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Joji Kojima’s Armour Rings Levitating in the Windows of SOHO New York….

Joji Kojimaの稀に見れないクチュールのリング作品がニューヨークのSOHOで”浮揚力”で現れてる


 Joji Kojima makes jewelry that belongs in a museum of wonders. Alien treasures would abound, worth their weight to exist in the precious metals, jewels and bijoux he forges them from. His collections are so small and rare that he only comes out to present pieces a few times a year it seems, and it’s usually only in tokyo or other far flung locations in luxury hotel boutiques. So it was such a treat when it happened he was getting the entire facade of the ER Butler metal works store in the heart of SOHO, New York. The display has been up for a while now but it’s finishing on the 30th so anyone in NYC really must hurry to see it! It’s so stunning and eye catching that you may already stopped to stare if you’ve been in SOHO since August….

 Joji Kojimaが作るジュエリーは魔法の国に存在し得るようなものばかりだ。彼の手にかかれば、異質の宝は唯一無二のジュエリーやビジューと化す。しかし、彼のコレクションの点数はとても少なく、希少で、年に数回しかお目にかかれないようだ。彼がコレクションを披露するのは、基本的には東京や海外のラグジュアリーのブティック。だからこそ、彼がニューヨークの心臓、SOHOにあるER Butler 、しかもその建物の前一面を占有したことは私達には最高のご褒美だった。ディスプレイはしばらく前から出ているけど、30日に終わるからニューヨークにいる人は、急いで見に行って!全て、とても魅力的で目に留まるようなものばかりだから、8月以降SOHOにいた人は知らないうちにもう立ち止まって目にしているかも。



Hands seem to be levitating, despite being encased in metals like armor. These are rings, and they have been a main part of Kojima’s repertoire for awhile now. The aerodynamic armor rings are polished to perfection and that perfection is what makes them so haunting. 
I happened to be in NYC for the opening of this exhibit and got some choice snaps. See the pieces below and also check out some new pieces available at the Mercer hotel even as this exhibit at ER Butler ends. 
これらのコジマの作品を見てみて。最後に、ER Bulterでは展示が終わってしまうけど、Mercerホテルで彼の新しい作品を目にすることができる。






Joji Kojima and I



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Asst editor Lisa Ishiwata

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