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People ask where I get my information from, and I tell the truth; it’s either dumb luck or the best stuff just finds me. It’s impossible to see every exhibit of every brand of every season, and it’s often a chance game to decide where to spend my time (there’s only 24 hours in day and I have to, you know, work). For Satoko Ozawa, I drew a big Question Mark because I didn’t recognize her name. But a photo thrown up on Instagram of one of her dresses for 2015 SS showed me that she had made on of the prettiest dresses in all the land. I needed to go shake her hand (and try on that dress!). This ain’t kawaii, this is edge with a deep cut.

どこから情報を得ているの?って聞かれる事よくある。答えは、”運に恵まれている”。数えきれないブランドがある東京で(ドメスティック、インポート含めて)、毎シーズン、全てのブランドの展示会に行くなんて物理的に無理。そして、限られた時間の中で、何に時間を割くのかというのは、ミーシャの生活を左右する大きなもの。(だって一日は24時間。やらなきゃいけない仕事はやまほどあるのぉ) サトコオザワという名前をきいたとき、クエスチョンマークがうかんだ。でも、彼女の2015ssのドレスをインスタで見た時、なんて素晴らしいドレス!ておもった。これはぜひ彼女に会いたい!(そして、これを試着したい!)と、速急に展示会に足を運んだ。



Ozawa’s prints are on the forefont, in both a graphical and acrylic painting menage on her mens and ladieswear collection. Monotones of white, black and grey are broken up by a deep red bordeaux (*cough* Marsala?). Tree branches creep up the pieces, bringing the eye to the center of the body, leaving you room to paint your personality in several ways. But if you’re in Satoko Ozawa, there’s no doubt you’re a moody cat.

Designer Satoko Ozawa used to be head of menswear line Dummyhead Depaysemen but has change the name of her label (for brevity perhaps?)… but also to push her brand overseas and make it easy to find her.

Her masterful mix of softness with hardness and dark elegance really sets her apart from the other brands this season. It’s a reach for mass consumption, but a customer is surely out there as brands go safer and safer. I appreciate how she abates the gothic taste, I prefer to not look like I have a closet full of skulls. The painting print and convertible options (the tulle can be pulled away) are just enough oomph to play up, down, dark or bright.


デザイナーの小澤聡子さんはダミーヘッド デペイズメンというメンズブランドをやっていたが、2014-15awコレクションからサトコオザワという名に改名して、海外進出に向けて本格的に始動するとともにレディース、メンズの両クリエーションを開始。



































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Garden among the gravestones. Thom Browne womens 2015 SS. トムブラウンはザ・ファッション!プリティな墓地を背景にした例外のカラフルな春夏2015年。 Mon, 15 Dec 2014 17:11:42 +0000 FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusPinterestRedditTumblrBlogger

Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 4.54.12 PM



It was flowers before death, with Thom Browne’s  SS 2015 collection (I’m letting my mind project to Spring now since it’s actually marrow-chillingly cold now). But this lovely scene painted a photo of 6 sisters, each with a distinctly odd personality. The girls paraded in a square around what appeared to be a lovely spot to just have a picnic. But that was no park- it was the prettiest graveyard you’ve never seen.

New York tends to work the fashion industry with “extra credit”, in that the clothes tend to take a back seat to the celebrity, the after parties, and the gossip. The fashion- more or less, is a lot of sportswear and lifestyle brands that are projecting an image of adventure and comfort (while Paris is more about fantasy and luxury).

But when it comes to Thom Browne, it is another world. It is the feast, it is the cake, and it is every cherry on top….

花よりトムブラウン!トムブラウンの2015ssコレクションは、まるで散る事を知らずに鮮やかに咲き乱れる散り際の花。(最近寒すぎるからせめて脳内だけでも…と春モードに。) これは、6人の姉妹のストーリー。ひとりひとりが風変わりなパーソナリティを持つ。姉妹はピクニックをしに、四角く囲まれた公園へぞろぞろと入ってきた。…いや、そこは公園なんかじゃなかった。今まで見た事のないような史上最強にプリティーな墓地だった。





Fantasy and fashion and storytelling take the front row at Thom Browne, and if you dare to talk celebrity when the show is done, you might be met with 1: an eyeroll or 2: an obvious look that you obviously just didn’t “get it”.

To be fair, Browne doesn’t always make it easy. The past few seasons were a bit more straightforward: crazy mental hospital nurse, then good Nun gone bad. They were very dark collections, as Browne is wont to do. So it was a surprise to see that he took a trip over the rainbow to Oz, where everything was in brilliant technicolor (he also did the same colors for Pre-fall, but it was anyone’s guess that he would continue with it- it’s always a surprise!). This world was just as wondrous as Oz, with flowers projected on the fabrics in patchwork, or literally sprouting from the design. There was a sense of DIY here, and one dress was knitted from fishline. That isn’t to say that every piece isn’t *impeccably* made (side note: I have been in the room with his showpiece archives and I nearly couldn’t believe at how beautiful Each. And. Every. piece was. Just incredible.)

The extra sugar came from the hats, created by Stephen Jones for each outfit. The cloches looked like a man’s suit and others were skeleton shapes of handbags. Stephen Jones was in Tokyo later on when Browne came in to host a cozy party and I caught him, posing with his meanswear for Browne hats.

The greatest thing about Browne is that it doesn’t necessarily take a special person to *wear* the clothes, it just takes a special person to choose Browne. I could recognize the red/white/blue logo a mile away, and I am a lucky girl as Japan has a very high number of men who can pull it off. Now it’s time for the women to get to it!


でも今回はけして「理解しやすい」わけじゃなかったから、少しは許せるかも。過去のシーズンの方がもう少し分かりやすい: 狂った精神病院、悪役修道シスター。そう、いつもかなりダークなコレションだ。だから、今季のカラフルなおとぎの国コレクションを目にした時は驚いた。鮮やかな色で溢れた明るい世界が広がっていた。(プレフォールも同じカラーパレットだった。でも、彼のクリエーションでは、同じものが続くことは常に驚きなの!) 今季は、レインボーの向こうのOZみたいな世界で、”花”がパッチワークで表現されたり、フェザー咲いているようなルックも。釣り糸が編まれたようなドレスもあって、実験的やDIYな要素もあった。(過去の作品のショールームに案内していただいたことがあるけれど、見れば見るほど美しくて素晴らしく、非の打ち所のない服に、すごすぎておもわずため息。)











Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 4.59.00 PM







Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 4.58.20 PM




Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 4.57.45 PM





Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 4.57.09 PM








Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 4.56.27 PM


Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 4.55.53 PM



Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 4.55.17 PM







Words: Misha Janette
Edits: Natsumi Yasuoka

READ MORE! 関連記事も読みましょう!

Sick in the Sartorial Head? Thom Browne is Here to Give You the Cure. Spring 2014 New Yorkトレンド病でダウン?トムブラウンの薬を飲んでおしゃれを回復せよ!春夏2014年NYコレを30枚ものド細かい画像でレポート。


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Shopping the best of Tokyo: Harajuku DOG 世界が嫉妬する東京ショッピング!原宿DOGスタッフの魅力 Thu, 11 Dec 2014 07:42:55 +0000 FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusPinterestRedditTumblrBlogger

dog harajuku tokyo

Sometimes when I`m writing this blog I forget that I have been here for 10 years and that not everyone already knows all of the best places to go visit or shopping. I often feel like I am talking only to other fashion people or other veterans of the local industry, but I know that many people still come to Tokyo for the first time, or don’t often get the chance to shop like locals. I get a LOT of requests from fan overseas on where to shop when they come. And I realized I NEVER made a section on this blog about the best Tokyo Shopping! So now I am starting! Announcing my new corner: “Tokyo’s Best Shopping” which you can find the link to at the side bar.

And even better, I am writing about all of this on ANA’s popular “Is Japan Cool?” web-zine as a columnist. This site contains tons of information on the best that Japan has to offer to people around the world. you’ll find basic intros there and here on the blog I will be giving the deep and dirty information on the shop because I talk too much.

こうしてブログを書いていると、ときに日本へ来て10年経つことを忘れてしまう。そして、決して皆がみんな、立ち寄ったり買い物をするのにいい場所を知っている訳ではないという事も。つい、ファッションピーポーや、ベテラン業界人の皆さんに向けて書いてしまいがちだ。でも、ミーシャの強みは外国人目線から観た東京ファッションを発信出来るという事。そしてかっこいいと感じたものを英語で発信できるということ。海外の読者から本当に沢山よせられるリクエスト、”日本でショッピングするにはどこへいけばいいか”。そこで気付いたんだけど、実は東京ショッピングのコーナーは設けていなかった!ということではじめます!新コーナー”Tokyo’s Best Shopping” サイドバーに黄色いリンクバナーがあるので、そこから飛べます。

また、ANAの人気”Is Japan Cool?”ウェブジン(ウェブマガジン)でコラムニストとして東京を紹介しているのでこちらも見てみてください。このサイトでは、日本から海外へ発信すべき情報を大量に扱っています。発信者のひとりとして関わらせていただき、すごく光栄!トピックは自由に選べるので、本当にベストと思う情報を流していきたいと思います。ショップやイベントをウィットに富んだ英語で紹介しているので、チャレンジ精神旺盛な方はぜひ読んでみてください!さて、このブログではみなさんに楽しんでいただけるようにもう少し深みのあるショップインフォメーションを書いていきますよー。




Number 1: DOG Harajuku

Getting total freedom to tout the wonders of Tokyo’s fashion scene for a blog means I am faced with deciding where to even start. The fashion scene here is varied and can go from quaint to incredibly extreme. But since I live on the edge (and if you are  traveling to Japan I’d say they’re adventurous too), we might as well start with a BANG. Just what is it about this store that makes it irresistible to visitors AND locals alike?


東京のファッションシーンをアピールするのには、はじめにどこを取り上げたいいか、ルールがないだけにずいぶん悩んだ。東京のファッションはめまぐるしく変わる。古風なものからぶっとんだファッションまで幅広い。でも、ミーシャはわくわくするようなものが好みだし、(そして、日本へ観光にくる外国人はきっと冒険好きだから) よし、ドドーンと派手な所からスタートしましょう!DOGだ!いったいなぜ外国の人にこんなにDOGに魅力を感じるのだろう?!



Welcome to Harajuku. If you think that the extent of the wonderfully quirky mayhem is confined to the famous Takeshita-dori alleyway, you’d be wrong. An underground world where total uniqueness and flaunting of fashion rules is located here and on display for you to peruse. It’s the legendary shop DOG, and there might not be any other place that exists in Tokyo that will show how truly deep the fetish for fashion freedom goes. Come step down into the narrow stairway with me and discover it… (read the rest here in English)

One of the reasons that DOG has remained popular is its sense of community centered around its sales staff. They are considered the street-style rock stars of Harajuku. To work at DOG you must have a sense of extreme personal style as well as be able to work a thread and needle as they make their own clothes behind the register to sell. These are the current fashion freeks who inhabit the Oz world of DOG.




Convoy @convoy_dog

Underneath Kai Satake (the owner of DOG), is his protege Convoy. He is the head of PR and media at DOG and has been in charge long enough to run the place. He is just as popular for his personal style and raucous parties he throws as a DJ.

コンボイ @convoy_dog


多分この先200億パーないと思われる、最初で最後の自撮りin いんすたぐらむ。たまには載せてみたいよねこんなの。

本日は爽やか〜なミントグリーンせっとあっーーぷに、まゆにもらったインナー合わせーのな、シンプルなやーつ!たまにはシンプルにねー!せっとあっぷやっぱり大好きだわー!#harajuku #street #fashion #vintage #versace #kenzo #ewing #shadelondon

まだインフル治りませんが、すぐるの撮る写真好きだから少し元気になりました。ありがとうすぐる。#dog #harajuku #tokyo #fashion #fashionsnap #street #snap

昨日のノゾミイシグロのショーでモデルをやった時の1枚!#harajuku #tokyo #japan #fashion #カワイイヘイトナイト#ノゾミイシグロ #fashionshow

学会で東京に出張で来てた父さん(リアルなまいふぁーざー)がまたまた店に来てくれた!!忙しい中ありがとう!!家族っていいよねほんと^ ^元気でた!!

“マイファザー”らしい。何と素敵なツーショット!This is apparently his real father!


Hirari Ikeda @ikedahirari

A princess of the most ghetto calibur, Hirari is the scene queen of Harajuku. Her style is meant to shock, not just you but for herself as well. In fact, there’s a certain artistry to the way she puts together her outfits and then bedazzles them for Instagram. Recently she is trying to revive 90s Tokyo trends like the Kigurumin and Cyber movements.

池田ひらり  @ikedahirari


@tealecoco </p>
<p><a href=#wwdjfw

panasonic </p>
<p><a href=⚫️

Screen shot 2014-12-11 at 3.56.04 PM

Daiki Nakashima @penixpeni

Probably the shyest of the group (in public, anyway) is Daiki Nakashima. His hair and funny faces are signature characters themselves.

ナカシマDAIKI @penixpeni




<p><img class= Screen shot 2014-12-11 at 4.00.06 PM

Takeru Niimi @takeru_niimi

Takeru is also the designer for Buccal Cone, a brand identified by its old-school kanji calligraphy prints. He’s got an eclectic style that comes out less in his clothes on himself and more in his mysterious designs (worn by celebs like Rihanna).

ニイミタケル @takeru_niimi

たけるさんはBuccal Coneのデザイナーでもある。このブランドは習字の漢字プリントが特徴的。彼のスタイルは正規なハンサムボーイでありながら折衷的で、ブランドには彼のミステリアスな面が見られる(リアーナも愛着しているみたい!)。



昨日お越しくださった皆様ありがとうございました。本日二日目です。 BUCCAL CONE WEAR EXHIBITION 2014.6.20~6.22 12:00~20:00 @doghjk B1 TRINITY BLDG.3-23-3JINGUMAE SHIBUYA TOKYO JAPAN TEL 03-3746-8110


Screen shot 2014-12-11 at 4.03.18 PM

These are young people who are the be all end all of unique taste makers in Tokyo and faces of Tokyo’s wild side to the world. The small group become superstars in their own right, getting fashion magazine spreads and appearing in music videos or TV shows. But make no mistake; their dedication to the store and keeping its wild world alive is unmistakable .  Many of the “remake” items are made by the sales assistants themselves, and if you think you’re being ignored from behind the register, it’s probably because they are just concentrating on making something new (Hirari made some awesome silver pumps I call my own).

…They won’t hound you like the shop staff at some *other* well-known malls in Tokyo, they are instead chill as cactuses. Stop in to DOG and get a pic with your favorite staff member, and then take some advice on what to get from the store. If you haven’t been to DOG in a while, then this is your perfect excuse to go!



Screen shot 2014-12-11 at 4.05.27 PM


Link to DOG Harajuku MAP 地図を表示するにはこちら!

DOG Harajuku Official

Words Misha Janette
Edits Natsumi Yasuoka


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ださかわアグリーセーター東京コレクション2014年!Ugly Sweater(TM) Tokyo Collection 2014! Tue, 09 Dec 2014 04:33:21 +0000 FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusPinterestRedditTumblrBlogger

ugly sweater pinterest


去年アメリカに行った時、アグリーセーターを着てる男性をたくさん見かけた。しかもハンパなかったよ!このアグリーセーターは、大きなトレンドになっていて、ポップカルチャー現象のひとつ。いや、アメリカンジョークが実際トレンド化された例って思う。このださかわセーターはレトロな冬のモチーフが描かれていて、80年代のユーズド古着ショップから出てきたようなスタイルで着こなされている。アメリカでは皮肉っぽく着られていたこのタイプのセーターだけど、日本のメンズウェア市場ではもっと上品なシックバージョンのアグリーセーターが増殖中。ださかわがめっちゃおしゃれに見られているってこと。あら、外国人にはそれが逆にもっと皮肉っぽい。(笑) …ま、かっこいい人は何着てもかっこいいんだから。さて、もっと見ましょう!

Winter comes a little late in Tokyo, and it’s just now become cold enough to pile on some layers. In celebration of this special season, I am very, VERY pleased to show you this  lineup of the Ugly Sweater(TM) Tokyo Collection 2014!! Available at a high-end online retailer near you, of course!

