verbal and yoon for andrew yang

We know that Verbal and Yoon are pretty damn edgy and cool, but they can be softies too … as dolls that is.

I have some more photos from the exclusive Barneys Fukuoka x Andrew Yang collaboration to share. As you saw last week, Andrew runs his brand “Kouklitas” of large-size dolls that he creates in the likeness of real people and real clothes. A lot of his dolls are of public fashion and celebrity figures, and in the case of the opening celebration of Barneys Fukuoka, he made a line of charity dolls in the likeness of some of Japan’s favorite designers and celebrities. Above and below are his renditions of currently top-o-the world MC Verbal and take-no-prisoners brand “Ambush” designer Yoon. 


verbal and yoon doll for barneys fukuoka


Next up, Keita Maruyama (Andrew called this girl “Keiko-chan”). 
ブランド「Keita Maruyama」をイメージした「Keikoちゃん」の人形。 

keita maruyama by andrew yang
keita maruyama doll by kouklitas


The spitting image of a “Vogue GIRL Japan” reader, wearing FW 11 Marc Jacobs, natch.

雑誌の「VOGUE GIRL JAPAN」の読者をイメージしたドールも。もちろん、このおしゃれな子は秋冬11年のマークジェイコブスを着用! 

kiko mizuhara doll in marc jacobs


A few more cuties. These are all on display until at least the 10th, until which Andrew is taking orders of your own personal doll too. It’s a super chance for a real one of a kind item, methinks. 


kouklitas kaonkouklitas at barneys

For the opening, the designer himself had been to Fukuoka but missed the chance at coming to Tokyo, so on his way out of China and back home to NYC he was convinced to stop in for a few days of discovery. Barneys invited me out and we took him and his business partner/filmmaker Ramone to a few places, ending up in Shinjuku’s Golden Gai. If the photos seem extra blurry, it’s because it was one of “those” nights.  Albatross is way overcrowded and touristy nowadays, and that cool goth place is apparently too big for its britches to bother with nighttime business anymore. Say whaaa. So we stumbled into a random bar (I want to say “You really can’t go wrong”, but actually, you never know.. Just remember; strength in numbers? 0_0;;). Our lovely hostess-ish had a bar well-stocked with Jack Daniels, Jack Daniels, more Jack, and some bottled tea. I would recommend it, but I say just go ahead and stumble into your own box…ah, Tokyo. Come back soon!


andrew yang in tokyoandrew yang in golden gaiin golden gai barleaving bar in golden gaikouklitas in japan

 Barneys Fukuoka and Andrew Yang



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