In Tokyo, Harajuku may be the most well-known, but another style of fashion reigns supreme; the Shibuya-born genre we lovingly call “gal”. These are scene queen types who put rockstar groupies to shame when it comes to their loyalty to favorite brands and their model-turned-creative directors/figureheads. These local brands were seriously looked down upon by the high-fashion industry, but their influence is no longer ignored…and not be ME either, especially since one such label “Murua” snagged Kate Lanphear formerly of ELLE and now of T-Magazine as chief stylist for its catalogues and fashion shows for the past two seasons. That’s seriously a coup!! Ok, who sacrificed what to the gods of fashion to pull it off…? I’m for ANYTHING that gets Kate to Tokyo most often….she’s a badass muthanista.

海外では「原宿スタイル」は主流だよく思われているみたい。でも私東京では今、渋谷やギャルの方の勢いが止まらない。ギャルといえばその昔はガングロにルーズソックスを履いた姿を良く見かけましたが、ここ最近彼女達のスタイルに劇的な変化が起こり、ギャルのモード化は加速するばかり。その筆頭となっているのは、元カリスマモデルで現在はブランドのクリエイティブディレクターを務める女性達。中でも人気のブランド、MURUAに関してはここ最近は自身のコレクション発表のショースタイリスト及びカタログ撮影のスタイリングとしてかの有名なKate Lanphear (ex.米ELLE誌、現在 T Magazine、名だたるモード誌のスタイリングを手がけるトップスタイリスト)が参加している。

More than just a “paper” collaboration, Kate has been stealing away to Tokyo for weeks at a time and meeting with the brand’s celebrity creative director Momoko Ogihara in New York (they even happened to eat at the restaurant my brother works at). Murua’s 2013 SS show of grandiose was packed with both Shibuya-fashion groupies and high fashion gawkers replete with a high-tech runway, couture crystal dresses and a set amassing giant plastic bubbles. Backstage, the normally cool Kate herself was just as bubbly. “Working with Momoko, I’m reminded at how much fun fashion can be. It’s so free! Please, please invite me back to Japan!” she pleaded. Asked about her adventures in Tokyo, Kate mentioned the food, purikura and the great Japanese pastime known as karaoke. “The show is done and now I’m ready for a cocktail and all-night karaoke! Last time I was singing all the way until I was supposed to leave for my flight at 4am. But then my song came on and I was like, ‘There’s no way I’m letting go of this microphone’ so I kept on going and stayed another day.”




The theme for this show was “Futuristic Mermaid”- see the emerald colors and foamy, lightweight fabrics. I ordered so many pieces I can’t even remember… (but no samples from the runway! *sniff*)

ちなみに今回のショーのテーマは“フューチャリスティック・マーメイド” 大海原のように輝くエメラルドグリーンや、海の泡を思わせるトランスペアレントなテクスチャーのファブリックなど、ショーピースとして保管しておくのがもったいないほど美しい作品が登場していました。私は展示会で山ほどオーダーしてあるので、届くのは今か今かと楽しみに待っているところです。







They’re opening up tons of stores, especially in China now—–going all out! 


Asami-san, me and Momoko at the “Futuristic Mermaid” trunk show