Last year when I was in the US, I found many so-called “Ugly Sweaters” in the wild, and boy did they live up to their name. The ugly sweater is a massive trend and POP-culture phenomenon which you might call one big American Joke. Purposely dressing in sweaters that look like they came from a thrift store from the 80s, with stereotypically retro winter motifs is a national pastime as eyebrow-raising from outside the country as Black Friday. While these types of sweaters are worn ironically in the US, Japanese menswear has ironically adopted them as the height of chic. How chic do they get?…



注意していただきたいのが、アグリーなセーターと、”アグリーセーター”は違うという事。アグリーなセーターっていうのは、ファッション性のない、ださいセーターのこと。(まあ人によって基準はそれぞれだけれど。) でも、アグリーセーターは特徴的で、フェアアイルのプリントや、雪模様、鹿、雪だるま、スキーのように、クリスマスっぽいモチーフが”アグリー”要素をセーターに連れてくる。あなたが持っているモチーフセーターをその特徴で確かめられる。当選だったら、もう逃げられないわよ〜!


Now, don’t get confused: an Ugly Sweater(TM) is different from a sweater that is ugly. A sweater that is ugly is just a bad or unfashionable sweater (and can change depending on opinion). But an Ugly Sweater is one that has specially defined characteristics. Fair Isle prints, snowflakes, deer, snowmen, skis and Christmas patterns are all going to make a sweater an Ugly Sweater. You either have an Ugly Sweater or you don’t. You cannot escape!

Last year when I searched BEAMS and Zozotown online shops I could only find a few good Ugly Sweaters. But this year was really special because there’s a LOT of them! Here is your stylish Ugly Sweater Tokyo Collection 2014!


ugy sweater franklin marshall

ザ・アグリーセーター!Can’t go wrong. 25,380円

Screen shot 2014-12-08 at 1.26.01 PM

It’s like that old computer ski game where the abominable snowman comes out and eats you. 39,960円

Screen shot 2014-12-08 at 1.25.24 PM

This is called by the Canadian Sweater Company. I`m not joking. 48,600円


Screen shot 2014-12-08 at 1.25.05 PM

Oh my god, the price. 41,040円


Screen shot 2014-12-08 at 1.24.24 PM

Norwegian upholstery chic 28,080円



Fair Isle Ahoy 19,224円


ugly sweater-guild prime

Christmas color! But he doesn’t look like he’s in the spirit. 20,520円


ugly sweater-219219
Easy-peasy ugly 11,178円



日本らしいかわいさを前提に。So cute. 21,600円


ugly sweater snoopy

セールだよ!Kids and grown men love their Snoopy. It’s on sale! 8,910円


ugly sweater Journal Standard relume
Is it all “downhill” from here? 9,720円


ugly sweater js homestead

This is named the “Snowflake” sweater. 18,360円




My personal favorite and recommendation: Doublet. 私の気に入りとおすすめ。ダブレットの鹿セーター 38,880円


この人たちはアグリーセーターをかっこ良く見せている!最近ちょうど、ダブレットのこういう系セーターを、いいなーと思っていた所だった(上載)。残念な事に、女性がアグリーセーターを着ても男性のとき程の効果は期待出来ない…(かわいすぎる…ごめんね、かわいこちゃんたち!) ノーマルな男性がパンチの効いたセーターで強気な男を演出するのは素晴らしい事。アメリカでは、そういうタイプのセーターはジョークとして使われたりする。(それら、ヒップスターが着たり…まあ、その話は置いといて)  でもここは日本。着る服によってとっても男性がかっこ良く見えたりすることは素晴らしいと思う!日本人男性は世界でもトップクラスのおしゃれさん。もちろん、アメリカンジョークじゃなくて本音だよ!


I actually find these guys rocking Ugly Sweaters pretty cool. And I am currently obsessed with this Deer sweater from Doublet(above). Unfortunately, women in Ugly Sweaters just doesn’t have the same effect…(too cute…sorry girls!). A guy who is confident in a punchy sweater is a great thing. In America, these types of sweaters are worn as a joke (or they are worn by hipsters …but explaining the difference between this and hipsters to a Japanese audience will take a lot longer than this so let’s keep them out of the conversation for now.) but in Japan people can get away with wearing a lot of surprising things and look great (as history has taught us). Japanese men are some of the best-dressed in the world and can pull off anything with their fashion sense and still look quite savvy.

I`m just smh at how popular the Ugly Sweater phenomenon has gotten…. just look at these cookies and cake!






I even found these Ugly Sweater nails that were really getting a buzz on Pinterest:



アグリーセーターはGOOD! ダサいのは NG! さ、アグリーセーターを着て、東京の街を最高におしゃれにして!

So remember everyone! Ugly Sweaters(TM) are good, and sweaters that are ugly, are bad. Now go and be cool-ugly in the Tokyo streets!


READ MORE! 関連記事も読みましょう!

The ugly Christmas sweater in the wild: USA vs Tokyo 「世界で一番ダサいトレンド」:酷いクリスマスセーターが東京で登場?!



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Jenny Fax goes child funeral…chic. 2015 SS Tokyo. 喪服ガール降臨。ジェニーファックス2015年春夏 Sun, 07 Dec 2014 18:53:24 +0000 FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusPinterestRedditTumblrBlogger



The Jenny Fax 2015 SS show was ensconced in the depths of a car park in St. Nowheres-ville in Tokyo, a runway of cold concrete in every direction. In the middle there was a platform decorated in Taiwanese cash, newspapers, junk mail, packages and stones. When it was time to start, smoke filled the room, disorienting the guests and distorting the space. This was the setting for Jenny Fax’s newest collection, titled “Negative”. In some places, “death” even took over as the concept du jour.

When someone dies in Taiwan, it is customary to burn cash so that the spirit doesn’t run into trouble in the afterlife. So this is where Jen got the idea to gussy up her models in well-“moneyed” accessories. And this is just the beginning of the end….

ショーは地下倉庫のような場所で行われた。360度コンクリートに囲まれた箱のような空間の中央に設置された台には台湾の紙幣やチラシのようなもの、パッケージや石などが飾られている。時間になるとスモークがたかれ、異様な空気につつまれたショーが始まった。そんな2015年春夏のJenny Faxのテーマは”ネガティブ”。特に、”死”にフューチャーしている。


The first few black looks were expressing Jen’s version of mourning clothes. In one, a model is covered completely in a newspaper, like a blanket. “This idea came from the cloths used to cover the dead,” she said. Although the main theme here was running along with death, there were spots where children’s clothing, and other POP elements appeared. Jumping to conclusions, one might think that this is about a young girl’s untimely death. Or perhaps just the death of childhood?

The looks where it almost seems like a flattened ghost of a girl is stuck on a grown woman’s clothing is disconcerting yet thought-provoking. The cuteness can’t be denied, even if the story could be morbid. Jen often (ok, always) dabbles in these dark subversive themes of her past, of society, and even of kawaii-ness.

Jen’s husband, designer Mikio Sakabe offered up his observation:

“The most negative people I know are my wife Shueh Jen-Fang and Yamagata (designer of writtenafterwards/written by…). Whenever we go out together the conversation turns really dark. And yet they are the most “positively” hard-working people ever,” he laughed.  No doubt!

So this is a piece of Jen herself. Speaking of, afterwards I was speaking to her and she told me a backstory in that she would usually ask her mother in Taiwan to send her the cash or newspapers or other Taiwanese paraphernalia for her collections, but since she always uses them in dark concepts, she was told they would bring her bad luck and won’t send them anymore. Glad to see she is still keepin on with her ideas despite the detractors.

Although death is in the details here, there is a pure childhood innocence spilling into the edges. This is Jenny Fax 2015 Spring Summer.

最初に登場した何体かの黒いルックは喪服を表現している。新聞紙で全面が覆われたルックは、死者にかぶせる布からインスピレーションをうけたプレゼンテーション。また、”死”という暗いテーマでありながら、ところどころに子供服のようなポップな要素も感じられる。しかし死と子供というキーワードが合わさって、さらに悲しい背景があるような気もしてしまうのは、気のせいだろうか?”幼い少女の死”という設定もあったりして?それとも” 幼さの死 “?



“僕の周りにいる人間の中で、最もネガティブ思考なのはジェンファンと山縣くん。ふたりと飲むといつも暗い話になる。” と少し笑って、こう続けた。

“でも、彼らにはそのネガティブさが創作意欲にもなったりしていて、ポジティブに働いている。”  うーん、とても深い!

































Words: Misha Janette
Edits: Natsumi Yasuoka


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BACKSTAGE + INTERVIEW AT JENNY FAX SS 2012 TOKYO. CARRIE HORROR + COY GIRLS MANGA?ジェニーファックス2012年春夏バックステージ+インタビュー!大人ホラー+少女漫画というファッションレシピはどんな味?

puff sleeves


JENNY FAX BACKSTAGE 2012 SS TOKYO. SCHOOLGIRLS MURDERED BY MOP…WHAT WAS GOING ON?!ジェニーファックス2012年春夏バックステージレポート後半。女子高生ギャングにモップ・・一体何が起ったの?!



Cabbage Patch Dolls, Chinese Idols of the 80s, Karaoke, and a Totally Straight Face. Subversive “Otaku” Jenny Fax SS 2014 Tokyoキャベツ人形ちゃん、80年代中国アイドル、カラオケ、そしてリアルなおたくモード。ジェニーファックス2014年春夏をレポート



Otaku fashion gets better? Jenny Fax FW 2014 ◎ キーワード : 「ごちゃまぜバイキング」ジェニーファックス2014秋冬





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モテ系がモテない?異性にアピールする、日本と西洋の違いをモテ系で探る。When sexy isn’t pretty. A culture shock in Japanese “Pretty” style fashion. Fri, 05 Dec 2014 16:18:58 +0000 FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusPinterestRedditTumblrBlogger

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 4.26.39 PM






There comes a tipping point, the “hump” as we’d say, when nothing in an adopted culture can really be all that surprising anymore. This is especially true in my experience working in fashion in Japan. I’ve seen my share of fashion with flair while living in Tokyo- the yamambas, cyber goth, shironuri and kigurumin, but they wouldn’t make me surprised. In fact, those are something I *expect* to see as someone interested in the subcultures.

But recently I was learning about a type of fashion that that honestly took me by surprise. I had never really cared to pay much attention to it, but when I did I was taken aback in a slow-simmer way. Kind of like hearing a country cover of a hip hop song that takes a few minutes to process. So what was this fashion that confuggled me? It’s *drum roll*

… “Mote-kei.”

Mote-kei (mo-tay-kay) is translated as Pretty-style but it literally means “attractive-style”. It is a way of dressing pretty, with a defined goal of catching or keeping a (Japanese) man/woman. Learning about mote-kei and just how penetrative its ideas for catching the opposite sex through clothing are really awakened in me a renewed urge to get to the bottom of something. Usually fashion is just fashion. But sometimes there is something more there. Luckily, I had the perfect opportunity to go head-to-head with it.  And you may find it curious as to what happened…


上載画像: above photo Source: ar Online. It reads, “7 rules to getting lovable hair. Rule 1: bangs. Rule 2: Curls…”
mote-kei-ar-2014-11“Mote-kei” magazine “ar”. A choice headline: “How to get a yummy face!”  Source: Amazon


幸運なことに、日本から英語で様々なコンテンツを発信するNHKワールドと仕事をさせてもらっている。『NHKかわいいインターナショナル』という、東京カワイイTVの海外向け的な番組に出させていただいてる。(人気があるようで、海外に行った時にそれに気付かされることがある 笑 )そこでは、色々なジャパニーズファッションを取り上げていて、特に原宿、渋谷、秋葉原のサブカル的な角度から掘り下げたりする。日本のサブカルファッションを知るための入り口でもあるので、メッセージが伝わるのはとても大事だと思う。そんな中最近フォーカスしたのはモテ系(ちなみに、その英訳がPretty-styleである)。



I am very lucky to be working with NHK World, which broadcasts many programs from Japan in English. I work on a TV show called “Kawaii International” which is kind of like “Tokyo Kawaii TV” but instead it’s broadcast in English with different content and an international audience in mind (it is on NHK World Channel the last Sunday of every month, check it out S.V.P.). It seems to be popular and a gateway to Japanese fashion for the casually curious, so I take the message we present very seriously. In the show we cover many Japanese fashion topics, with many of them focusing on Harajuku, Shibuya or Akihabara. But for our most recent episode we were focusing on Mote-kei (Pretty-style).

In Japan, it is well known that the magazines are very segmented into defined genres. But when it comes to young fashion, there are two major groups: Aka-moji (Red-letter) and Ao-moji (Blue-letter) magazines. The latter refers to Harajuku styles, where people dress for themselves and their personalities. While the former Red-letter magazines refer to dressing for *someone else*. That is the main difference between them, and it makes them like oil and water.  It’s been a really long time since I read a Red-letter magazine (ok, maybe I had never really *read* one. But I know them all, such as Ray, Cancam, Jay Jay, ar, etc. and I remember the Ebi-chan boom and used to live in Kobe with the Onee-kei girls. So.) When I was asked to learn about Pretty-style for our episode, I couldn’t believe that the style lived up to its name: it was really all about being “attractive” to men.  It flew in the face of my personal (and perhaps clouded) stance, that “fashion” was always something very personal and for ourselves only. This “Pretty-style” actually seemed very… taboo.



Ray Magazine. Source: Amazon. A choice headline: “How to get a marshmallow body”






“Sweet” over “sexy” seems almost taboo?!

In the west, “dressing for men” obviously means something VERY different. The makeup can be high-maintenance “natural” or very “glammed-up”, but the clothing is always, always SEXY. Lots of skin, legs, cleavage or tight, tight, tight. That is what “dressing for men” means 90% of the time. So while looking at the styles in the Red-letter Japanese magazines, I noticed they were showing skin, but it was very calculated ..and there was not a lot of it. They were demure, sweet, and innocent, with just a bit of spice. Not standing out too much, looking very approachable, and most certainly following “mass market” trends were the main schtick.  It almost seemed retro. I couldn’t get the term “Mad Men-era” out of my noggin when reading it. But I needed to learn more. Is this REALLY what Pretty-style was all about?

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 4.29.55 PM

モテ系ならではのヘア。モテヘアが一番大事のよう。Some hairstyles for mote-kei. Just like hairstyle differentiates between other subcultures, mote-kei has their own as well. Source: ar Online.






ファンタジーな〜という部分は理解できる。でもこのスタイルが男性だけのためだとは到底思えない。テイラースウィフトだって男受けあまできないとよく言う西洋人たち。…と、ほんとに日本の男性はこのあま〜いファッションが好みなの?男友達を呼び出して今すぐ聞きたいくらい。でもそこで、セクシーウーマンスタイルの方が…という先入観にとらわれていることに気付いた。ジャパン Vs. 海外というバトルではない。別にどちらが正しいとかは今気にすることではないのだ。そしてもっともっとモテ系ファッション誌を読みあさった。すると…なんだか!自分にとってまさかキュートに見えてきた。


It’s all fantasy?


Because I was on the show, we got to visit the editorial department of ”ar” Magazine, a hugely popular Red-letter magazine. It was thanks to this visit that I started to understand Pretty style a little bit better. For one thing, these girls may be dressing like kittens, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have claws. Pretty style is just like any other subculture where girls follow a set of trends and guidelines within that fashion genre and this one happens to be uber, uber feminine so it elicits a cringe as a natural reaction (I say subculture but I think Pretty style is far more “mass” than any other Japanese fashion style. Red letter magazines move TONS of units)

The most important keywords of Pretty style to note is: romantic fantasy. I learned at the magazine that much of Pretty style is about the girls writing romantic fantasies in their minds. The uniform for this happens to be flirty, fuzzy and comfortable. Although everyone says that the fuzzy, soft clothing is so that guys will want to put their hand on you, I personally think it’s really just because it’s comfortable to wear…for the *girls* themselves. It is ironic, since the whole idea is to dress for someone else. But if you asked the girls, they will probably just shrug and say they choose this genre because it’s quite comfortable to wear. If Pretty-kei was a person, then Taylor Swift would be queen and the *ultimate* guy-magnet.

