louis vuitton FNO 2011

It was time for the big dogs. I had to take a bit of a breather before going in because I needed a game plan… this LV Omotesando flagship is multi-floored and full of nice stuff that my grandma would give a rap on my hand if I went around getting all grabby-grabby on it after all.

But then I remembered… It’s my JOB to get all grabby-grabby….in HEAven.

Louis Vuitton表参道。このフラッグシップショップは、LVのフルラインが勢揃いしていて、ステキなものが山ほど溢れかえってる。この宝石の山に触りまくるところをグランマが見たらきっとラップにしてくれることだろう。


lv heavenomg in lvO-M-G, in L-V.

Actually, I wanted these rubber super platform fetish-heel rain boots since I saw them from the show and exhibition. I have been looking for a pair of really really cool black high-heeled rain boots forever. Just my luck, they had ONE pair left. But they were waaay too big. Dammit. No matter!! I tried them on anyway—


louisvuitton rubber boots 2012louis vuitton rainboots

Completing the look. |  ルック完成。

louis vuitton 2012

A feathered headband. So simple yet so crazy elegant. 



feather headband

Thanks to Louis Vuitton! This collection was hardcore cool but you guys have no idea how much I am in love with the SS 2012 feathered candy-colored-casablanca collection!!! Can’t wait to see it….

Louis Vuittonの皆さん本当にありがとうございました!

louis vuitton ss 2012

Vogue.com / Kevin Tachman

Just to reiterate my FNO outfit for the day…. | このFNOで着用したものの再紹介

louis vuitton FNO tokyo

Photos by Mami-tan

Bustier, front tie shirt, leather skirt, GVGV Spring 2012. 
Bamboo shoulders, bustier, garter skirt: Ameri Yagi
Hat: Nobuki Hizume
Tights: Vive Vagina
Bag: Issey Miyake Bao Bao.  


Louis Vuitton Jp

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