iris van herpen couture berlin

The Queen has left the building. McQueen, that is. And while I appreciate what Sarah Burton is doing with the brand, it has gotten softer since his departure. The fashion world needs something that is a little more fantastical, shocking and frankly…dark to get off on. I didn’t think I would ever find another brand to fill that void-and who am I kidding, I don’t know if I will-but Iris here is giving me fashion O-face.

And then when our industry is at a crossroads and “genius” tagged to the same copy-cat designs is being thrown around left and right, what are we to believe? Well, Van Herpen is definitely the real deal. In this case, ladies and gents, the emperor IS wearing clothes.



iris van herpen couture

iris van herpen berlin 2011

iris van herpen berlin

iris van herpen young couturist

She is from the Netherlands and studied at ARTEZ, which is not a well-known school and I’m a little pleased that she didn’t go to St Martins or the Royal College Antwerp or one of those “supers”. It means she has inherent talent, I think. She actually did stints as an intern at Alexander McQueen before showing her own couture label in 2007. She has worked most famously with Bjork and has done exhibitions all around the world, including the Mememachine Gallery here in Shibuya in 2008.

I love the darkness and the odd uncomfort she brings to these designs- unsettling to the unfashion-trained eye at worst but magnificent at best. These photos are from her most recent couture show in Paris, in which she was specially invited, which was a selection of all of her past collections.

Wonder ful sure, but the thing that McQueen really shined at was showmanship-Lee knew how to put on a show. So yes, I spiced up the photos a little bit because the plain white wall was giving me eye spasms, but keep your own eyes focused and opened wide to take in the details (continued…)





structure by iris van herpen

irisvanherpen creation

iris van herpen young couturieur

iris van herpen invited to berlin

iris van herpen takes a bow

The designer, right (we’re the same age! Good for her!) | 右側はデザイナー本人。実は同い年なの〜すごい!


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