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So last week if you were watching Kawaii TV on NHK then you might have seen an alien on there. And I`m not just talking about my status as an immigrant. Kawaii TV sounds like a show that would be the last place you’d find me, but it is a highly revered fashion news show on Japan’s national network. I first caught it maybe 3 years ago while I was running on the treadmill at the gym, before “kawaii” fashion became all the rage. It didn’t treat this fashion as a subset, but I could see it was respectful (none of this “oh, how wacky!” tripe) and actually helped the style become what it is today, which is the default Japanese fashion style.

遅ればせながら、ご報告です!みなさんの馴染みファッション番組、NHKさんの『カワイイTV』にちらっと出させていただきました♬ 私、完全に「かわいいカルチャー」に染み込んでいるわけでもないが、数年前からこの番組をちょこちょこフォローしていました。数年前、かわいいブームの初期にはじめてみましたが(確か、ジムでトレッドミルで走りながらたまたまTVで見つけて見てたのですが 笑)「意外なサブカルチャー」としてではなく「常識」としてこのようなファッションを取り上げたりしていたので、自分の個人スタイルと違っててもリスペクトできた。それでも正直、私みたいな超ニッチ的な人間がカワイイTVに出てもいいの?!と最初心配してた 汗

misha on kawaii tvsitting with gunjisugoi ne on kawaii tv

So I was asked by my homegirl Sayumi Gunji, who is creative director of Vogue girl Japan, to appear on a short segment with her. The focus was on Japan’s particular talent for “mixing” genres to create fashion styles. In the debut issue of Vogue girl Japan, there was an editorial featuring Kiko Mizuhara that was a mix of street and luxury brands (continued…)

VOGUE girl Japanのクリエイティブディレクターをつとめる軍地さんとの共演お誘いだったので、即YES!と決定しました。テーマは「東京の独特なミックススタイル」。例えばジャンルミックスだったり、ハイとローミックスだったり・・VOGUE girl Japan第一号に出てくる、この水原稀子ちゃんが着こなせるストリート+ラグジュアリーのミックスみたいに・・(続く)

vogue girl japan

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high low tokyo mix

It says “Tokyo’s Mixed Styling”. And since that was the theme, they gave me a “mix” title for that day’s outfit in the “fashion check” segment (In Japan, they love to do “fashion checks” in interviews. It’s akin to asking a celebrity “What are you wearing?” but with more detail and sometimes comes with a critic to give a thumbs up or down). Mine was “A Mix of Countries” because I was wearing brands from all over the place.

And of COURSE they had to break out the Lady Gaga “Born this Way” background music.

そのテーマにも私はこの日たまたま当てはまった。「他国籍ミックス」で ^^ 「ミーシャさんのいつものポイントは?」と聞かれて、「ポイントがありすぎてあえてポイントが無い」と答えました。結局本番に出てこなかったが。笑


fashion check misha janette

sretsis dress

The dress is by Thailand brand Srtesis. It is smattered with a print of astrological unicorns. Yes. ASTROLOGICAL UNICORNS. So wrong its right. I`m going to meet the Sretsis designers next week in Tokyo. Looking forward to it!


mawi necklace

The big ball necklace I got from some questionable place on Madison Ave. in New York, but the necklace under it (and my gold bracelet) is by London brand MAWI. Everything is covered in studs, chains, skulls, and Swarovski but with a polished industrial plant-meets-the-Waldorf vibe.

As you can see, I do not ascribe to the crazy nail gel/art subset. It’s like shaving; if you do it once, you will have to keep it up forever and forever. Scary thought *_*;

巨大ボールネックレスはニューヨークの5th Ave.にあった怪しげなお店でかったけれど、その下のネックレスはロンドン発のMAWIの作品。このブランドに目をおいているのは、チェーン、スタッズ、ドクロ、クリスタル使いで、インダストリアルかつエレガントなところが好きだから。この日していたゴールドブレスもMAWIでした。


nobuki hizume hat

Yes, this is a cowboy hat turned on its side and given a sprinkle of googly eyes. It is by Nobuki Hizume. *swoon*

帽子はいつものノブキヒヅメの作品。目が沢山ついている。えぐくないよ ♥

at ROOMS in roopongi hills

Gunji and I wandered through the ROOMS exhibition event being held at Roppongi Hills, without any certain agenda. We were just looking for any cool brands that we liked as if it were any other day. I spent a lot of time at this Christophe Coppens charity hat.

この日は、いつも通り、ROOMSの展示会で二人でいろいろ好きなものをピックアップしてた。仕事しているのと同じ。ただ、テレビカメラが常についていた。リアリティテレビって感じ 笑。私はこのChristophe Coppensのチャリティー作品が気になってたわ。

the mix of tokyo fashion

We stopped to interview a few brands… But in the end, out of all of them the brand that was aired was…Guts Dynamite Cabarets! The hilarious thing about it is they really focused on the 2-chome-inspired element of the brand (2-chome being the gay district of Tokyo). It kind of took designer Jackal Kuzu by surprise, but really I suppose, isn’t that why we all love seeing this brand’s shows anyway?! No need to sugarcoat it!


chaotic japanese fashion

I said “Tokyo fashion is born from some of the most surprising places,” to which Gunji adds, “It really shows the chaotic side of Tokyo. Misha actually taught me that.” Ahahaha…. ♥
うわぁぁ、恐縮すぎるぅ!!楽しかった。Thank you 軍地さん!♥
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