I could understand the fantasy part, but I couldn’t believe that this was all really for the men. Do men really prefer this sweetiepie sort of fashion?? I wanted to call up my Japanese boy friends and ask. But then I realized that thought alone meant I was trying to discredit the culture here by believing that the sexxed-up version of a woman was somehow “correct” and a far more girlie “Pretty-style” couldn’t be. In fact, the a more demure girl being seen as sexy without actually having to dress like a Friday Night ™ started to sound pretty nice. I looked at more and more Pretty-style magazines and then something happened: ….. I started thinking it could be a good idea.




最近のモテ系ファッションの例。Cancam and some “sweet” Mote-kei fashion. Source: Visionize





ということでそれを探しにラフォーレへ(青文字ヘブンはわかっているけど笑)。でもここである問題が浮上。ユニークなものが好きなミーシャにとって、無難なシンプルアイテムを買うことはもったいない気がしちゃって、かなり悩むとこだった。ショップをひとつづつチェックして、気に入るセーター一着ようやく見つけた。シンプルなクリーム色それには”Laugh and grow fat”(笑って、幸せにデブっちゃおう)って。これ最高!完全に浮かれ気分。




Pretty-kei, pretty tough to pull off


Perhaps because the season is changing and it makes us all a bit weird, but I had a thought: Should I take on a challenge?! Try Pretty style?! I was laughing at myself for thinking it. But looking through the clothes in the magazines, I realized that every page had something soft on it. It looked so comfortable and warm. I looked in my closet and: no sweaters! Not one knit item. I always thought of knit as fuzzy, like mold is fuzzy. Ick, not for me. But this time… maybe. Alright, I got this. At least I could get a fuzzy sweater, right?

So I set off to Laforet to find the fuzziest sweater I could. I needed it to be so fuzzy it was begging for a lawnmower trim.

But that brought me to another problem; I *like* unique clothes. Would I feel it to be a waste to buy something that wasn’t funny or unique? This was a serious conundrum requiring serious debate in my head. I looked through every store, and finally found a sweater I liked. It was a simple non-threatening cream color that had a message printed on it. “Laugh and grow fat”. I loved it! It was hilarious, and I giggled every time I thought of it.

….. but wait, this is definitely NOT Pretty style, even if it IS a sweater. Way too edgy.  Back to square one.

So finally I bit the bullet and went for the fuzziest thing I could find in the most Red-letter brand in Laforet; Snidel. Snidel! I know, surprising right! I was trying to be inconspicuous and practically tiptoed in but that’s hard when I`m a foreigner who stands out, and the sales assistant recognized me from Bunka. My cover was blown! In any case, I tried on a sweater and skirt ensemble that was SO fuzzy, it was like a carpet. I couldn’t tell if this made me “mote” or not. I was feeling uneasy about this experiment…

motekei-snidel-2014ふわふわ、レディー、フェミニン、ビジュー、無難がモテ系の特徴。モテ系に人気なSnidel 2014 AWコレクションより。Source: Usagi-online. Mote-kei favorite brand Snidel AW 2014 collection.



というか、みんなとょっと怒ってた!!かわいくないからとかじゃなくて、ふわふわの毛が抜けてそこら中を舞ってたから。食べ物にまで!モテるどころか迷惑になってた。するとひとりの男性がひとこと、”なんか今日は原宿っぽいね”。 なに?!しくじったー。モテ系ならぬモテない系になっちゃったよ(笑。結局ミーシャらしくいるのがいちばんだ。(でもレトロなムードは最近ハマってるんだけどね!モテてなくてもいいわ…)

最後になるけど、ミーシャはカルチャーの違いについてたくさん学んできた。今回、セクシーさが”モテる”にはそんなに大切じゃないことが分かってよかった。アメリカでは、男性と仲良くなるためだけにセクシーに着飾る事に対して、多くの中傷や否定の意見がある。でも日本では違う視点もあるし、男性に対してのアピール方法も異なる。もちろん、セクシーが嫌いな日本男性は少なくないと思うよw。お付き合いとデーティング文化がもっと違うけど。(これについてはまた別の話) “あなた”にとってのモテ系とはなんですか?とっても興味がある!

image希望に応じてモテ系に挑戦したミーシャの写真を追加。個性が抜けないモテ系ww. どう? Me in Snidel. Socks: Erimaki Sox. Shoes: United Nude. Sunglasses DIOR via

I even left and had to come back later because I couldn’t decide whether to buy it right away. But it was REALLY soft and it was cute in a retro sort of way. So I bought it (!!). I was so excited to wear it, I didn’t wait long. Recently I had a little get-together at my house, with a mix of girls and boys so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to wear the super fuzzy thing. I had this down, I was feeling pretty and on top of it ALL.

..but life never turns out the way we expect, does it? Turns out I was going to be the least “pretty” of em all. Those fuzzy hairs? They were flying everywhere! It was in the air, on their clothes, and in the food! I was swallowing them. They were like magnets to everything but the vessel they were *supposed* to stay on. I was being more of a nuisance than a prodigy. And then one of my male guests said to me, “You look very Harajuku today.” Huh?!! The point was to not look Harajuku. I failed big time. I am going to stick to my styles I know best. But I am sure feelin’ this retro style kick, pretty style or not.

So in the end, I learned a lot about the differences in being a “man’s girl” in terms of style. I was happy to see that sexy doesn’t necessarily mean Pretty kei. There is a lot of pressure for girls in the west to be sexy as if that is the only way to attract men. But here in Japan there is a whole ‘nother layer and way of doing things. This doesn’t mean I don’t think a lot of it isn’t silly, because it is. But if we want to talk silliness, one only needs to look at our Cosmopolitan (smh). Dating culture is also obviously way different (another topic for another day). So I`m curious, what do YOU think about mote-kei/Pretty style? Would you want to adopt some of its ideas or does it make you cringe?

Words: Misha Janette
Edits: Natsumi Yasuoka

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The Shocker is Beauty is not Borderless ◎日本の境界線を超えられない美意識はあるの?



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Modern Cinderella chasing a shadow. TELLSIT 2015 SS ”シャドー追いかける現代シンデレラ”テルズイット春夏2015 Tue, 02 Dec 2014 16:46:03 +0000 FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusPinterestRedditTumblrBlogger


Cinderella dressed in yellow,
Went upstairs to kiss a fellow
Made a mistake and wore gingham velvet in July
No doctors gonna go near that, bae

Going through the commercial exhibitions sometimes reads like a broken record: skirt, pants, jacket, repeat. It’s tough for a brand for convey their message to people like me, who see a hundred collections every six months. Skirt, pants, jacket, repeat.  And just like a highway motel manager,  I’ve seen it ALL. Can a rack-ready collection really wow?

The PR01 Tradeshow is one of the best in Tokyo for fashion, and TELLSIT 2015 spring summer was the first collection to bring some VA-VA-VOOM to the room. Laser cutting its designs to the breaking point (the ripping point?), the brand experimented with a fairy tale and a side of tough love.







The collection’s main designs revolve around an intricate laser-cut pattern encasing a motif of a saucy ruby heel. Is this Dorothy’s heel? Cinderalla’s slipper? Dita Von Teese’s pump? In any case, the “chasing a shadow” theme is quite ominous but somehow escapes negative connotations by being leser-etched in “Happily ever after” -ready font.

It goes from charming to disarming very quickly however, when you pick up the cigarette pants and tailored jacket and see the semi-attached cuff details- a real ball n’ chain, these fantasies.

Designer Takayuki Kujirai is still brining up TELLSIT from infancy, graduating from Tokyo’s Vantan Business School and University at the same time.

The label is no stranger to kitsch and surrealism, often taking objects as its muse for the season.

“I want to tell a story with my clothes There are no words, and no pictures ready for the story. The story writes itself.”

Or perhaps it will be complete when the city princess catches whatever that shadow is she’s chasing!





「 僕らの服で物語を作りたい。
























I thought these were cute from the line sheet (I know that this is a faux pas, but YOLO)
このこたちもかわいいと思った。ラインシーツから失礼します m(-_-)m

tellsit-15SS_絵型1 tellsit 15SS_絵型5 tellsit-15SS_絵型2 tellsit-15SS_絵型3


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Introducing Tamaki Fujie, a textile techno-wizardress タマキフジエ、ミックステクがピカイチ2015ss



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黒を着る女はカラフルな人生を送る!ヨーロッパ編。Girls in BLACK lead COLORFUL lives! Vol 3: Europe Sun, 30 Nov 2014 08:50:30 +0000 FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusPinterestRedditTumblrBlogger



“黒を着る女性はカラフルな人生を送る” シリーズ第三弾!そのコンセプトは抽象的にいうと、外から見る現代社会の街が濁った色に見えてくるのに実は個人個人の人生は鮮やかな色にキラキラしている。そして、分かりやすく言うと、黒を着たって、ブライトで、想像力高い女になれない訳がない!日常の「普段」の中でも、しっかり目を開けて想像して、夢に生きて、そしてあなたの人生をまばゆいばかりに輝かせよう。それをバッグに詰めてプチ旅に出るとか…また、通勤の時だけでも!全ての経験があなたの人生のキャンバスを色づけるでしょう。ほら、世界はカラフルに!!

Girls in black lead colorful lives Vol. 3. In the city we go about our days with all of the mundane details and thoughts sinking into each other like a muddy grey puddle. But open your eyes and imagination, live your dreams, and make your life blindingly colorful. Whether that means packing your bags and going on an adventure or just trying a new restaurant, or daydreamig on your way to work… every experience adds another shade of color to the canvas of our lives. And you don’t need to wear the equivalent of a light-up Christmas tree to prove YOLO. So how colorful is your life?



 Photos: Celia Humhpries



In these, I’ve focused heavily on my eye makeup. If the eyes are windows to our souls, then I hope mine dazzles!


 コーディネート:Sweater, white dress shirt, asymmetry skirt, booties and “Hand” wallet, all OPENING CEREMONY




コーディネート:Oversized letterman jacket: OPENING CEREMONY JAPAN EXCLUSIVE LINE. Waffle sweater, polkadot skirt, “sock” shoes, and doctor bag all OPENING CEREMONY.





“Hand” sweater, pleat skirt, checkered backpack, all OPENING CEREMONY. Loafers, Chaussure Lapin.



Photography: Celia Humphries
Styling: Misha Janette
Art direction and graphics: Celia Humphries and Misha Janette
Fashion assistant: Natsumi Yasuoka



ベルギーをテーマに、ランウェイの演出のひとつとしてチョコレートを使用した今季のコレクションの中には、ベルギーワッフルセーターなんかもある。想像が膨らみますね! でOCワールドをチェック出来ます。


Today’s “black” looks are featuring all Opening Ceremony AW 2014. It may be surprising that the shop known for being the funkiest in the land actually has a huge selection of dark clothes for urban girls in its collection. The hand motifs are subtly surreal and fit with our daydream narrative. The show theme was about “chocolate”, and some pieces even take inspiration from it, like in the Belgian Waffle sweater.  Check it all out at

This is the final volume of “Girls in Black Lead Colorful Lives” of the year. I hope you’ve enjoyed it! I leave you with some photos I took of my travels to Europe, which included Milan, Paris and Berlin. All of the pockets of color here I am adding to my personal scrapbook in my mind, and the little details provided some much needed respite from the rush of city life!!



























キャットアイを毎日にしているからもはや自分にとってのシグナチャー。私達女って、一つぐらいのメイクテクが”自分を反映させる”のってありますよね。だから私の日常メイクに欠かせないのがリキッドライナー。命だから、世の中のものぜーんぶトライしてきている気分がするくらい。でもやっぱり、一番キレイにかけるのが、この極細いリキッドタイプ。レブロンの“カラーステイ スキニー リキッド ライナー”でアマチュアな私でも写真で映っているキャットアイをさらっと書けましたよ!最初はラインを描くのはきっと難しいだろうと思ったのだけど、深呼吸をして手が安定したら一気に描くのがいちばんみたい!(笑)一緒に付いてくる 専用の極細いブラシはとっても滑らかで固まったりしない代物。最近の流行っている”細い線”を書くのに大親友!

黒を着る女性をサポートするレブロン様には心より感謝申し上げます★ ではまた来年、別の”カラフルな人生を送る女性”に出会えるのを、お楽しみに!!

I wish I could say I was a makeup wizard but the only magic I truly have up my sleeve is my trusty liquid eyeliner. The cateye liner has become my signature, and when I look in the mirror it makes me feel like… I basically have to put my life on my eyeliner and I feel like I have tried every kind known to woman. But in the end, the best type I’ve used is the liquid pot type. Revlon’s Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner comes with a uber skinny applicator tip which made it so easy for a makeup klutz like moi to draw all of the lines you see in the photos. If you’re nervous about trying the pot type, just remember to take a deep breath and hold still. This type is the only way you’ll get a smudge-free super thin eye line that is hot right now. Try it and you’ll be hooked!

A big thanks to Revlon for supporting this girl in black, and I hope to meet other girls in black living colorful lives, next year!



Screen shot 2014-11-13 at 2.07.27 PM詳細は画像をクリックするか、こちらからご覧ください


Words: Misha Janette
Edit: Natsumi Yasuoka


モノクロを着る女性はカラフルな人生を送る。東京編 Girls in black lead colorful lives. Featuring: Tokyo.

revlontext--Misha-Water-walk-2-©-Celia-Humphries copy


モノクロを着る女性はカラフルな人生を送る。東京からNYCへ!Girls in black lead colorful lives: From Tokyo to NYC.

bannner Misha-Revlon-oct-1-©-Celia-Humphries



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Fish Born Chips brings a special brand of humor to fashion「フィッシュ ボーン チップス」ユーモアを味方に。 Tue, 25 Nov 2014 17:03:27 +0000 FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusPinterestRedditTumblrBlogger
TOKI bag 2
Japan has its own brand of comedy, known as “manzai”, in which a group or duo goes at each other in “innocent” jabs and slapstick comedy. Humor is branded a little bit differently, which is why Olympia Le Tan does better here than the more *cough* abrasive “Commes des F*ckdown” -style goods (although these message Ts sell well to foreigners so you’ll find a trove of them sold along Takeshita-dori). Fish Born Chips is a Japanese brand which brings its own humorous taste to high fashion with light jabs at popular motifs and charming surrealism.
Most of their goods come in either hats, brooches or handbags, all made by hand and each one getting their own punchline. They’re like little mischievous winks to everyone around you. It’s kind of funny, but you know, we sometimes just gotta wear our hearts on our sleeves.

Fish Born Chips is probably a play on the pronunciation of “Fish Bone Chips” in Japanese—hitting it right out of the gate. Check out their collection of hats, many made with doodads and parts that usually don’t call a cap a home. My favorite are those printed with historical art figures, tagged with embroidery “graffiti” (above). I can imagine many more, like Shakespeare, Caesar and Marie Antoinette.
Their other popular line is their flap bags, in which the image on the bag flap and the image under it create humorous combinations. Animals are a common thread among many of the designs. “When we put them all out in our studio, it turns into a zoo!” says FBC. The penguin clutch is so popular that they continue to make it for customers, although the others are one-off pieces. You can purchase a piece of Fish Born Chips at select CA4LA hat stores as well as order from them directly (see all links to stores below the Japanese text).
他にも、穴があいている帽子や棒がささっている帽子、三つ編みと合体している帽子と、バリエーション豊かなオリジナリティ溢れるラインナップ。人気のバッグシリーズでは、動物が多用されている。”何かを加えている”シリーズは、コレクションして部屋にならべたら動物園みたいでめちゃかわいいよね。笑 ペンギンバッグはファンも多く、定番化している。どちらも2wayということで実用的!
pinchi 2
3D bag 2way 【cat】
牛骨 6
montage bag ヘビット1
montage bag ヘビット2
montage bag ヘビット3
penguin bag 2way
pinchi 1
montage bag ネコババ
TOKI bag 1
zebra bag 2way
ミツアミ【All Black】
レザーブローチ【fallen leaves】



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“TOKYO WANI DEPT STORE” MAKES WICKED HATS OF WICKER WHIMSY籐でできためだま焼?籐でできたホットケーキ?籐でできたかわいい世界?「東京ワニ デパート」の手編みアクセサリーとオブジェはいろんな意味で”ひねてる”・・ .




