magazine Rich. This hair piece, made of balloons and wire, is innovation at its core.


art work : rie hosokai (daisy balloon)
art direction : takashi kawada (kotenhits)
photography : shoji uchida
styling : miki aizawa
hair & make-up : hirokazu niwa (maroonbrand)
model : iruka (okazaki models)
photo retouch : makoto harikae

balloon dog dress

balloon dog series

balloon dog photographs

The photo series is a collection of work inspired that good ol’ friend of any child’s, the balloon dog. It looks like she drew upon ideas of groomed poodles and wild dog mohawks for the work. The dress in the shot at the top on the left reminded me of something like Rodarte re-imagined in balloon poodles. “It deflates in two days,” she told me. What a tragedy!


dog dress
artwork|rie hosokai (daisy balloon)
artdirection|takashi kawada (kotenhits)
photography|hiroshi manaka (tiimu)
head stylist|kunio kohzaki (tron management)
make-up|ebara (miyabi)

rioe hosokai balloon art

Some of her art-leaning pieces. I`m thinking ikebana, bonsai, calligraphy, and UFOs.


Artwork by Shun Kawakami
Calligraphy by Gen Miyamura
Balloon by rie hosokai(daisy balloon)

daisy balloon animal font

 Finally, we have this little gem, “Animal Font”, a website and iPhone application that spells out messages and words in a balloon animal font created by Hosokai. She donated proceeds of the app to charity after the earthquake this year.

I created this one, “TOKYO”.

最後に、これがウェブサイトとiPhoneアプリでもある「Animal Font」だ。メッセージを入力すると、それが細貝さんオリジナルのバルーンフォントに変身する。いろいろ、やってみたくなっちゃうわ。しかも、震災後、売り上げの一部をチャリティーに寄付している。要チェック!

上は「TOKYO」作ってみました ^^


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