キタコレ版! 中国のユースカルチャー誌『YOHO』連載で東京のクールなピーポルとショップを巡ろー! 

kitakore family

YOHO is the primo fashion and culture magazine for discerning Chinese in their 20s, and the numbers are crrrazy. 600k+ circulation, and passed among 7 people per issue. And they publish twice a month! When I was given the column, my idea was to go to some of Tokyo’s best shops loved by the street fashion aristocracy and talk to the cool girls and boys there about their style. In Japan, it is not unusual for a shop sales person to become a mini celebrity, with some of them being singled out and given their own brand. In the street scene, these people are the heroes, the leaders, and the are having fun and experimenting with style-here’s a look at them and their shops.

Edition #3 Kitakore Building

The first time I ventured out to Kitakore I didn’t actually get to go inside. What appeared to be entrances were shuttered…was it closed that day? I was totally lost…where were the doors? How many shops were there? What were they called? Who, what where, why?! I felt that it was almost like I needed to speak a secret code and perhaps a door would open for me. It was like some forbidden temple and all I could do was peer inside in a kind of horror… strange objects and stranger clothes staring back at me through the dark. I HAD TO GET IN!!

“This place doesn’t open until at least 3pm”, said a voice behind me.

Oh. Fack.







I ended up leaving in defeat, but thank god because it built up in my mind this image of a fantastic place where they said “fuck you” to the rules (and the customers too…heh) and go their own way. When I finally had the chance to visit sometime later, it didn’t disappoint. The Kitakore Building in Koenji may be far from Harajuku and Shibuya, but that is exactly why the unique fashion here has been able to thrive and grow into it’s own unique style. It is also why this small “shopping mall” has become legendary. The shops inside each have their own distinct personality, but their extreme dedication to being avant garde and completely
individual is their common denominator. Nearly every time I come here I end up buying something, like an old Versace belt, crazy sunglasses or other
accessories. It’s a must-see for designers, and has been visited by quite a few stars…Jeremy Scott, Frieda Giannini of Gucci and Pharrel Williams to name drop just a few.


そうして私の初高円寺は、見事に惨敗に終わったのだった。でもこのこともあり、私の中でどんどんここのイメージが膨らんで行った。なんてマイペースだな。世間の慣習なんかに囚われない。そんなものはFuck Youだって(それがたとえお客さんだとしても、だ)。超クール。そうしてすこし経ってから、ようやく私にもドアが開かれる時が訪れたのだった。そして、私のイメージが寸分違わなかったことに感動した。キタコレビル。高円寺にそびえるこのスポットでは、原宿や渋谷からはほど遠いところにあるが故にそれらの場所では見られない、強烈な個性とスタイルを持った、本当のユニークな人々が生息していた。そしてそれこそが、この小さなショッピングモールがこれほどまでに伝説的に語られるようになった所以なのだろう。ここに在籍するショップは、それぞれが全く異なる独特のテイストを打ち出していながらアヴァンギャルド、という見地からいえば完全に統一感を持っている。私自身、ほぼここに足を運ぶ度に何かしら買わずにはいられなくなってしまっている。そして何をかくそう、ここは世界中のデザイナー達にとってもマストな場所となっているのだ。ここを訪れた著名人は、ジェレミー スコット、グッチのフリーダ ジャンニーニ、ファレル ウィリアムスなど少し挙げただけでも錚々たるメンツだ。

 yoho magazine featuring kitakore

Top photo, from left: Mademoiselle Yulia, Koshiro Ebata, Rachel, KiNG, Kae, Cathy, I and Mamitan behind the camera.

(一応) 左から マドモアゼル ユリア、コーシロー エバタ、レイチェル、キング、カイさん、キャシー、私、そしてカメラの後ろにはマミタン!

shops at yoho magazine kitakore 

Come here and visit all of the shops; outside upstairs is Southpole by Nincompoop Capacity where you’ll meet Cathy, Hayatochiri is in the front (but was unfortunately closed on the day of our photoshoot). Inside the entrance at the back of the building are Secret DOG, GARTER and ilil, manned by Kae, Koshiro Ebata and Rachel respectively. There is also a gallery they built inside now that features some of the edgiest underground artists and designers in Tokyo (right now is NEON O’CLOCK WORKS). Upstairs is an atelier where Koshiro, Mademoiselle Yulia and other friends who rent desks put their hands to work making pieces for their original brands. In fact, all of these people you will find behind the counters at a table making something new and pushing the boundaries  throughout the day. 

