アレキサンダーマックイーン、ウェストウッドを差し置き、イッセイミヤケの「折り紙」がデザイン界の「オスカー」を受賞!132 5.の新作も発表!

issey miyake exhibit in tokyo

Welcome to Tokyo Fashion Diaries, your premier source for what’s hot in the world of origami. This time we’re reporting on the grand poobah of origami fashion, Issey Miyake and his 132 5 line. What’s in store for super-flat fashion for fall/winter 2012?

さて今回Tokyo Fashion Diariesがお届けするのは、折り紙についてのホットな話題!Issey Miyakegと、彼の傑作”132.5″ブランドについてです

exhibit 2012

But first, BREAKING NEWS! 
132 5. has been awarded the “Oscar” of design awards, the Design Museum of London’s award of fashion innovation. Miyake and his “Reality Lab” were nominated for this origami-inspired 132 5. line specifically, and it beat out Sarah Burton’s wedding dress for Kate Middleton, the Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty” exhibit at the Met (whoah!) and the Vivienne Westwood Africa collection, among others.  



同じくノミネートされたサラ・バートンの制作したケイト ミドルトン妃のウェディングドレスや、Alexander McQueenのMETで開催されたSavage Beauty展、Vivienne Westwood(アフリカコレクション)、メアリーカトランゾーを差し置いて受賞した!


(update: just found the nominees. Even Mary Katrantzou was nominated!)


  • Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum, New York, USA, by Andrew Bolton with the support of Harold Koda of The Costume Institute, New York, USA
  • The Duchess of Cambridge’s Wedding Dress, London, UK, by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen
  • Céline Autumn/Winter ’11, Paris, France, by Phoebe Philo at Céline
  • Late Night Chameleon Café, London, UK, by Store design: Gary Card, Creative director: John Skelton, Brand director: Dan Mitchell
  • Mary Katrantzou Autumn/Winter ‘11, London, UK, by Mary Katrantzou
  • Melissa + Gaetano Pesce Boot and Flip Flip, New York, USA, by Gaetano Pesce, Manufactured by Melissa, Brazil
  • Oratory Jacket, London, UK, by Will Carleysmith, Head of Design at Brompton Bicycle Ltd
  • Suno Spring/Summer ‘11, New York, USA, by Suno
  • Vivienne Westwood Ethical Fashion Africa Collection, Autumn/Winter ’11 by Vivienne Westwood, London, UK
  • 132.5, Tokyo, Japan, by Miyake Design Studio
So the win is HUGE!! But why did it win?


Well, if “innovation” is the determining factor here, then it goes without saying- 132 5. is the most innovative thing to come across the fashion scape in years. 
The designs are created by computer engineer Jun Mitani, and the fabric is original to the brand, made from recycled PET bottle plastic. What’s more, Miyake and his team developed a special heating process that folds the clothing but seals in the creases so they retain their shape even when worn.
There is a great exhibit taking place at the Design Museum in London now if you happen to be there. 


このデザインを開発したのは、コンピューターエンジニアのミタニ ジュンさん。そしてこのマテリアルはオリジナルのものを使用していて、ペットボトルを使用しているそう。そして何より凄いのは、この折り目の付け方に特別な技術を用いている為、着用しても折り目がくっきり残ったままだということ!


london design museum


award of the year for fashion

I`m pretty tight with the Miyake crew over here, and they sent me a snap of the award itself— pretty, pretty thing!


Once again, here is what “132 5.” means in case you’re lost:

1=1 dimensional
3=3 dimensional
2= folded (again)
Space=time or the moment when it is put on
5=5th dimension (the future)




model blue
pink skirt
Every season, the team takes the tried and true silhouettes they’ve created and introduce new colors and printing processes to dress up the designs. For  one of the new 2012 aw season techniques, the team introduced a print foil called “prism” that contains the rainbow of colors. It is *very* futuristic and doesn’t hide that fact. 


prism issey miyake

bag strap prism

beautiful skirt

The design of this flower/pinwheel skirt is amazing


There were also some great Rorschach-style dyed patterns that were done in the image of traditonal Japanese dyeing. Pull the shapes apart and you’ve got some intricate designs.


issey miyake

issey miyake orgami 2012

tie dye dress

Rad dress. Red yes, but also rad.


Oh and did I mention *velveteen* ? Origami velvet!


velvet origami

velveteen print



I bought my first 132 5. skirt this season and have figured out how to work it into my wardrobe quite seamlessly. I also bought a lime green scarf that’s a little more difficult… but I will definitely get this thing mastered before the season is up! 


all colors
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