Androgynous Bad Boy Benjamin Jarvis for Androgynous Bad Girl Maiko’s Black Triangle Design今トップな中性的メンズモデル ベンジャミン・ジャービスが東京の中性的ブランド ブラック・トライアングル・デザイン のルックブックに登場


Paper bags made of leather by Makoo will fool you 錯覚確実!革の常識を覆したMakooの”ペーパー”バッグ





Words: Misha Janette
Edits: Natsumi Yasuoka

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`The Cult Issue` Inside IDOL Magazine. イギリス発ファッション誌「IDOL」の “カルト号” を探る Mon, 24 Nov 2014 11:34:57 +0000 FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusPinterestRedditTumblrBlogger


For the newest issue (No. 7) of IDOL Magazine, I styled a shoot featuring some of Japan’s best AW2014-15 looks. The magazine hails from the UK and has no qualms about exploring the boundaries of fashion photography, the clothing, and it’s subjects. It’s consistently one of the most fascinating and high-quality fashion magazines from the country and has a permanent spot on my inspiration board.

For our shoot, we had a good to evil transition (or is that good *is* evil?), a transgender story, inspiration from clown cults, inspiration from regular cults, and lots of “find the wrong kanji” which is like the Where’s Waldo of Japan but a million times harder. I am obsessed, yes. Check out the freaky feature below.

IDOL Magazineの最新号で、2014-15秋冬の今回のミーシャ的ベストルック In ジャパンのスタイリングをしました。このファッション誌はイギリス発で、ファッションフォトと服の境界線を取っ払うことをテーマにかがげ、実際にそういうクリエーションを世にだし続けていることは疑いようもない。ミーシャのインスピレーションボードにいつもアイデアをくれる、魅力的なファッションマガジンIDOLのクオリティは、抜群の安定感を誇る。

今回の撮影では、栄光にすがる信仰者やカルト的な文化からインスピレーションを受けたトランスジェンダーストーリーを背景に、悪(悪は悪でもいい悪?) の遷移を表現。また、”ウォリーはどこ”?的な、でも100倍難しい、”漢字の間違い探し”をデザイン背景に。ミーシャも取り付かれたわ。この先に広がるすこし異常な恐怖をチェックしてみて。


Above: mintdesigns






Limi Feu














Ne Net

Photos/art: Celia Humphries
Stylist/direction: Misha Janette
Hair and makeup: Ebara Masanao
Model: Kersti Pedanik @ Agence Presse
Fashion Assistant: Natsumi Yasuoka
Makeup assistant: Mori 

We pulled this off the *day* after Obon ended, and even throughout the vacation, thank you to all the brands who participated at short notice (why I *love* working in Japan, as long as you ask nicely things get done!).

Thank you so much to photographer Celia Humphries, my makeup and hair master of the universe Ebara Masanao, Model Kirsti Pedanik (Agence Presse) who was so much fun and professional, and to fashion assistant Natsumi Yasuoka who was running around like a chicken all day.


フォトグラファーのセリア、ミーシャの中のヘアメイクマスター、Ebaraさん、モデルのKirsti Pedanic(Agence Presse)、プロフェッショナルな彼らとの撮影はとても楽しかった。すごく感謝しています!それから、真夏の暑い中あちこち走り回ってくれたファッションアシスタントのナツミヤスオカにもありがとうを。



There is also a beautiful backstage video by BO-LEAF Media. It may be prettier than our shoot….



IDOL also gave me an interview and a huge spread!! I`ve never been printed so physically LARGE in a magazine before!!! 8 inches tall— SO BIG.





Jacket, pants: 321 5. Issey Miyake. Top, accessories: M.Y.O.B. Sunglasses: DIOR (iamitalian)




Rubber “cement” dress, gold-leaf hat: Garter. Earrings, ring: M.Y.O.B. Black lippie: Make Up For Ever



Sweatshirt: Fleamadonna. Bag: Muveil. Earrrings & ring: M.Y.O.B.



Sweat set: Fleamadonna. Silver nails, knuckles and mouth: Fangophilia. Sunglasses: DIOR (iamitalian)



Gizmo sweater, skirt, and collar: Muveil. Shoes: DOG

Screen shot 2014-11-24 at 4.19.55 PM



Photos & art direction: Celia Humphries

Styling: Misha Janette

Makeup: Tomomi Fukuchi (AVGUST)

Hair: Chiho Hatae


The other features are also amazing. I am officially wanting skin that glows this color…


Screen shot 2014-11-24 at 4.19.07 PM Screen shot 2014-11-24 at 4.18.54 PM Screen shot 2014-11-24 at 4.19.20 PM Screen shot 2014-11-24 at 4.20.11 PM idol-ISSUE7COVERBOY


ABOUT ISSUE 7 (The Cult Issue) At IDOL Magazine Official online page


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ART + FASHION + FOOD= “DOODLE ON THE TABLE”. A NEW TYPE OF FASHION SHOOT. A MAGICAL FEAST FOR THE EYES!ファッションをベースに、アートとフードを加えると、『キッチンテーブルの落書き』。私がディレクションしたモードページがついに公開!魔法かけてやったぜ!




Tokyo Mode Diaries Ep 1 “Origami Whispers” Original Story東京モードダイアリー第一話:”折紙のつぶやき” 。この世界は一体どうなっていく・・?!




Unravelled in red ◎ 『赤による覚醒』



Words: Misha Janette
Edits: Natsumi Yasuoka

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A trip inside the mind of avantgardist Hideki Seo セオヒデキの”ファッション”で”アート”な頭の中を旅できる!? Thu, 20 Nov 2014 07:22:58 +0000 FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusPinterestRedditTumblrBlogger



If you’re a card-carrying fashion freak then you should need no introduction to Hideko Seo. As of now he is still the right-hand man of Azzedine Alaia, so there’s no contesting the level of his technical clothing-making skills. On the flip side, he is also a huge purveyor of making art out of his special talents.

To promote his own side projects, Hideki has taken a number of photographs and sketches of his creations thus far and is releasing his first book in a limited edition run. A peek at what’s inside is below, although beyond this it’s a mystery as to what exactly kind of beauty you’ll find inside. It’s hard not to want to dive right into this world….

There are many dissenters in this world that believe fashion can never be art. “It must be wearable, or it’s not fashion. Fashion will never be real “art”.” And yet here we have an honest-to-god clothing-maker who also believes in the artistic endeavors of fashion. He himself says, “One day, I`m going to be considered a real artist.”


ファッションが好きならぜひ押さえておきたい名前、Hideki Seo。ミーシャも彼のクリエーションの大ファンで、何度もブログで取り上げさせていただいている。現在アズディン・アライアのアシスタントを勤める彼の服づくりの技術は確かなもの。その一方で彼自身の活動としてFashion is アート的な制作活動にも積極的だ。


世間には”ファッションはアートではない “、”服”である限り身につけられなければいけないのだから、アートになり得ない。”という意見もある。しかし彼はファッションの観点から”アート”を生み出し続ける。そして、 “夢はアーティストになる事”と語る。


スクリーンショット 2014-11-20 15.28.24

作品集より From the photo book

The book covers Hideki’s work over 10 years, including photoshoots using his work as well as sketches and behind the scenes shots of the construction processes. Hideki doesn’t just `sketch` his work, he turns his 2D interpretations into pieces of art themselves.

The catalog is limited to 100 people, with each one signed and marked with a serial number. Along with the book, he is also selling postcards and framed first edition sketches. To get your hands on it, follow the link to Kiss Kiss Bank Bank, a France-based crowd-funding site. Below also find more of his art-is-fashion work to get an idea of what kind of collectible you’ll be sure to get.

(UNTIL DEC 18th)






“kiss kiss bank bank (キスキスバンバンプロジェクト)”にて

この期間 こちらのサイトでのみ、全冊リミテッドナンバー入りになっております。
この機会に是非、”Hideki Seo アートコレクター”になってみませんか?

◉HIDEKI SEO “キスキスバンバン”サイト;

期間: 2014年11月17日〜12月8日まで
























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アントワープ6の日本人版?ミキオ、アキラ、中里、セオ、ホリウチの現状 Meet the Antwerp 6 of Japan: Mikio, Nakazato, Seo, Akira & Horiuchi



Azzedine Alaia’s Right-Hand Man: Hello, Hideki Seoアズディンアライアの手と足で働く一人、HIDEKI SEO自身の独特なファッションワールドへ潜り込もう


seo hideki06


Words: Misha Janette
Edits: Natsumi Yasuoka

TWITTER: FashionTubuyaki
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“ネオ・ギャル”に”ネオ・イケメン”。「ネオ」ブームの次に登場するサブカルは?そして”ネオ・カルチャー”は海外に受けいられるのか? What’s Neo Gal, Neo Ikemen and the “Neo” subcultures? Wed, 19 Nov 2014 02:41:53 +0000 FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusPinterestRedditTumblrBlogger

Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 7.07.45 PM



  1. 世界規模のインターネットの進化 (それにより、トレンドが雑誌に限らずSNSからも生みだすことが可能になる)。
  2. 日本の経済悪化。(だが、ファッションとサブカルチャーは経済効果がある)。
  3. 官民ファンド、クールジャパン機構の設立。



Subcultures have long been an integral part of the Japanese fashion scene, but they weren’t considered something to be *protected* and *proud of* until recently. The catalyst for this is three-fold

1. The internet globalization

2. The struggling Japanese economy

3. The advent of the “Cool Japan” initiative.

#3 was a major turn, when Japan started to realize that selling their unique fashion culture abroad could be lucrative, instead of keeping it caged inside of Japan. Right now the big trends in this new era are being given the prefix of “neo”. And they are taking off big time, in and outside of Japan. …some of these are even being created outside of Japan rather than inside! What are some of the “neo” subcultures in Japan right now, and what new “neo” subcultures might be born soon?



逆輸入 「ネオギャル」

明らかなのは、ネオトレンドが”ネオギャル”から始まったということ。それは2014年版ギャル。渋谷ギャルのトレンドは2010年?以降、ここ数年目立たなかったような気がする。”ギャル”というのはカラコンをして濃いアイメイク、109で買い物をするのが特徴だったのだけれど、数年間は昔に比べてかなりコンサバ系になっていた。そこに、人気アパレル大企業、マークスタイラーが最初に「ネオギャル」市場を持ち込んだ。(商標登録すればよかったかもしれません)。だが、 彼らの掲げる”ネオギャル”とは、”大人”で”洗練された”、もっとマドモアゼルチックなスタイルだった。今の明るくカラフルなあの”ネオギャル”とは大きく異なる。では、そんな日本の”ネオギャル”はどのようにして人気を獲得したのか?


ある日、お気に入りの米ポップカルチャーブログ、Gawkerを読んでいたときに友達の植野アリサが記事に出てきた。その記事は”日本の新しいトレンド、ネオギャル”についてだった。まず、”ワオ、アリサがGawkerで紹介されてる?!” て思って、次に、…”ネオギャルってなんだ??”ってなった 笑。

Neo Gal. Made overseas.

Obviously, the first big “neo” trend is “Neo Gal”, which is taking over from the tanned, high-end-call-girl-ish look of yore from Shibuya. Gyaru became extremely commercial and watered down for quite a few years. In fact, from the year 2010 or so, “gyaru” really just signified girls in colored contacts and heavy eye makeup who maybe shopped at 109 but were still kind of conservative. In fact, major fashion conglomerate Mark Styler (EMODA, Gyda) was the first one to try and lay claim to the term “neo gal” (they should have trademarked it!). But their “neo gal” meant “mature sophistication”, or a more mademoiselle take on gyaru style instead of the bright and colorful neo gal we now know. So then how did “neo gal” get to be so popular?

Obviously, the internet. In fact, I would say that it was forces *outside* of Japan that actually created the neo gal trend, and helped give it a name and place. Even though it was a Japanese magazine that first coined the term, I had honestly never heard it spoken in conversation before. I thought the look -a hybrid of Harajuku and Shibuya with 80s, LA and hip-hop influences, was merely called “Harajuku-kei”. It wasn’t until an article on showed up talking about a “new Japanese trend called NEO GAL” that I had heard it applied to that style. On it was Alisa Ueno, the designer of Fig & Viper who has her own mixed style of Harajuku and Shibuya. With a bilingual skill, attitude and good looks, she was destined for fame, but becoming the face of a quasi subculture is another level.

Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 6.39.42 PM

ネオギャル代表のAlisa Ueno. Instagram @alisaueno


植野アリサはフィグ&バイパーのプロデューサーで、原宿と渋谷のスタイルをミックスさせるのが彼女のスタイル。バイリンガルであり、そのルックスと人間性にハマるひと続出。人気を集めるのは必然だったのだろう。そして今、彼女はネオサブカルのメインアイコン的存在。先日、ミーシャが出演している”NHK カワイイインターナショナル”という番組にゲストで出演していただいた時のこと。彼女は”自分のことをネオギャルだと言ったことはなかった。何にでも見出しを付けるのが好きなメディアが言いだしたことだけれど、私のブランドを理解してもらいやすくなったので、それはよかった。”と言っていた。

さて、この先ネオギャルブームの運命はいかに…生き残れるか?海外に日本のプロダクトとして売り出し、もっと大きなムーブメントを作れるのか?アリサが影響をうけているだろう、アメリカのセレブやイットガール (例えば、クロエノーガールスカイフェレイラハンナベス) は服とメイクからして多かれ少なかれすでに「ネオギャル」というラベルつけられる。また、国内でも、ネオギャルブームを盛り上げるためには、あと数人カリスマ的クールガールが必要。そこで思い浮かぶのは串戸ユ◯◯やアミ◯ヤのような方。でもきっと、彼女たちは自分のことをネオギャルだとは呼ばないだろう。みんな、ブランドを持つ、いわばライバル的な存在だから。ネオギャルというサブカルがうまく”パッケージ化”され海外で販売されれば、日本のファッション界にとって巨大な功績を残すことが見込めるだろう(パッケージ化というのはたとえばBAPEみたいなコミュニティ化)。来年の2月、アリサは自身のブランド”フィグ&バイパー”のショーを他の東コレブランドと共にニューヨークでTokyo Runwayで発表することになっている。このネオギャルトレンドはいつまで続くか、行く末を見守るとしましょう!

Is Neo Gal going to survive? Or even more, will it be able to sell overseas as a product of Japan? Many American socialites and “it” girls like Chloe Noorgaard, Sky Ferrreira and Hannah Beth already have the look down and influence Alisa- but if it’s marketed and packaged properly, it could be a huge boon for Japanese fashion culture. It needs a few more cool girls like Yuria Kushido and Amiaya to hop on the bandwagon, but only if they want to call themselves “neo gal”. I have a feeling they don’t, though, as it’s now Alisa’s thing and as rivals, it might hinder its longevity.


Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 6.48.02 PM




そこで登場したのが日本のハンサム界のニューアイコン、デビル君ことUsuke Hide。(ニックネームは、彼のシャープな顔と尖った耳からつけられたそう。)オンラインマガジン、model-press.comでつい最近デビル特集が組まれ、そこで「ネオイケメン」の顔として打ち出された。彼の容姿は中性的で、ストリート的な服のスタイルもまた、マスキユマリンとフェミニンの境界を曖昧にさせる。デビルは個性的で、珍しいルックスをしている。それにハマる日本人女子が続出し、彼の一挙一動をフォローするように、熱狂的。また、彼はまるで漫画やアニメからそのまま出てきたみたい。でもそんな彼が注目するのは決してオタクではなく、流行を生み出したり、センスのよいイメージを発信するファッションピープル。


Neo Ikemen

Neo Gal is the easy one, since it is a mix of influences that already exist outside of Japan. But how about something that is very culturally grounded in Japan? Heard of “Neo Ikemen”? “Ikemen” means “good looking guy” and generally encompasses a cute boy-next-door type of look. But in Japan, “typically good looking” also means having a rather feminine leaning. Enter the new “icon” of handsome, Usuke Hide otherwise known as “Devil” (a nickname alluding to his sharp features and pointed ears). An interview with online Japanese mag model-press coined the term “neo ikemen” very recently, making Devil the face of the movement. His features are androgynous and his street-savvy clothing style also blurs the boundaries of masculine and feminine. His looks are very otherworldly and extremely rare- which is why he has the brunt of the fandom, with girls from Japan and beyond following his every move. And although he looks like he could have jumped out of a manga or anime, he instead follows the fashion crowd, giving the trend an image of global cool rather than an otaku-dredge. But Devil alone can’t keep an entire subculture alive; who else is a “neo ikemen” today? Fashion wise, Japan boasts a lot of boys in skirts and even pastel colored clothes. And currently the #neoikemen hashtag (in Japanese) is only attached to Devil. Will we see more and more men taking on feminine features and fashion styles from Devil’s influence?
Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 6.51.13 PM

ネオイケメン代表のデビルくん Instagram @screamer29









It’s interesting that these “new” subcultures are used with the word “neo” since that word in English conjures up images of vintage 1980-style futurism instead of something actually new. Hell, even Bladerunner was set in “Neo Tokyo” (how ironic!). But still, this “neo” trend is probably going to stick around for awhile.

