Children models pose for Karl Lagerfeld kids for Melijoe

キッズ服にますます注目が集まる近年。こないだの東コレでは、ミントデザインズのランウェイにキッズモデルが登場したりした。ミーシャは子供いないけど、実は子供服に馴染みが無い訳でもない。以前このブログでCaroline Bosmansの子供服を紹介したことがある。だって、そのエッジィなデザインは大人の自分にとっても十分魅力的だったから!それがきっかけなのか、カールラガーフェルドの猫ちゃんからのお告げなのか…

Kids’ clothing is everywhere; even Japanese brands are dressing up their kids, with Mintdesigns putting children on the catwalk at last month’s Tokyo Fashion Week. I don’t have children, but I am no stranger to kids’ clothing, writing about childrens’ designer Caroline Bosmans here on this blog before because her edgy aesthetic appealed even to me as an adult….and that’s what brought me here. I had a revelation…and somehow, it was Karl Lagerfeld’s cat that brought me here. Lead away, kitty cat.

Karl Lagerfeld kids for Melijoe choupette flats


実は個人的には、大人ブランドとコラボしたシュペットを見てちょっとアニメっぽすぎるかな?って感じてた。でも今回のキッズ服は今まででいちばんシックで素敵じゃない? このCMには、シュペットがランウェイを歩くモデルや、仕事中のラガーフェルド本人にいたずらをかけ、フォトボンブまでしてしまう。子猫のちょっとしたミーンガール姿勢にふと笑った。もしミーシャに子供がいたら今頃大はしゃぎかもしれない。世界初Karl Lagerfeldキッズコレクションはこちら

Let’s start with the cat. There was news on the grapevine that Karl Lagerfeld and his intrepid cat Choupette have finally got into the kids clothing game; shoutout to French children’s boutique Melijoe for nabbing the exclusive line. A choupette-featured kids line makes total sense; I think I`m just surprised it took this long?! Choupette was always marketed to adults with her numerous collaborations such as with Shu Uemura until finally stylish little ones could reap the cuteness rewards too.

I have found Choupette to be a little bit too cartoonish and young at times, *especially* when being marketed to adults. So how is it that I am finding the kids’ line to actually be the chicest thing Choupette has ever done? If I had a little girl (or boy, because who cares) I would be all over it. These little film shorts below show the cat being ornery, scheming, cool, and totally *ahem* bitchy in a queen bee sort of way. She tries to trip up the models on the catwalk, and totally ruins daddy Karl’s work when he doesn’t give her total attention. That’s some cat real-talk.




Karl Lagerfeld kids for Melijoe sporty top

Hey, cutie. So that whole Karl Lagerfeld first kids collection is here. 


その次に、「あること」に気づいた。子供服市場の大きさにびっくりした。ブランドはもちろん、サイズにだって驚き!だって、Karl Lagerfeldのコレクション表記を見ると、16歳まで対象にしていることがわかった。16才というのは海外の16才なので、意外と(思う通り?!)大きいよ。身長164、バスト86、ウエスト68まで。



そして、お値段は一番の魅力のでは?ケンゾーのバイカージャケットが ¥26,000?まるでサンプルセールの様な安さ。自分が拾った、いくつか衝撃的だったものを紹介しますー。ゴルチエ、ケンゾー、DSquaredが一番多いかも。


So then, this strange revelation. As I was poking around on this site, marveling at just how massive the kids clothing market has become. Then I looked at the “size” filters. There were sizes for up to 16-year-olds. 16?! I checked the size guide: “Height up to about 164cm, 86cm bust, 66cm waist.”


That’s generous enough for myself and many of my petite/short/small chested female friends around me. And get this; the clothes are designer, they’re affordable, and in some cases, more lively and fun than the main lines. I`m looking at this, like “A cute pink furry KENZO biker jacket that’s on-season for only 25,000 yen??” I absolutely need this faux fur Scotch and Soda jacket, although perhaps it’s the price that has my mind in a “Designer labels so cheap, it’s like it’s a sample sale…MUST BUY LOTS!” mode. Don’t get me started on the price-surge for “adult” clothing. Exhibits 1-4:

Scotch & Soda 約¥26,000,  Kenzo 約¥26,000,  Gaultier 約¥33,000



Kenzo 約¥22,000, Gaultier 約¥15,000 , Scotch and Soda 約¥16,000



Monnalisa 約¥27,000, Gaultier 約¥33,000, Kenzo 約¥32,000



Kenzo miniskirt 約¥15,000, Gaultier crop jacket 約¥27,000, Kenzo 約¥17,000



調べたところ、ジュニアラインの平均価格は2万8千円(サイズによって価格があがったり、さがったりする)。身長 158cm、14才入れる子はブランドの幅がとても広がるみたい:Marc Jacobs, FENDI, Chloe, Moschino, Little Eleven Parisなど。

いくら自分は「閃いた!」と思っても、「キッズ服を着れる」ことはバカにされる確信を試すべきと思いました。先日ウェディングパーティで久しぶりに会った子供持ちのの友達 Emi に言ってみた結果、「やすっっ!」と。むしろ、「このデザインがかわいい。お値段も!」と笑って、サイトをメモった。




もちろん、お子さんがいる方にとってもうれしいかも。でも長く着れるのは成長期終わった大人だから、私たちの勝ちだよ 笑。

Even the Karl Lagerfeld kids line above goes up to 16. Honestly, it’s a sad reminder that many luxury brands are closing their diffusion lines, which skewed a bit younger, fun and little bit cheaper. Perhaps a diffusion line wasn’t raking it in like the main lines do with their big-spending customers, but closing them sure will alienate a lot of the working fashion fans that I know. Especially since a more youthful cut, which was prevalent in the diffusion lines, is far more popular here in Japan I think than the main line silhouettes are.

I know some people will really not be chill with wearing kids’ clothes, and that’s fine. But tell that to the Comme des Garcons size XS dress I tried on today that was STILL too big for me. Speaking of, where is the Comme kids line, already! And I need a Junya and Kei Ninomiya one, too!

So if you’re an average Japanese woman (which is about 160cm tall), or whatever, then I say look out for these “Junior” lines. There’s nowhere else you’re gonna find Kenzo, DSquared, Fendi and more so dang cheap and so dress-down (like, a Fendi dress that can be washed in the machine). So there ya have it, a secret, untapped market for many petite girls without a bazillion dollars to spend.
Oh, and if you happen to have kids, too…lucky them because the options are endless, but they won’t get to wear it as long as us *snicker*.

Karl Lagerfeld kids for Melijoe illustration tee

Tshirt from Melijoe-Karl Lagerfeld kids

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Natsumi Yasuoka