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2D to 3D Fashion Illustrator Jumpei Kawamura ◎ 常識を超えた 2D が超リアルに見える 3Dファッションイラストレーター川村淳平



You may have heard of a documentary called “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” which explores not just delicious raw fish, but more about the care and obsessive detail that goes into craftwork for Japanese artists (in food as in fashion, natch). I have met one such genius man, Jumpei Kawamura, whose minute attention to detail is astounding. And even better, he uses his incredible talent to create illustrations of the seasons’ best designer shoes and other accessories. 

最近、ファッションとアートの融合が業界でトレンドになっていることをブログでも取り上げたりするけど、ミーシャついに見つけてしまいました。ファッションとアートをミックスさせ、両方の魅力を最大限に引き出す天才イラストレーター・川村淳平さんを!彼の特徴はなんと、超リアル 3Dに見える2Dアート。まさに2.5Dかも!!


Shoes:00061 “UNITED NUDE” Flat Pack Shoe “Moon Life”

Top: Shoes:00118 “Christian Dior” Pumps(FW2014)

He is an artist commanding a myriad of medias since 2000, and one that he is especially know for is cutout illustrations. He cuts and pastes parts on top of each other which makes for an uncanny illusion of 3D realism. 
I kind of have been stalking his Instagram for a while now, especially with my sight set on his series of 3D fashion shoe illustrations. When he hit the 100th, I asked if I could do a small interview and Jumpei-sama not only obliged, but he DREW me my favorite shoes from this season! I have them in my hands and they are so astounding in detail! Look at them!
今回はミーシャの一押しイラストレーター・川村淳平さんにインタービューに協力していだきました。さらに!本当に激サプライズなことに、なんと発表されたばかりミーシャの一番好きな秋冬くつたちを描いていただきました!その切り絵が私の手元にあるのだけれど、びっくりするほど細か〜く、丁寧に描かれてます。部屋にかざってもおかしくない、ぜんぜん (一番際立つ、玄関のとこに飾るぜ)。
Shoes:00110 “miumiu” Sandals(FW2014)
Shoes:00111 “miumiu” Pumps(FW2014)
 Shoes:00112 “miumiu” Boots(FW2014)
Shoes:00116 “Alexander McQueen” Boots(FW2014)
Shoes:00117 “Alexander McQueen” Boots(FW2014) 
-When did you start to draw this series of shoes?
I’ve only been doing it for about a year now. One of the reasons is that I personally just really like shoes, but as an artist I’ve been making model cutouts and shoes were always a part of the look but weren’t the main focus. As I was making them, I wondered if it wouldn’t be cool to make the shoes the entire picture and that’s where it started. Shoes are different from clothing in that they can stand alone without a body in them, kind of like a decorative object. And it looks really neat when there’s a bunch of them lined up. 




graph photos from Kawamura’s instagram:



Shoes:00113 “PRADA” Sandals(FW2014)



Shoes:00084 “PRADA” Sandals(SS2014)


-Where do you look to get the inspiration for your next drawing? Like magazines or online sites?
I usually watch the runway shows. Nowadays we can see the shows real time and it’s really nice because the still photographs appear on sites like just minutes after it’s done. So when something grabs at my attention I decide to draw it. 


For sneakerheads! スニーカーヘッドも喜べる!



Shoes:00108 “Riccardo Tisci” Nike+RT Air Force 1 Mid



Shoes:00105 “RAF SIMONS × adidas” Sneaker(SS2014)



Shoes:00098 “adidas” Stan Smith



Shoes:00031 “GIVENCHY” sneaker


-Out if all of the drawings you’ve done so far, is there one which is your favorite?
I love them all and it’s so hard to play favorites but… As for the quality of my work my favorite has to be the D SQUARED2 Ice Skate Low Boots (AW2011) . It looked so nice when I replicated it, and in terms of how I could express the texture of the materials and how well I could cut it out is why I love it. 
“DSQUARED2” ice skate low boots(AW2011)とか、結構気に入ってます。



Shoes:00095 “miu miu” Lace-up long boots of Jeanne Detallante’s illustration(SS2014)



 “DSQUARED2” ice skate low boots(AW2011)


– do you draw these with any particular message in mind?
Well when you think of “fashion illustration” an image of a few harried strokes of the pen and colored pencils comes to mind right?  And that’s cool for what it is, but I don’t want to do something that has already been done before. I think of mine as being more “couture” in the sense that it’s so detailed and minute in the process. It’s maybe a Japanese obsessive kind of thing (laugh) 



Christian Louboutin pumps



Shoes:00057 “VALENTINO” Rockstud studded platform pump(SS2013)


-What do you feel is the relationship between fashion and art? 
Well neither art nor fashion are necessary to be alive as a human being but they sure make life a lot better. I feel that fashion and art are basically on equal terms, but fashion has that special characteristic in that it can be worn on the body. And who wouldn’t call it “art” when artisans are making new textiles and discovering new technologies? It is art. 

FENDI SS2013 sandals



EMILIO PUCCI White Dragon sculpted wedge sandals


-How long does it take you to make one piece of cutout artwork?
It depends on the size and the details but it can take anywhere from a few hours to a whole day for a shoe. For my full body pieces, it can take 2-3 days. If I add in background and other things it will be at least a week or two more. There are times where I try things over and over again as I go along as well as times where I love what I make right away. 






fur bag LouisVuitton







See tons more, and thanks to Kawamura-san for the interview and drawings:

Jumpei Kawamura ONLINE
Jumpei Kawamura on Instagram 


-Misha Janette
-Lisa Ishiwata

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