The strings that connect these subcultures the “neo” prefix comes in a pair: one is that they became popular on the internet, and the second is their support overseas. It’s a good thing, as both are bringing Japanese subcultures to wider audience and especially a global one. But they are both *really* new… what about the other subcultures that could use a kickstart with the “neo” trend? Kind of a modern refresher? Actually there’s one Japanese subculture that is the *most* popular one overseas that might gain from the neo trend: Lolita.
Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 6.55.53 PM




“ネオ”の意味が、インターナショナルな視点とストリート的なスタイルをミックスさせることだとしたら、日本の若い男女から現れてもおかしくない。”ネオ”の条件を満たしている子は数人いるかも。例えば ”かわいいアンバサダー”として世界を回る木村優さん (ロリータ+ストリート+オタク系を「萌原系」と自分のことを呼んでいるが)。また、アメリカ生まれの日本ロリータ界のTOPの一人、リンリンドール。”ネオロリータ”トレンドの可能性について、彼女から少し意見をもらった。

RinRin: “ネオロリータというジャンルはまだ存在しないけれど、私は既に無意識にネオロリータになっているかもしれない。原宿系とかを取り入れたミックススタイルを楽しんでいるし、 ロリータ的なルールを緩めた生活を送っている。ただの”可愛い系”とどう区別するかというと、少しデコラティブなアイメイク、ヘアの姫カット(前髪必須)、そしてコーデがどう見えても自分の中で「私はロリータです」という意思。こんな風に、国内外でもっとかっこいいネオロリータが生まれてくれるといいね。”

Neo Lolita?

Lolita is possibly still the most popular subculture from Japan overseas today, even though it has lost steam and become a bit passe here at home. Being Lolita comes with a set of rules that has not really wavered, and a stoic lolita lifestyle behind it. Unfortunately there are less and less lolitas to be seen in the Harajuku streets every year. Is it ready for a revival? If being “neo” means mixing in an international perspective and a street-savvy style, it could be especially appealing to young girls and boys inside Japan too. There may already be some Neo Lolitas in our midst. For example, there is “Kawaii Ambassador” Kimura U who wears a mix of lolita+harajuku+otaku styles, although she calls her genre “Moe-hara kei”(萌原系)。But one popular Lolita in particular does fit all of the “neo” requirements, and she’s American-born Lolita RinRin Doll. I quickly got her opinion on the possibility of a “Neo Lolita” trend.

RinRin: “Neo Lolita as a genre doesn’t yet exist, but I may be subconsciously becoming something like that already. I like to mix up my style with Harajuku fashion, and I don’t feel I need to live my life exactly according to the rules of Lolita. There would still be a difference between Lolita and “Kawaii”-style though, for example we have a way of doing our eyemakeup which is more decorative, and a “princess-style” haircut (ie curls and bangs) is a must for me. The most important thing to be a Lolita among the Harajuku styles though, is to think of yourself as one. It would be great to see a subculture of cool neo lolitas appear from this.”

Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 6.55.01 PM

Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 6.56.39 PM

「ネオ」には、国際的な視点も大事。An international perspective is important to the “neo” movement. instagram @RinRinDoll



次に来るネオシリーズはいったいなんだろう?ネオオタク?ネオゴス?ネオモード?ミーシャ個人的にはオールブラックのカラス族ならぬ”ネオカラス”に期待。…うん、かっこよくない?(妄想中ww) 。 みなさんはどう思いますか?


So what will actually be next? Neo otaku? Neo goth? Neo-nee? I am personally rooting for “Neo karasu”, the kids in black from the 70s/80s… yeah, that’d be cool(hah). What do you guys think?


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What Japanese girls say about Avril Lavigne’s Hello Kitty ◎アヴリルラヴィーンのハローキティの本当のダメなとこ



Otaku fashion gets better? Jenny Fax FW 2014 ◎ キーワード : 「ごちゃまぜバイキング」ジェニーファックス秋冬





Words: Misha Janette
Edits: Natsumi Yasuoka

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The strangest comfort by Doublet. Menswear 2015 SS 違和感で魅了する日常服。ダブレット2015春夏 Mon, 17 Nov 2014 08:00:58 +0000 FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusPinterestRedditTumblrBlogger



Tokyo is one of the “busiest” cities in world, with work schedules easily stretching from morning until midnight. The 2015 SS Tokyo Fashion Week schedule followed in that vein, with some official shows starting at 10pm (and the final show of the week at midnight). Much to say, it was a busy week, and there was not a lot of respite to wander and discover new brands at the exhibitions. Luckily, there were a few brands showing just one level below the shows at Hikarie, and that’s where I ran into Doublet, an incredibly interesting menswear brand.

This “work schedule” mindset is why Japan consistently gives us some of the most amazing “daily wear” brands in the world. Clothes go from morning to night, thus “cocktail dresses” aren’t a very lucrative market. In menswear as well, casual clothing is given a lot of fancy accents and details to make it dressy.

As for Doublet, they take “daily wear” and reconceptualize it as “strange daily wear”. There are a lot of pieces that seem half finished, even though they are some of the best quality pieces I’ve seen. Contradictions like this are the basis for Doublet’s collections.








Each item is given its own personality and conversation-worthy detail. There’s the “vintage” university sweatshirt with the logo made from intricate sequin beading, or what appears to be a print but is actually the embroidery of a man’s face fading into white on a dress shirt. The “I am not a sweatshirt because I am knit” is actually cashmere (and so incredibly soft. Dare I say a chick magnet).

Designer Ino was in charge of accessories for Mihara Yasuhiro and it shows as his shoes, hats and bags are stupendous. The frayed “Brooklyn” motif (last season it was “New York”) is on trend without being just another logo item tossed in the mix. Thank goodness that men in Tokyo are big on clutches since us ladies can pick up something too.

Doublet is available at very select shops in Tokyo, such as Midwest in Shibuya and Carrefour in Jiyugaoka.

Doublet Online






“I’m not  sweat shirt because I am knit wear”トップスはその名の通り、ぱっと見スウェットだけれど実はカシミアのニット。普通に見えるセットアップにはシルクが使われていたり(信じられないくらい軽い!) と、どのアイテムもひねりがきいている。

人と同じは嫌なファッションピープルは飛びつくんじゃないかな? 近くで見ると発見があるような、”よくみると◯◯フェチ” はたくさんいるはず!


そんな、見れば見るほど感動を与えてくれる、ハイクオリティーなものづくりをするdoublet。2013年春夏にデビューしたまだまだ新しいブランドなので、たくさんの引き出しを隠し持っているはず。”マストチェック ブランド” リストに追加!


Doublet Online




















Words: Misha Janette
Edits: Natsumi Yasuoka

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hatra hoodies are for the stylish and recluse. 2015 SS. hatra ひきこもり”ながら”おでかけ 2015春夏 Thu, 13 Nov 2014 16:54:07 +0000 FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusPinterestRedditTumblrBlogger


Go for a stroll while in recluse. Hatra is pulling some high-level Chalayan-isms on us this season, with pieces that are experimental and multilayered in societal meaning.

Layer 1: During the cold winter season in Japan, where insulation and central heating is a rare luxury, many people gather around the “kotatsu”, which is a low-level heated table with a blanket over it (it’s like our “fireplace”). Hatra then created a wearable version of the blanket for the kotatsu.

Layer 2: “Indoor lounge wear” and “Public outside wear” are two different fashion genres in Japan, although not everyone follows the arbitrary rules of which is which. Hatra says his hoodies are like bringing the “comfort of indoor-wear wherever you go”. The irony is not lost on me, but we are rollin’ with it.

Layer 3: Taking Japan’s “hikikomori” recluse” epidemic and spinning it  into something stylish…. how’s that?





The hoodie is an unofficial uniform for Japan’s group of hikikomori recluses, or a subset of people with mild to severe agoraphobia, who prefer the world of anime or video games to social interaction. Hatra is saying here, that his hoodies are like a safety blanket, to wear outside but still feel like one is still holed up at home. It’s extremely bold for such a young creator, but it helps that his hoodies and other easy casual-wear are top-notch quality.

Ever since the brand was founded in 2010, Hatra has taken the “bedroom” as a main theme, creating snuggly oversize clothes. The designer is known for his experimentation as well, starting with developing a technique of stitching that creates undulating ridges early in his career. He was in the excellent “Future Beauty” exhibit of Japanese fashion, has designed for Lady Gaga, creates cosplay costumes, and also runs with a rather raucous otaku-style art crowd called “Chaos Lounge”.

The collection is of dark color blocked clothes,  in unisex sizing and of obsessive quality. Never mind that it’s mostly hoodies, and consider it a pioneer in the budding “formal” hoodies market。

In any case, Hatra is a quality brand with ideas to make us think beyond the clothing. It’s sold at Mikiri Hasshin and other select shops around the country. See a list here.


2010年に設立して以来、「部屋」を軸にし、心地よい服を提案し続けている同ブランド。またその活動は幅広く、「Future Beauty 日本ファッションの未来性」展への出展やレディー・ガガへの衣装提供、コスプレイヤー うしじまいい肉の衣装製作、現代アートグループ「カオス*ラウンジ」とのコラボレーションなど、ファッションだけに留まらない多方面での活動にも注目したい。































READ MORE! 関連記事も読みましょう!





TOKYO TRASH AS INDIE COUTURE. BALMUNG’S TRASH-BAG INSPIRED COLLECTION”トウキョウ・トラッシュ”は部屋のゴミ、東京のゴミ、頭のゴミ。”ゴミ”をイメージしてビニール袋などでクチュール的な作品を生み出したバルムーン.



Words: Misha Janette
Edits: Natsumi Yasuoka

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百貨店の紙袋の「おしゃれ」度を勝手にランキング!Japan department store shopping bags, ranked! Tue, 11 Nov 2014 16:48:52 +0000 FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusPinterestRedditTumblrBlogger




そこでひとつ浮かび上がった疑問。日本人にとってデパートの紙袋は具体的にどのくらい重要なのか? “本当”に大切なのだろうなとは予想がつく。実際問題、ショッピングバッグのデザインは購買意欲につながる( 限定デザインの紙袋なんかはかなりの人気を博す )。 アメリカ人の私としては、その文化はとても素敵なものに映るのは正直。日本にやって来る前はパッケージやそのデザインを 気にしたことなど全くなかった(それがティファニーやエルメスだった場合を除いて)。そこで、東京でデザインされた”百貨店のショッピングバッグ” に着目して、”ファッション”の面から勝手にランキングしてみました。どのデパートがいちばんスタイリッシュかな?リニューアルしたら…?というデパートは?意見を添えてまとめていますよー。

At the Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix, perhaps the most prestigious awards in Japanese fashion, there was an award bestowed upon a paper shopping bag. Yes, a shopping bag. As part of the “buzz” award, it went to commemorate the Mitsukoshi Department Store’s new bag design “Minori”. I have to say, I have been in Japan quite some years and I know the culture, but I still thought it was a funny quirk that would give a shopping bag one of the highest fashion honors of the year.

Shopping bags are a MAJOR part of modern Japanese culture. Especially since they get used as wrapping for gifts (as in, are given in the same paper bag it was bought in, with the store logo displayed prominently) or are reused to haul around stuff that won’t fit in a handbag. In the west, we tend re-wrap our gifts or throw stuff into any old bag so I don’t remember saving store bags at all. Here, some limited edition store shopping bags can draw crowds, and holiday versions are especially popular (think of it like the Starbucks red cup season). A change in one of the centuries-old department store bags would definitely make the news.  So I looked at all of the Department Store shopping bag designs in Tokyo and ranked them from a “fashion” perspective. If you’re gonna be carrying it around everywhere, it might as well look good. What Department Store is the most stylish? And what, in my opinion, needs an update?


“プレゼントを渡す”ときにストアバッグのデザインセンスが最も求められていると思う。日本ではプレゼントをこのバッグに入れて渡すからね。(アメリカではそこらラッピングペーパーで包み直して渡す) また、日本では普段、自分のハンドバッグに入らなかった荷物をこういうショップバッグに入れて持ち歩く人が多い。リユースされることによって広告となり宣伝効果も期待出来るという訳だ。だから、デパートの紙袋は分かりやすくてアイキャッチーであることが大事なのだ。



  1. どうスタイリッシュか?たとえ、その百貨店を知らない外国の男性や女性の友達にプレゼントを入れて渡すのに十分なおしゃれ度か?
  2. テキスタイルとして使ったらどうか?例えば素敵なコートとして纏えるか。
  3. 全体の雰囲気は?覚えやすくてユニーク?想像が膨らむ?部屋のインテリアの参考になるか?


In the US, I grew up in a town with only a few department stores and I can’t even remember what their bags looked like. Maybe I remember Nordie’s but I certainly never *didn’t* throw the bag in the garbage right away. That said, Department Store bag designs are so ingrained in the Tokyo culture I could easily remember every major bag design here. This isn’t a quiz, this is a “fugly” or “not fugly” listicle (in other words, “am I ok with being a walking billboard for this store?” Or “Should I toss this in the closest conbini rubbage bin?”)


  1. How stylish is it? Would it be stylish enough to give a gift in it to foreign male or female friend who doesn’t already know the department store?
  2. Is the bag design stylish enough to become a textile pattern, such as for a dress or coat?
  3. What about the bag’s total atmosphere?  Is it memorable? Is it unique? Would it inspire a fabulous home decor scheme?

Here are the most popular department stores in Japan and their bags.




これは、ほんとーうにかわいい。…”マジで” かわいい。何度も言う、かわいい。ハリウッドスターに例えるなら、アンジェリーナジョリーみたいな。グレーと赤が使用されて、めでたく、印象的で、グラフィカル。京都友禅染アーティストで、人間国宝の森口邦彦さんによりデザインされた。57年ぶりに紙袋をリニューアルしたそうだけれど、三越が出来たのは1643年(341年間)なのでとてつもなく長い歴史がある。新しいデザインのラッゲージも販売されている模様。個人的にこのラッゲージをゲットしたいくらい、もうこのデザインの虜!

  1.     ぜひ友達に(男女関係なく)プレゼントを入れて渡したい。むしろ、このバッグ自体ををプレゼント贈りたいくらい。ありじゃない?
  2.     このデザインのコートがあったら買う。素敵なラグジュアリー友禅染コートでしょ?ナイス。
  3.     モダンでクールな雰囲気。インテリアのインスピレーションにも大歓迎。





It’s really, really, pretty. Like… REALLY pretty. It’s bombshell double-take pretty. If it were an Hollywood actress, it would be Angelina Jolie. Set in grey and red, it’s celebratory, strong, and graphical. It was created by one of the most legendary “yuzen”-dye artists alice today, Kunihiko Moriguchi from Kyoto, and he did a good one. It has been 57 years since the bag got an upgrade, but considering the department store has been in business since 1643 (that’s 341 years), it’s a drop in the bucket. There is a set of luggage in this new design for sale already and I actually want that luggage.

  1. I would definitely approve any man or woman carrying this bag. I would even give the bag-yeah, just the bag- as a gift.
  2. I would buy a coat in this design. It would be a lovely, luxurious, yuzen-dyed silk coat.
  3. The atmosphere is modern and cool, and if it were the inspiration for my house interior I would be a happy stylish clam.

I would even travel across town to shop at Mitsukoshi now. I know, I sound brainwashed. I probably am.

