gvgv finale 2012 tokyo fashion week

GVGV has never been easy to pin down when it comes to aesthetic. It was just a few seasons ago we were introduced to screaming metalheads from Scandinavia, then last season it was a tomboy boarding school girl making her uniform out of patch worked plaid.  

This time GVGVs muse was a retro punk pinup girl, ostensibly working on her tan on a tropical beach. 

It was a conservative cut, with pencil skirts and  peplums abound. There was also this green fauna print that appeared on everything, down to the chain handbags. 

This is the type of brand that appeals incredibly well to local Japanese women. The cut is not revealing, the price point is better than imports, the collection is incredibly well rounded and the theme is laid out in front of you in plain language. This has supported designer MUGs shot to stardom, with a star studded front row that included Verbal and Phenomenon designer Big O, not to mention Vogue Japan editor in chief Mitsuko Watanabe (who I have NEVER seen at a Japanese brand’s show before!!).


このブランドは、日本の女性たちに対するアピール術に非常に長けているという強みがある。大胆過ぎないカットに、インポートより手に取りやすい価格帯、コレクションのテーマも明瞭で、イメージが湧きやすい。そのこともあいまって、GVGVのブランドと、デザイナーのMUGさんは一気にスターダムを駆け上ったのだ。その証拠に、今回のショーのフロントロウにはVerbalやPhenomenonのデザイナーのBlg Oなど、セレブリティ達が一同に会した (その上、ヴォーグ日本版の編集長をつとめる渡辺三津子様もいた・・日本ブランドのショーに出席されているところ・・はじめて見かけたわ!!)。

gvgv ss 2012


gvgv 2012 spring tokyo


gvgv 60s pin up girl

gvgv swimsuit


Photos by Mami Tanabe

It was here that I actually made some new friends. This is Danny and David from the hit blog ” Igor and Andre.com”. Danny Roberts went viral recently with his highly characteristic  illustrations of fashion models and personalities that you probably have seen.  The brothers were so excited to be at Tokyo Fashion Week which always gives me a dose of anti-cynicism. It’s hard to look at things through new eyes every season, but the guests that come aid with that. My job is then to bring some subjectivity. It’s a great recipe. 

何人か新しい知人と出会った。二人、人気ブログのIgor and Andre.com のDannyとDavidだ。Danny Robertsが、モデルなどのイラストをキャラクタリスティックに描いているこのブログは、近年急激に注目を集めている。このイラスト、きっと一度は目にしたことがあるのではないでしょうか。この2人も今回の東京コレクションをを心待ちにしていた様子だった。

danny roberts in tokyo

igor andre
(c)Danny Roberts Igor and Andre

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