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One of the goals of my trip to Shanghai was to get to know some of the top local designers…and discover new ones. And discover one I did! There are some good Chinese designers; namely Uma Wang and Qiuhao and the ilk, but those are easy to find as they studied abroad at Central St. Martins. But what about the LOCAL designers? As is the usual case with these things, one acquaintance led me to dinner with another acquaintance and the next thing I know another dinner was set for me to meet Shanghai’s young rising star, Kim Kiroic of shoe brand KIROIC.

Kim is a Shanghai native, and it was underscored on more than one occasion to me that he had NOT studied abroad. He has a studio in Pudong, Shanghai, and said that his factory is a mere 10 minutes from there. He  told me, “I am constantly challenging the limits of my factory through design and technique they have not seen before.”

今回の上海旅行の目的の一つにあったのは、現地で活躍するローカルデザイナーを偵察し、ニューカマーを発掘すること。そしてついに一人のデザイナーを見つけた!Uma WangやQiuhaoなど、中国では既に知名のある素晴らしいデザイナーが存在しているけど、彼らはセント・マーチンズ出身という経緯もあり簡単に見つけられる。しかし本当の意味でローカルなデザイナーとなるとどうなの?そんなことを考えていたら知人からディナーのお誘いが。そしてそこで紹介された知人の知人からまた別の日にディナーに誘われて…(よくある事よね。)

そしてそこで紹介されたのが今上海で注目の若手デザイナーのスター、シューズブランドKIROICのKim Kiroicだった。キムは上海生まれ上海育ち。そしてこのバックグラウンドはただ“海外で修行していない”ということよりより重要な意味をもっていると教えられた。


kiroic gold shoe

 As you can surmise, he has a sneaker-slash-sportswear spin. This may be residual inspiration due left over from when he was designing for a “big sportswear brand” before setting up his studio in 2008. His sneaker/sandals could easily be re-imagined in bamboo, making for a true fusion of aesthetics.

But he doesn’t do just sneakers. In fact, my favorite pieces of his, were the dressier shoes. Exhibit fig. 1, this couture collection made in collaboration with Wyman for a 10-day pop-up shop by I.T. which features designs created by traditional Chinese needlepoint. Each pair took over 50 hours(!) to stitch by hand.



krioic for wyman couture

kim kiroic for wyman image

image shot for wyman

So why am I so exited about a menswear shoes designer? Because he is going to be putting out a collection of women’s shoes next! He revealed that they would be based on a traditional shape, but with added futurism. I cannot wait! (continued…)


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kiroic for wyman itkiroic for wyman couture


AW 2011


kiroic sandals

kiroic 2009

kiroic mens shoes

kiroic mens shoes details

juun j 2011 aw

 This is Korean brand Juun J which shows on the Paris schedule, and Kim has been collaborating with this brand for it’s show collection since SS 2010. Together, this image of a man is YUMMY. Above is from 2011 AW and below, 2012 SS.


こちらは韓国出身で、パリコレにも参加しているJunn Jというブランド。キムは2010の春夏からこのブランドとコラボをしている。なんて素敵で超クールな男像!ほれてしまう・・

写真上:2011AWより 写真下:2012SSより

juun j 2012

juun j 2012 menswear

At just 28, Kim is already raising his international profile and may be the first completely “homegrown” designer to break out across global lines. I wish him the best at it!


kiroic 2012 collection

2012 SS


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