And now Mitsukoshi has set the bar high; let’s see how the others compare






  1.     友人にプレゼントを渡すとき使うけれど、ミーシャより年上の人の場合が好ましいかも。カラーリングがレトロだから。
  2.     伊勢丹チェックのコートはぜひ着てみたい。でも、さっきも言ったように、この色のものはなんとなく70年代っぽい印象で、レトロ。ミーシャは70年代のファンではないしな…前の青と緑のチェック柄が素敵だったけどな!
  3.     チェックは今とっても人気。ロンドン、スクール、トラッド スタイルが流行だから、想像膨らむね。




Isetan’s design is perhaps the most famous. It’s a plaid bag, and it’s had numerous iterations and color variations throughout the years. This design and coloring is so ubiquitous that there are Isetan-plaid clothing collabs for sale as well. In fact, the plaid design won the award for the world’s first ever “Best plaid”. Basically, Isetan was Burberry before Burberry was Burberry. Note that the current bag is the front, in red/green/yellow.

  1. I imagine someone who is a bit…more mature….in age, maybe gen X or babyboomer to be happily toting this around. The colors are just so retro.
  2. I would definitely wear a Isetan plaid-covered coat, but not in those colors, honey.
  3. Plaid is super trendy right now with the London/school girl/90s/preppy styles all over. It just so happens I just bought a plaid dress. Plaid for you, plaid for me, plaid for everyone. So Isetan is another winner (for now).






  1. カラフルなデザインなので、若くてクールな男女の友達にぜひ持たせたい。
  2. ドットのドレスは親しみやすいし楽しい気分になる。そう、ずばり、テキスタイルとしてもアリ!
  3. レトロで未来的でグラフィカル。そして少しポップな要素も合わせ持つデザインは軽快な印象。このパターンの食器や壁紙があったらかわいいかも!



Seibu’s design was done by another legendary graphic designer, Ikko Tanaka, who also designed logos for  Muji, Loft and many more. He said this Seibu design was his “best” work ever. The black version is even more colorful and eye catching.

  1. Since it’s such a colorful design, I would give this bag to young and cool friends, both male and female.
  2. A dress covered in dots is totally groovy baby, and it reminds me of Courreges so yes, please!
  3. It’s retro-futurist and graphical, with a bit of “pop”-style in it, making it fun. I want plates and wallpaper in this!


Screen shot 2014-11-12 at 12.44.18 AM




  1. ギフトバッグとして使えるかって?東急の紙袋デザインはニュートラルであまり特徴がない。東急はバックのデザインよりロケーション勝負といったところか。さっき見たはずなのにもう忘れかけてる…。
  2. 百貨店ショッピングバックの中での”ノームコア”系だな。
  3. モダニスト、ミニマリストにとってはいいかもしれない。ファッションの観点でみると無地はちょっとつまらないかな。


??? >_> <_< The Tokyu bag design is kind of a mystery. The department store itself is situated within the city’s most populaous shopping area, Shibuya Station, and I have shopped there more than any other department store. And yet the bag is…not memorable at all?! In fact, it’s so unpopular, it was almost impossible to find a photo of it on Google. It’s like the Ninja of shopping bag designs. In fact, I got so frustrated trying to remember it, I went to Shibuya Tokyu and walked around several floors for 15 minutes trying to find someone carrying it but gave up. What’s wrong?!

  1. I probably wouldn’t give a double-take to anyone carrying this on the street. It’s completely neutral and inoffensive. It’s more about the convenience of location than good bag design..wait what? Damn, I’ve already forgotten it again.
  2. This design is kind of the “normcore” of department store bags. It’s like, Hanes.
  3. I’d say this is modernist, minimalist. Fashion-wise though, it gets a low grade for being so plain.







  1.     ガーリーなので… きっと女性に持たせるときにはいいと思う。海外でこういう女性らしいデザインのバッグだけを扱っていたら、男性の人気はあまり集まらないのではないかな?
  2.     私にはちょっとかわいらしすぎるかもしれないけど、他の人がこのパターンの服を着てるのを見る分にはありだと思う。
  3.     この陽気なデザインはいろいろなものに応用できそう。時代遅れという言葉とは無縁で今でもフレッシュ。でもやっぱり、フェミニンの限界に近すぎるんじゃないかなー?


Hankyu is based in Osaka and more rarely seen in Tokyo, but they have a really nice shopping bag design of a flower that changes out colors often (the Tokyo Men’s store back is actually quite chic). It’s charming & happy, the strokes make it look like it was done with a Japanese calligraphy brush, and yet it’s still modern.

  1. 1. It’s quite girlie….so I would probably only imagine women happily toting this around. If Hankyu were overseas, I think the men would be trying to perform a snuff job on the bag by tossing it sooner than later.
  2. I think the drawing is too cutesy for me, but I could see other people wearing this pattern on a fabric.
  3. Again, it’s very cheery and translates to many cultures around the world. Girlie ones.






  1. プレゼントバッグとしてぜひ使いたい。男女どちらの友人にも喜んで使いたい!
  2. デパートの建物柄の服は着ないなー。いくら”ミーシャ”でもそれはちょっと変かも。笑
  3. アーティスティックでユニークな空気感。また、流行に関係なく使える。紙袋をもってその空気感を添える代わりに、この絵を表示している日本橋髙島屋に住んでもいいですか?(家事は遠慮しときます。)


Tokyo Store

This bag is exclusive to the Tokyo-station area store, and is an illustration of the building. It’s a shame that it’s limited, because it’s REALLY cool. It reminds me of something I would find in New York or Paris. There’s tradition here, but also whimsy and charm.

  1. Well how YOU doin, you pretty thang?
  2. I would not wear an outfit covered in a drawing of a department store, though. That’s a little bit weird, even for me.
  3. The atmoshpere is artistic and unique-it’s also quite timeless. Instead of having it as a atmosphere, could I just live IN Takshimaya Tokyo store?






  1. 他のデパートのバッグデザインと比べると、特に三越の新バッグデザインと比べたとき、個人的には古風でアンティークな雰囲気を感じるので、新しいデザインが見てみたいなと思う。
  2. 私は”花模様”を絶対に着ないんですー!個人的に、たぶん、この柄は傘とかトートバッグに適してるのかな、と。
  3. ミーシャの日常にはちょっと馴染まないけど、マリーアントワネットのベルサイユ宮殿なんかを思わせる。ファッションピープルとして見ると、数年で時代遅れになってしまったものに感じるかも。ということで私的にはこのデザインはあまり好きになれない。ごめんなさい。


他にもそごう、京王、小田急、近鉄、松屋、松坂屋、和光などたくさんのデパートがあるけれど、上記の百貨店はとても有名で、尚且つショッピングバッグのデザインが印象的なものが多い。とにかく、三越デパートには ”受賞おめでとうございます”と言いたい!東京の西側にも支店をオープンしていただきたい!それまで伊勢丹のバッグを持ち歩くしか選択肢がないよーー



Other Takshimaya stores

Takashimaya’s bag once signified immense savvy taste, and traditionally, buying a gift from Takashimaya was the peak of refinement. The store has a mascot called “Rose-chan” and I suppose that was the inspiration for this design. It’s described as “elegant” and “luxurious”.

  1. Comparing this bag to the others, and especially to the new Mitsukoshi bag, personally I would say this needs a refresher, STAT. It seems…old-worldly. Antique-ish.
  2. Definitely NO floral fashion for me, please!! It seems good for umbrellas and tote bags maybe.
  3. I can’t help but think of Marie Antoinette and Versailles when I see this. From a fashion point of view, that’s just a year short of a few hundred to be too outdated. I’m just not that into you, and therefore I rank this the lowest on the list.


There are more department stores like Togo, Sogo, Keio, Odakyu, Kintetsu, Matsuya, Matsuzakaya and Wako among others, but the above are the most well-known and have the most recognizable designs. So congrats to Mitsukoshi on your win! Now please open a proper store again on the West-side of Tokyo!
What is your favorite department store bag?


Bag history source


****According to a corporate  press release APPARENTLY Tokyu is celebrating its 80th birthday with these bags. These are AWESOME. Stylish, modern, super cool. The coolest bags I have never seen.
Screen shot 2014-11-12 at 12.52.25 AM



Words: Misha Janette
Edits: Natsumi Yasuoka

TWITTER: FashionTubuyaki
INSTAGRAM: MishaJanette 
GOOGLE+ MishaJanetteFleming
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change your perspective! Phenomena Collection accessories 2015 まさか!視点を変えさせられるアクセサリーブランド、フェノメナコレクション 2015 SS Sat, 08 Nov 2014 17:28:24 +0000 FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusPinterestRedditTumblrBlogger


This world is full of fashion and accessories… sometimes you’ve seen it all, and 10 times over. So it was such an incredible feeling to come across a designer making things that challenged me and pulled at my heartstrings (and made me want to break out my cash toute suite). That would be Japanese accessories brand Phenomena Collection, and I’m very pleased to introduce them to you!!
Each piece has a rather abstract concept behind it, and yet the forms are so light and playful.
“WE make accessories from harvesting all things in the universe that humans can perceive, and things that have become ‘one’ from the natural and the human world.” You don’t have to understand it, but just know that these clever yet elegant  pieces will make you change your perceptions…literally. The designer Fuyuka Tsuji says, “There is a concept behind all of my designs, and I hope you will be ‘wearing’ it not just from how it looks, but also because you like what it means too.” So let’s look at them!
アクセサリーブランドが溢れてるこの世の中に、心をクスグってくれるブランドを久しぶりに出会えた気がする。それはPhenomena  Collection。一つ一つの背景には抽象的なコンセプトが宿りつつ、プレイフルな見た目でエアリーな遊び心も輝く。


Fuyuka is also a photographer as well as designing for Phenomena Collection, along with with her partner Keisaku Nagasaki. Together, they create pieces based on items that seem absurdly obvious or too insignificant in life, and turn them into concepts.

For example, there’s “bifurication”, “the passing point”, “aurora or curtain”, “The DNA that made me”, and some painstakingly recreated crumpled gum wrappers in silver. When I came across them recently at the nest:ambiance exhibit, I felt like a kid in a toy store trying to guess each concept and what they did. The 2015 SS collection is called “what’s beyond the idea”, and for the others below I’ve tried to add their meanings as much as possible.

(In Tokyo, you can go see the items at Xanadu in Harajuku)





Phenomena Collection 2015 SSコレクション “イメージの先にあるもの”






swing by ・ circle





28.R_The_light_that_you_see_at_that_moment_2 (1)

上:はめてるプリズムで虹を作れるリング。 Above: You can make little rainbows whereve you go with the prism in the ring.

下:一番の気に入り!”ここでしか見えないものそこでしか見えないもの”  視点を変えると、ハートのかたちになる! Below:  My favorite! “Things that you can see only here, things that you can see only there” As you can see, it becomes a heart, depending on the perspective!

phenomena-collection-heart1 phenomena-collection-heart2


カタチの異なるリング3つを重ねた作品 。3rings of differing shapes layered upon each other.


20.R_Things that you can see_only_here,things_that_you_can_see_only_there

上:左側のものはごちゃごちゃしたカタチのリングだけど、視点を変えると、ダイヤモンドに見える。素敵! Above: The one on the left looks like a messed up crumpled shape, but as you can see from the shadow, it can look like a diamond depending on how you look at it.


26.R_what_is_not_thrown_away_ring (1)


上載の2枚はガムの包み紙をイメージ。The above 2 made to look like crumpled gum wrappers


カタチの異なるリング10個を重ねた作品 。10 rings of differing shapes layered upon each other.


「私をつくるもの」(DNA?!) 。”This is what makes me”  …a molecule of DNA?




上:水滴加工!Above: Coated with “raindrops”



キューブシリーズも素敵。「あなたは枠の中?それとも自由?」。I love the cube series as well. “do you stay within the box or are you free?”







“Do you have thick or thin skin?”


Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 1.23.01 AM



phenomena collection prism


READ MORE! 関連記事も読みましょう!




Words: Misha Janette
Edits: Natsumi Yasuoka

TWITTER: FashionTubuyaki
INSTAGRAM: MishaJanette 
GOOGLE+ MishaJanetteFleming
WEIBO MishaJanette東京

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15周年記念でヴォーグ日本を語るアンナデッロルッソ An interview with Anna Dello Russo, 15 years of VOGUE-ing in Japan Wed, 05 Nov 2014 07:59:39 +0000 FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusPinterestRedditTumblrBlogger


ミーシャが文化服装学院入学のために日本へやって来る前、あるインタビュー記事をネットで読んだ。そこで卒業生が “食べ物を我慢してでも、自分のデザインを作るためにベストな生地を買う”と語っていた。”すごく熱心だな”と感心した。ファッションは暮らしを豊かにする。同じ事をSATCのキャリーも同じようなことを言ってたよね。彼女の名言、生きる糧は”VOGUE”だって。そう、今日のトピックはこれ、”VOGUE” (そろそろ来るんじゃないかと思ってたでしょ?)

特に、VOGUE JAPANについて。ラグジュアリーファッション界における日本のハイファッションコミュニティを15年間に渡りずっとリードしてきたヴォーグジャパン。世界各地に自国版を持つヴォーグの中でも、最も高いクオリティを誇るひとつとされる同誌は、世界の業界人からも一目置かれる存在だ。海外からの評価の理由は、日本語が読めなくてもクリエイティブなファッションフォトを楽しめるからだと思う。

記念すべき15周年記念の今年は、スペシャル企画を行ってきた。そのシリーズ第三弾が11月号。生きる伝説、フォトグラファーのMario Testinoと日本版VOGUEのディレクター、Anna Dello Russoによるファッションエディトリアル集。紙媒体がベストという方々は、バックナンバーがオーダーできますよ。じゃなかったら、デジタル版をたったの500円でスマホにフルダウンロードできる!(だから少し遅れたこの時期ににこの記事をアップしているのはしょうがなく、正式なデジタル版ですぐに手に入れるならば後悔はなし)。アプリはZINIOというものです

このイシューは特にスペシャルだった。10月、VOGUE Japanはマリオとアンナ自身も参加し多くのセレブを招待した大きなパーティを東京で開いた。また同日、VOGUE Japanは数人の国内有力ブロガーをAnna Dello Russoと編集長の渡辺三津子さんとのカジュアルなトークセッションへ招いていただいた。

Even before I came to Japan to study at Bunka Fashion School, I had read an interview online with an alumni who said that even if she couldn’t afford food, she would buy the best fabric available to make her designs. I was like, “wow, that’s dedication.” Fashion feeds us, just ask the same to Carrie Bradshaw who later told us her nutrient of choice, “VOGUE”, which is what we are actually talking about today (you knew that was coming!).

Specifically, our topic is VOGUE Japan, which has been keeping the Japanese high-fashion community abreast of the what’s-what in luxury fashion for 15 years. It also happens to be considered by the global community to be one of the best VOGUEs in the world, thanks to its creative fashion photography.

Celebrating the anniversary, the magazine has been putting out special volumes this year. The 3rd volume in the series (Nov.) was a whammy, with a collection of fashion editorials by legendary lensman Mario Testino and VOGUE Japan Fashion Director Anna Dello Russo. If you’re adamant about owning print copies, you can order back-numbers. Otherwise, it IS available digitally still  (and why I don’t feel so bad about getting this out late-! It’s DOWNLOADABLE FOR ¥500 on Zinio, that’s less than $5—A STEAL!!!).

This particular issue was special, and VOGUE Japan feted with Mario and Anna themselves, along with a host of celeb guests for a big party in Tokyo in Oct. That same day, VOGUE Japan held a small, casual talk session with a few bloggers and Anna Dello Russo and Michiko Watanabe (contrary to what the public thinks, Ms. Watanabe is the editor and chief of VOGUE Japan, not Anna, who is happy with where she is).


Top photo: Miranda Kerr a la geisha (I think she would have looked better in a brown wig?) 上載:芸者をイメージしたミランダカー(茶髪のづらがより合いそうと思うけど?!)