では実際に、中にどんなショップがあるのか見てみよう!まず舗道に面した階段を登ったところにあるのが、キャシー率いるサウスポー ニンカンプープ キャパシティ。その下にあるのがハヤトチリ(残念ながらこの撮影の時は閉まっていた(泣))。そして脇の小道を少し入ったところにある入り口を入ると、まず目に入るのがカイさんのシークレットDOG。そしてコーシロー君のGARTER、レイチェルのililへと続く。そして最近改装して上に出来たのが、階段上のギャラリー。ここでは新進気鋭のアーティストのエキシビションなどを行っている(現在行われているのは、Neon o’clock worksの展示)。そして、もう一つの(もともとあった)階段を登ったところには、コーシローとマドモアゼル ユリアが自分たちのブランドの作品を作っているアトリエがある。とはいえ、お店にいる時でさえレジの後ろで何か製作していることがほとんどなのだが…

yoho kitakore edition with misha janette

For the shoot I was wearing a dress by DEFACE, designed by budding Canadian designer and friend Daphne Mohajer- it’s her first collection and it’s already being carried at GARTER. I would say that is something to brag about! The metallic arm cuff is by KiNG, and the purple one and rope necklace are by GIZA. The other necklaces can be found at GARTER and the glasses (which I love! HONTOU.) are from ilil.

この時私が着ていたのは、カナダ出身デザイナーと友人の Daphne MohajerのブランドDEFACEのドレス。これは彼女のファーストコレクションなのに即GARTERで取扱。めっちゃ自慢じゃない!それを彩るアクセサリー類は;メタリックのアームカフス by KiNG、パープルxゴールドのカフスとロープのネックレス by GIZA、それ以外のネックレス by GARTER、サングラス (好き!ホントウ!)by ilil。

koshiro ebata in yoho 

Name: Koshiro Ebata
Age: Secret
What magazines have your street snaps been featured in?

If you could sum up your personal style what would you call it?
Super nerdy

How many pieces of clothes do you own?
In my apartment I have one pair of jeans, one suit, about 20 t-shirts, 2 jackets and 2 pairs of shoes. If I want to dress up I wear what’s in my store.

How long does it take you to get dressed up in the morning?
1 minute.

Tell me what got you started with your shop GARTER
It opened in April of 2009 when I was looking for a studio where I could make clothes and I got wind of this great space.

What do you usually do at the shop?
I’m either making clothes or fixing up the interior. I don’t bother with customers much.

Can you tell me about some cool or surprising happenings you’ve encountered here?
1. The day we opened we all got so drunk that we ended up puking everywhere. The next day we had to close the store just to clean it all up.
2.  I lend a lot of costumes for celebrities, but one time in particular I lent something to Lady Gaga and when it came back it came with one of her stick-on acrylic nails with it. Then, one of her fans came in and stole just the nail!
3. Mademoiselle Yulia rents space with me in the studio to make her brand GIZA and fashion editor Tiffany works with us too! But Tiffany moved to Paris recently which sucks…will miss her.

If you are abducted by aliens and can only bring one item from your shop, what would it be?
This chain mask made by LEO CANDYCANE! I’ll use it to hide my real face and instead try and get the aliens to be friends with me. 


年齢:  ヒミツ 






3.アトリエはMADEMOISELLE YULIAのアクセサリーブランドGIZAとファッションエディターのTIFFANYも一緒に借りてる!パリに行ってしまってさみしいけど・・


 crazy kitakore

An off-shot that didn’t make the magazine pages. For good reason maybe. When Rachel came out wearing a mask, we all decided to follow suit and went a little ….crazy…. with the accessories and hats.


kae with helmet

kae in shop

dancing in garter

trying on clothes

mademoiselle yulia giza

giza by mademoiselle yulia

mask by leo candycane



airforce 1 getas

watch your step


kitakore building

Photos by Mamitan! 


地図はこちら |   See a map here

There’s also a special KITAKORE pop-up store at PARCO shibuya now!


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