Miranda Kerr as a Hatsune Miku-ish character 初音ミク(言ってないけど、そうだろうね)をおしゃコスプレするミランダ

その日ミーシャは、とてもそこへ行きたくて、でもどうしようもなくそこへ行きたくない気もした。招待していただいた事はすごく光栄。けれどそのときちょうどヨーロッパから帰ってきた同日、風邪と眠気と乾燥肌に襲われ、時間に終われて洗濯をする時間も、お気に入りの服を片付ける余裕さえなかった。あのAnna Dello Russoとお会いするというのに、神聖なるVOGUEの領域に踏み入れるというのに、こんな”疲れて見た目(とミーシャが感じた)”は見せられないと思った。“感動させられるような着こなし”をするプライドを飲み込み、わずかなおもしろみを取り入れた服を着て重い足どりでオフィスへ向かった。

Anna Dello RussoはPOPなイラストレーションンずくめの着物を着てテーブルのいちばん奥に座っていた。この着物は今回のイシューの撮影で使われたもの。本人はまるで少女漫画雑誌リボンから出てきたようだった。



Anyway, I really wanted to go, but really did not want to go. It was certainly an honor to be invited, but I had just stepped off the plane from Europe, had gotten a terrible cold, sleepless, skin dry, and no time to do laundry or clean my best clothes. I was going to be face to face with Anna Dello Russo, stepping into the hallowed halls of VOGUE, and I didn’t want to look like the ball of  “hot mess” which is how I felt. I swallowed my “dress to impress” pride, figured I could get a few fun sound bytes in at least, and trudged to the offices.

Anna Dello Russo sat at the end of a conference table in a hand-painted kimono from a shoot they used in the issue, looking like she had jumped straight out of a Ribbon manga.

“Hi, hellooooooooo!!!”

That was her enthusiastic greeting to my late arrival. Oh god, my professionalism has already been tested. Time to furiously participate. I am a blogger after all, and being able to laugh and joke and not have to be stone cold or gravely “journalistic” is one of the biggest perks of the job. It was time to have some fun!


Miranda Kerr as a samurai.武士道ミランダ


  • 通常彼女が日本に来るのは一年に一度程度。それでも日本はとても居心地がいいと感じている。”とてもキレイでフレンドリー”だと語っていた。”出来る限り「日本」というものを理解しようと努力するけど、まだまだ謎が多い。それに、未だつかみきれていない大事なものがあると思う。”


  • ヨーロッパや西洋のファッションの多くは今も日本から影響や感銘を受けている。”我々は大きな影響を受けている。信じられない程!日本の伝統、創造性、独自性、クレイジーさ…日本は本当に素晴らしい。私自身も花や人々などいろいろなものからインスピレーションを受ける。この号をつくっている時にMarioと私は目に映るもの全てを写真におさめたいと思った!”


What ensued was much less of a “Q&A” session about the issue, and more of a round table discussion about Japanese customs, Japanese models, Japanese fashion, and about Anna Dello Russo herself.

  • *The general: Anna comes to Japan once a year generally, but she feels really comfortable here, “Its clean and friendly,” She said. “I try to understand [Japan] the best I can, but still, I don’t always “get” it and realize there’s more that I am not getting the gist of.”


  • *Europe, and western fashion as a whole is still incredibly influenced and impressed by Japan. “We are influenced SO much, you wouldn’t believe it! The tradition, creativity, avante-garde, craziness…this country is incredible. I am inspired by the flowers, the people, everything. Mario and I wanted to take pictures of EVERYTHING!.”


Comme des Garcons fashion editorial by Mario Testino and Anna Dello Russo マリオテスティーノとアンナデッロルッソによるコムデギャルソンのファッションページ


The only fashion mag to find Hello Kitty-fied ads? キティちゃんの広告を見れるのはVOGUEジャパンのみに決まっている♬

  • なぜ、Annaはデザイナーではなくエディターになろうと決めたのか?彼女はイタリアの郊外(バリ)で自分がどのように育ったのか話してくれた。当時はただ、できるだけはやくファッションの仕事に付きたかったのだという。そのためにファッションジャーナリズムというのはより良い選択だと感じたのだそうだ。(彼女がどのようにキャリアをスタートさせたのか、この漫画ストーリーはこちらから読めます“今思えば本当はすごくデザイナーになりたかった…逃してしまった。コンサルタントとしてブランドと相談する段階で、商品の企画には携わる機会があるから、少しだけデザインもする。でも自身のブランドとなると話は別。いいデザイナーになるには一生かかってしまうと分かっているから。”(すごく良い!!今の業界でだれでもデザイナーになれるように見えるが、本当の「デザイナー」は別ものと彼女は主張するから素晴らしい。
  • ここからは11月イシューのMario Testinoとカバーモデル、ミランダカーについての話題に移りましょう。Annaは私たちブロガーになぜミランダカーがこんなにも日本で人気を集めているのか?と聞いた。(確かに彼女は誰もが知っているビッグなセレブだ) ここで討論は文化の違いについてに変わっていった。社会学者の意見を聞いた訳じゃないけれど、確実に言えるのは、日本人は美しすぎて手の届かないセレブよりもキュートで親しみやすい人の方が好きということ。ハイファッションデザイナーは実に非現実的なものを作り出す。それは日本に限らず多くの社会で起きていると思う。すると、”彼女をパリコレで見たとき、本当にかわいらしい天使のようだった。”とAnnaが付け足した。


  • Why did Anna decide to become an editor instead of a fashion designer? She told us about how she grew up in the countryside of Italy (Bari), and just wanted to be able to work with fashion as soon as possible. She felt fashion journalism was a better discipline for that (you can read a whole manga story about how she got started in her career, which I translated here). “But I think I really wanted to be a designer…I really miss it. I consult for brands and in that process I work with products so I get to design a little bit. But I couldn’t start my own line now.. I believe that it takes a lifetime to be a good designer.”

I loved this sentiment. That NOT EVERYONE CAN BE A DESIGNER. Thank you, Anna.

  • Then we got started talking about the Mario Testino Nov issue. and the cover model, Miranda Kerr. Anna asked us why Miranda Kerr was especially popular in Japan (she is HUUUUGE here..a household name). The chat turned into a topic of culture differences. Without consulting a sociologist, the obvious answer is Japan prefers celebrities who are cute rather than too beautiful to be out of reach. High-fashion designers etend to look too otherworldly– although I think that’s a given for most societies, not just Japan. Anna added, “When I saw her in Paris during fashion week, she just glowed. She was pretty like an angel.”



I love this page in the front of the magazine that features today’s ecclectic Japanese designers like Noritaka Tatehana and Sacai 現代のエクレクティックな日本人デザイナーを紹介するページ


The Japanese model of the moment, Mona Matsuoka in an ad for Yohji Yamamoto DISCORD ヨージヤマモトのDISCORD広告に登場する今話題のモデル、松岡モナ。


  • ついに今回のイシューの撮影についての話に突入。それは東京のカラフルなキャラクターやたくさんの人をみせるというストーリーに沿って、ファッションモンスターが街を練り歩いているというようなもの。メイキングビデオを以前見たけど、なんとそこには警察と戦うマリオの姿が。背景を語ったくれたAnnaが ”この撮影にはたくさんの人が参加して、それはまさにカオスだった!だから警察が来てしまって、許可は取っているのか?って。スタッフを見ると頭を抱えて”No”って言うから、私は振り返って”みなさん!逃げろーー!”って言ったの”と笑っていた。(あ〜、ソフィアコポラだって許可とれなかったというのは有名な話。そろそろ東京がもう少しこの法律を緩めてくれないかな?!オリンピック近づいたらゲリラがやばくなりそう)


  • 日本人モデルについて : “日本のモデルは大好き。全員好き。とっても美しいじゃない?富永愛、タオ、希子、こずえ… 業界では成功した韓国人モデルや中国人モデルが沢山いる。どうしてもっと日本人モデルがいないのだろう?私は起用したい。どこにいる?紹介して!”
    私は今まで、VOGUEが日本人モデルにフィーチャーしないのは、日本での”ハイファッション”カルチャーのイメージが白人要素が強いからだと勝手に決めつけてしまっていた。けれどAnnaが日本人モデルを見つけられないと私たちに話したのを聞いた後…これが現状か。(彼女はとても素直と信じている)…これまで、各時代にはそれぞれ日本のスーパーモデルが名を残しているが、いつも一人だけ。他の国なら同時に数人ぐらいいるのに…そして現在、海外で話題になっているのは松岡モナ。(不思議な事に今回のイシューにはヨウジヤマモトのDISCORDの広告に出ているだけで、他にはモナは起用されていない) 。他にはいないのか?これは大きな疑問だ。新生現れろ〜。


  • Finally, we got to talking about shooting the issue. There is a story inside which shows Tokyo’s most colorful characters, many people we all know personally, like a parade of fashion demons barraging the town. I had seen a behind the scenes  video of the issue, and there was a spot with Mario facing off with the police. Anna said, “We had so many people there, it was chaos! And then the police came to us asking if we had permission to shoot there. I looked to the staff who shook their heads “No”. So I turned to our group and said, ‘Everyone, RUN!’” she laughed….alright, Sofia Coppola can’t get permission to shoot in Tokyo, VOGUE can’t get permission (I have NEVER seen anyone get permission)… C’mon Tokyo, at this rate the Olympics are really gonna give you a headache..
  • On Japanese models: Anna says “I absolutely love Japanese models. I love them all, they are SO beautiful.  Ai Tominaga, Tao, Kiko, Kozue…. But we have so many Korean, Chinese high fashion models, why aren’t there more from Japan? I WANT to use them, but there are not enough.”  I had always assumed that VOGUE didn’t feature Japanese models because the “high fashion” culture as perceived in Japan is western and ergo, white. But after hearing Anna ask us to explain why she can’t find them (and I believe she is sincere; more on that at the bottom), …. for many many years there has only been one Japanese supermodel at a time. Right now, that person is Mona Matsuoka (strangely, who only appears in this issue in an advertisement for Yohji Yamamoto DISCORD). . But she has her own unique face; can’t there be more? It’s a big question I wish could be solved.


A parade of Tokyo color in this shoot taken in Shibuya. カラフル鬼な群れ!渋谷でのファッションシューティング


Modern Geisha (fantasy, natch) ”現代”芸者の妄想


The best part of this geisha shoot is her incredible nail art! このページの注目ところが日本ならではのネイルアート!


この時、Mario Testinoが挨拶をしにやってきた。エネルギッシュで優しい笑顔。”写真撮らせてください!ポーズ!写真の意味が分かってるねー!”


By this time, Mario Testino came in to say hello, and he was so energetic, kind and smiley. “Let me take your pictures! Pose! Know the meaning of a photo!”

And proof of that is here, on Mario Testino’s Instagram:

Screen shot 2014-11-05 at 4.25.42 PM


このあと、Annaはそこにいた全員と1対1で話をした。彼女はブロガーだからって私たちを見下す事は決してしなかった。Marioも同じだ。実際、こんなことさえ言っていた。”全力で作った雑誌です。楽しんでいただけたら幸いです。ブログに書く時にはお手柔らかにお願いね”、と。 ブロガーの意見は良くも悪くもとても影響力があるからだ。

Annaがどのように若いブランドのプロモートの手助けをしているか話してくれた後( Fausto Puglisiを話題に足した彼女は今、Delpozoにも同じ事を試みている) 、一緒に写真を撮って欲しいとお願いした。すると彼女はミーシャの全身を上から下まで見た。ミーシャは固まった。”わーファッションチェックされてるーー”
今日はやめてほしかった。すでに評価は出たようだ。: “素敵な服来てるのね!” 嬉しそうな顔で”すごくかわいいわ!”と。私はミーハーではないけど、その彼女の丁寧さが歯止めになっていた。ファッション業界で”真の”成功を遂げた人はみな、丁寧な態度がなによりも大切だと分かっている。そしてVOGUE Japanには一片のビッチ感なし。エリートな内容と日本語で書かれた知識の数々。今回の芸者、侍、原宿などの写真に関しては、きっと海外向けだと思う。でも国内のみなさんも、私も、VOGUE Japanの15周年記念号(と、このインタビュー) で学べたことは、VOGUE JAPANの神的謙虚さ!


Afterward, Anna talked to us all one-on-one and I could tell she didn’t look down on us because we were bloggers. Mario didn’t, either. In fact, they even said to us, “Please be nice to us, we worked hard on this issue. All we care about is that you enjoy the magazine,” as if it’s a bloggers first prerogative to tear anyone of authority a new one.

I asked Anna to take a photo with me, after talking about how she is helping to promote new and young brands (she helped put Fausto Puglisi on the map, and she’s doing it again with Delpozo). She looked me up and down and I froze. Uh-oh…. a fashion check. I really did not need that today. She already had her verdict: “What a great look you have!” After her photos, she dug that happy knife in deeper: “You’re so pretty.” I don’t fangirl, but the politeness was exactly the antidote I needed for my exhaustion. I have said it before, but people who are *truly* successful in fashion know that politeness goes MUCH further than bitchyness. And VOGUE Japan is less about the bitchy, elite side and more of an education tool in Japanese. Even if you didn’t like the VOGUE 15th anniversary issue, then you can at least get that out of it.

If you want to discuss more about VOGUE Japan, you can find me on Twitter.


READ MORE! 関連記事も読みましょう!


anna dello russo in manga



Words: Misha Janette
Edits: Natsumi Yasuoka

TWITTER: FashionTubuyaki
INSTAGRAM: MishaJanette 
GOOGLE+ MishaJanetteFleming
WEIBO MishaJanette東京

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Introducing Tamaki Fujie, a textile techno-wizardress タマキフジエ、ミックステクがピカイチ2015ss Mon, 03 Nov 2014 17:42:54 +0000 FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusPinterestRedditTumblrBlogger


In the holdrums of a rather flat fashion season (SS2015 I`m lookin’ at you), even one unique detail, fabric, pattern, or mix of all of the above can send a fashion fan on an orbit they’ve never ridden before. Not to say I haven’t had my eye on Tamaki Fujie before, but this, her 5th collection, is just as good as her last four- and she should be recognized for being consistent in bringing some fashion to the malnourishing table.

If you want to have the tl:dr on her first, she’s an excellent textile designer who graduated from the Antwerp Royal Academy (where all the weird geniuses congregate- that’s a compliment) and Central St Martins’ textile printing course.

This spring summer 2015 collection is titled Plastic Classic/Neon Jungle. It’s a monster mash of wildly differing textures like knit and leather, and PVC and printed wicker- and yet looks, well, pretty.

2013年春夏シーズンにデビューした”タマキフジエ”。 5シーズン目となる今回のテーマは”PLASTIC CLASSIC / NEON JUNGLE”




tamaki_fujie20141022-20141022_001-thumb-660x990-328649 (1)


When Tamaki was graduating, she was picked up by i-D Magazine and even worked at McQueen during her studies.Upon returning to Japan she began working as a textile designer and started her brand Tamaki Fujie in 2013.

Back to the new collection. I personally think the look at the very top: a leather/knit cardigan mix, witha  PVC skirt over tapered pants, is one of the best looks of the season. On top of this are the trench-coat skirts, the mohair shirt-dress mixes, and whimsical little buttons accented in neon that Tamaki made designed herself.

This mashup style is one popularized by Sacai, but since Tamaki comes from a textile perspective (ad Abe Chitose a patterner), the two worlds are unique.

Keep your eye on her—- as a bonus, check out her current AW2014-15 collection too at the bottom.

デザイナーの藤江さんはアントワープの王立芸術アカデミーとイギリスのセントマーチンファッションプリント科を卒業。在学時から注目され卒業時にはI-D Magazinesなど多くのメディアにも取り上げられた実力者。また、在学中からマックイーンで研修も受けていたそうだ。

帰国後、テキスタイルデザイナーとして活動をスタート。デザイン事務所を設立し、2013年満を持して自身のブランド”TAMAKI FUJIE”を立ち上げた。オリジナルテキスタイルはもちろん、異素材使いのセンスもまた人気の秘密。




Tamaki Fujie OFFICIAL











tamaki_fujie20141022-20141022_013-thumb-660x990-328637 tamaki_fujie20141022-20141022_014-thumb-660x990-328636



tamaki_fujie20141022-20141022_019-thumb-660x990-328631 tamaki_fujie20141022-20141022_020-thumb-660x990-328630 tamaki_fujie20141022-20141022_021-thumb-660x990-328629 xtamaki_fujie20141022-20141022_018-thumb-660x990-328632.jpg.pagespeed.ic.drZzFcJiwt























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Berlin’s Insane Alternative Fashion Week SS 2015 ベルリンの現実領域を超えた BAFWを体験してきた Wed, 29 Oct 2014 15:37:15 +0000 FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusPinterestRedditTumblrBlogger

Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 8.29.32 AM

My plans for a post-fashion month trip to Berlin consisted of making NO plans. It was a total coincidence that a new event called “Berlin Alternative Fashion Week” was being held in the city while I was there. And while I had no intention of spending another week chasing runways, when my friend (an art curator) pulled out two tickets to see a group show, we jumped in.

It seemed the local fashion community was at odds with this event (Berlin has it’s own official Fashion Week in January and July which already seems to struggle for fanfare) and feigned to stay away. I really didn’t know what to expect. We stayed in the back, just in case we needed to make a swift exit early.

I live in Tokyo so you can imagine I have seen my fair share of jaw-dropping presentations before. Let’s just say those were warm-ups to this…

NYCで9月頭から始まるエレクトリックな2015SSファッションマンスに続けてベルリンに”ノープラン”でぴぴぴぴとする頭の中を修理に行って来た(そりゃ壊れるに決まってるわww)。すると、偶然にもちょうど”Berlin Alternative Fashion Week” (ベルリン オールタニティブ ファッション ウィーク=BAFW, ゲリラ的なファッションウィークって感じ)が開かれ、アートキュレーターの友達がミーシャを誘ってくれた。主催側に連絡を入れず、興味を持っただけで飛び入りで観賞をすることに。






Andrey Bartenev collection

The collections were split into two group shows held on the same day, and I saw just the later one. It meant a handful of designers from all around Europe who dare to be avantgarde and cater to a niche that is hardly seen on most official fashion weeks. Here, outfits were downright space-y, neon hippie, technology-gutted, mismatched, gloriously wild, and at times, completely indescribable.

There was one outfit where the DJ controlled his techno music with the zippers and buttons on his sweater-jacket. Another presentation was like a video game where the models had to shoot down a “bad guy” with flashing lights incorporated into their all-black clothing. There was a protest crying out to “save the humans” (gosh, fashion protests are SO in these days). And then there were several “dance” runways where the models spilled out onto the runway in various forms of gyration and alien-ness until it seemed total chaos would ensue.

BAFWは二つのグループショーが同じ日に開催されるもので、ミーシャは後半を見た。そこでは公式コレクションでは見られないようなアバンギャルドなクリエーションをする多くのデザイナーがヨーロッパ各地から集まっていた。このように作品は”THE スペーシー”、”ネオンヒッピー” 、テクノロジーダメージ”、”ミスマッチ”、”壮大なワイルド”それから言葉で洗わせないようなアイテムたちなど実に様々。

ジッパーとボタンの装飾がついたセータージャケットを着てテクノミュージックを鳴らすDJで始まった。その間ビデオゲームのようなプレゼンテーションが行われた。それは真っ黒の服を装着したモデルが”悪役”を撃ち落とすというもの。そして、”人間を救え”と訴えているランウェイ上のデマ。(Oh ファッション界にも似たようなプロテストが)。そして”ダンス”ランウェイが始まり、モデルたちがランウェイに溢れかえってくねくねしたり、エイリアンのように動き回る。まさに”カオス”な世界。

Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 8.34.58 AM

Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 8.17.44 AM

Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 8.28.54 AM

Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 8.32.24 AM

My favorite was of course the final act, Andrey Bartnev, a Moscow designer who was totally new to me this time.  He created a collection that really needs to be seen to be believed. How do these structures stay together? How did he come up with the shapes? This is fashion not for humans, but for those who are somehow enlightened to something beyond what plebeians wear to cover their boring, (only) 4-limbed bodies. As the characters spilled onto the runway, I had to hold onto my hair as the tallest pieces were swinging into the audience with abandon. I am sure my jaw was wide open the entire time.

ミーシャが気に入ったのは言うまでもなく最後に登場した”Andrey Bartnev”。モスクワのデザイナーで今回初めてお目にかかった。そのコレクションは見ないと信じられないようなクリエーションの塊!どうやって”それ”と”それ”はくっついているの?この形はどうやって作られてるの?これは人間の領域を超えた人のための”ファッション”でしかない。ランウェイに溢れたキャラクターのむちゃくちゃな動きでみんあ頭を下げてもずっと目を貼付けてた。最初から最後まで口があんぐりだった。

Screen shot 2014-10-30 at 12.24.14 AM


Screen shot 2014-10-30 at 12.23.22 AM
Screen shot 2014-10-30 at 12.24.40 AM

Screen shot 2014-10-30 at 12.25.47 AM


When it was all done, a raucous applause ensued, and it seemed we were all rather impressed. I and my seat mate sure were. Tata Christiane, a name I actually am familiar with as she is sold at Tokyo’s WuT Berlin multi-brand shop was there and she said that even though they (the designers) were always last minute, the organizers were the best at being polite and keeping up with them. “It helps that we are all crazy fish in the same pond here. A little cuckoo, you know” she laughed.

I am sure that Berlin’s reputation for craziness precedes it, and many people are probably expecting the various unique fashion at this “Alternative” fashion week to be what represents Berlin, even though the official fashion week seems a bit flat with it’s offerings (Tokyo also struggles with this reputation, and delivering what people expect versus what really is worn in the city). I would be so bold to say that with the excellent timing of being right after Paris and being so unique and international already, Berlin Alternative Fashion Week could end up being a sure-fire fashion destination in the future. I know that if I had the chance, I would want to be wow-ed again.

全てが終わっても盛大な拍手は鳴り止まず、そこにいた全員が感動していたようだった。ま、すくなくても期待をまったくしていなかった私は間違いなくそうだった。東京のWuT Berlinに置いてあるから名前を知っていたTata Christianeも参加していて、とても礼儀正しいオーガナイザーが土壇場でデザイナーたちを集めるのよと話してくれた。”これは、同じ池にいる狂った魚のような私たちの糧になってるの。間抜けなカッコウみたいなね。”と笑った。

ベルリンのクレイジーさはピカイチだった。公式のベルリンコレクションはあまり東京で話題にならないけど、多くの人が豊富なユニークファッションに興奮するこの”Alternative fashion week”はベルリンらしさを物語っていたように思う。(東京もユニークファッションには定評があるけど、期待するものとランウェイで出るもののギャップがある)。


Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 8.35.22 AM

Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 8.33.24 AM

Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 8.31.20 AM

Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 8.30.16 AM

Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 8.28.22 AM

Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 8.24.23 AM

Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 8.22.51 AM
Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 8.21.53 AM

Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 8.18.55 AM Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 8.19.31 AM

Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 8.30.54 AM

Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 8.18.27 AM
Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 8.16.59 AM

Photos (C) via Fashionstreet Berlin (there are TONS more pics at the link. リンク先にもりたくさんの写真が見れるので、興味のあるかたは是非!)


LEARN MORE | 関連記事も読みましょう!


All hail CUNE, Tokyo’s most avantgarde brand ◎東京の最高にアバンギャルドな CUNEとバルサンの恋愛ストーリー



Words: Misha Janette
Edits: Natsumi Yasuoka


INSTAGRAM: MishaJanette
FACEBOOK: MishaJanette OFFICIAL: MishaJanette-TFD

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倖田來未の新曲Dance in the Rainのファッション解説と裏話!The fashion of ‘Dance In the Rain’ music video by Kumi Koda Tue, 28 Oct 2014 08:06:12 +0000 FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusPinterestRedditTumblrBlogger



  • J-POP界のクイーン、倖田來未
  • 世界初バーチャルリアリティ装置オキュラスリフトを使ったミュージックビデオ
  • 幻想的なファッション
  • そして監督はYKBX


このお話をいただいたとき、ミーシャはすぐに話に乗った。オキュラスリフトはFacebookが買収したというニュースを知って以来ミーシャも注目していたものだった(いや、有名な話かもしれないけどファッションブログよりもテクノロジー系のブログを常にチェックしている)。そして初音ミクのデジタルオペラ”The End”を手がけたYKBX (初音ミクがルイヴィトンのコスチュームを着たホログラムだった)。それに、ミーシャが10年前に日本へ来る前からすでにスターの地位を確立していた倖田來未。 ぜひ、革新的でプロフェッショナルなこの方たちと一緒に、今まで見たことないものを生み出したかったからLET’S GO!な勢いで取り組みだした。


( ただ今東京デザイナーズウィークにて体験出来ます!)

完成品には本当に、心底満足している。特に服。ファンタジーだけどファッショナブルなものにしたかったから、コスチュームデザイナーなどではなく、よりリアルなファッションブランドで衣装を調達する必要があった。そして協力していただいたのが、Yohji Yamamoto、Limi Feu、Roggykei、Kotaro Sakadume。





When I was asked to be in charge of the fashion for a “really cool new project” that involved:

  • J-Pop-Queen Kumi Koda
  • Virtual Reality device Oculus Rift
  • Director YKBX
  • Epic RAD fashion

I was IN. The Oculus Rift has been on my radar since news broke that Facebook bought it this year (I am more of a gadget geek than fashion freak…maybe). Then I needed no introduction to Koda Kumi, who has been a star since even before I arrived to Japan 10 years ago. Then there was YXBX, who was responsible for Hatsune Miku’s digital opera “The End” (in which Louis Vuitton provided costumes). I REALLY wanted to work with these people, some of the most well-known, innovative and professional in the industry.

What we created was even beyond my expectations! The world’s first 360deg virtual reality music video. (which you can experience at Tokyo Designer’s Week NOW… details at the end).

I was so incredibly happy with how it turned out, and especially the clothes. I wanted it to be fantasy but also fashionable. So I needed to work with real fashion brands and not costume designers. For this I called upon Yohji Yamamoto, Limi Feu, Roggykei and Kotaro Sakadume.

Kumi may have a certain image, but for this project she told me she was really happy to wear “fashion forward clothing”. She also was the one to suggest working with Japanese brands, since the team was all based in Tokyo, and the virtual reality would be showcased at Tent London. Kumi is already very stylish..even in her normal clothes she has incredibly good taste, donning the likes of Alexander McQueen and Marios to fittings.

Below find more info on the clothes, and behind the scenes stories from the music video and filming. Trailer is below (available for full download along with the single on pre-order here).








ケープ: ヨウジヤマモト ディスコード、 ネックレス、ドレス、アームカフス: ロギーケイ、 サングラス: ミーシャジャネット、 リング: MYOB、 シューズ: ジュゼッペザノッティ + CHROMAT足コルセット


また、このシーンでもうひとつ注目したいのがサングラス。ミーシャ自身が制作を手がけ、メタルパーツには特に力を入れた。金属がたくさん付いたそれは固定するにはとても重かった。だから、ヘアスタイリストのリョウジ イマイズミさんが倖田さんの髪の毛に編み込んで止めてくれたのだけど…あれは絶対にすごく痛かったはず。でも倖田さんはとてもプロ意識が高く、そのサングラスなしではインパクトに欠けると思われるそのシーンを、 “このシーンを完成させましょう! “と言って素敵なものに作り上げた。サングラスに視界を遮られる悪条件の中16センチのヒールで砂の上を歩き、全てのアングルを一発OKで撮影した倖田さんの姿を見て、ミーシャの口はあんぐりだった!


Empty Desert:

Capes: Yohji Yamamoto DISCORD, necklace, dress, arm cuffs: ROGGYKEI Sunglasses: Misha Janette, ring: MYOB, Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti + CHROMAT foot corset

The opening scene shows Kumi as a power-weilding heroine trudging through a white desert in search of something. This scene uses Yohji Yamamoto’s new line DISCORD, which feature motifs of waterfalls, smoke and white flowers (photographed by luminary Hiroyuki Arakawa) and hand printed by artisans in Kyoto. We really wanted to work with Yohji Yamamoto on this project, and Kumi was super keen on it- we were lucky the Discord line had just been released and so beautifully matched with the world inside the video.

Another thing about this scene you’ll notice are the sunglasses. I made them myself, and got very zealous with the metal parts. It was HEAVY.To keep them on, hairstylist Ryoji Imaizumi had to knit them into her head, which I`m sure hurt quite a bit. But Kumi was so professional, and knew that the scene would not have as much impact without them, so she just said “Let’s get this scene in the bag!” And she walked in 16cm heels, on sand, not being able to see perfectly, and STILL got every angle in one take. My jaw dropped!





全ての服: ロギーケイ、 シューズ: Y−3、マスク: 坂爪康太郎

このシーンはミーシャいちばんのお気に入り。しかもMVのプレビューではほんの少ししか公開されていない。(11/5からiTunesで配信されるMVをダウンロードすべし!)このシーンはまるでDavid La ChapelleやV Magazineのような世界的レベルのアーティスティックなクリエーションをしている気分だった。このシーンでは、倖田さんは椅子に縛られ、不気味なカルトグループに囲まれていた。ここでの衣装は全てロギーケイによって作られたもので、ダンサーのかっこいいTシャツもそうだ。あまり見えないかもしれないけれど、倖田さんが履いているワイルドなブーツはY-3の2014-15awコレクションのもの。2色のバージョンを用意したところ、どちらか倖田さんに似合うか決められずにいると、本人が両方の色を片足ずつ履こうと決めた。それ、最高。



White tower.
All clothes: Roggykei. Shoes: Y-3. All mask by Kotaro Sakadume

The white tower scene is my favorite, and it’s a shame the music video preview shows very little of it (you’ll have to download it!). It felt like I was doing something on the level of David La Chapelle, or V Magazine, creating a wild world through artistic style. In this scene, Kumi is bound to a chair, held by a mysterious cult-like group. All of the clothing here was created by Roggykei, including the t-shirts on the dancers. You can’t really see, but Kumi wears some wild boots by Y-3 from the new 2014-15 AW collection and each foot is a different color. I brought both colors to the set but since we couldn’t decide which looked better Kumi decided to wear one color on each foot. Love. Her.

The masks here make the scene 100% cooler. Again, it’s a little difficult to see but each dancer had a different shape to the mask and they covered the whole head. Kumi’s mask was made of Japanese “washi” paper. Both are by mask artist Kotaro. Sakadume, an incredible young mask creator. I’ve written about him before, please take a look again and be WOW-ed. He makes custom masks, and art pieces, and even “face vases”. 





ブラウス: ロギーケイ、 ビスチェ : エージェントポロヴォケイター、 スカート: ビンテージ、 シューズ: イリスバンヘルペン×ユナイテッドヌード。 ダンサーはロギーケイ着用、ダンサーのマスクは坂爪康太郎。 



Moutaintop ceremony:

Blouse: Roggykei Bustier: Agent Provocateur Skirt: vintage shoes: Iris Van Herpen x United Nude. Dancers are in Roggykei. Dancer masks by Kotaro Sakadume

The mountaintop scene was another fun one to do. Kumi requested a softer image, but one that was mysterious, tribal, and kind of supernatural. She chose the Iris Van Herpen x United Nude shoes right away- they are incredible! The female dancers all wear tops with a digital print by Roggykei that shows the sunset in different stages in the sky.





ブラウス: リミフゥ、 腕: Proef、 ピアス: MYOB、 その他: スタイリスト私物

やってきました、ダンスシーン。実はミーシャ的にはこのシーンのスタイリングがいちばん好き。難しかったから思い入れがある。ここは、ただ薄汚れて、廃れた、絶望的なスタイルというわけではない。だからといって、未来的すぎるのも違う。”日本的”でもない。今までに”ない”スタイルだけどシックでクール。そんなシーンなのです。ここでは倖田來未本人はリミフゥのブラウスを着ている。彼女が踊る度、ブラウスもはらはらと舞うのが美しい。MYOBの”ミステリアスなハッシュタグが付いた数字イヤリング”もすごくかっこいい。(数字の意味をググってみたけど、出てきたのはこのイヤリングについての書かれたブログだけだった) 腕につけたのは、Proefのフロッキーストッキングをリメイクしたグローブ!



A city in ruins:

Blouse: Limi Feu, Arms: Proef, Earring: MYOB All else: Stylist’s own.

Finally, here is the dance scene. Actually, I really love the styling in this scene the best, because it’s so hard to place. It’s not dirty or ripped post-apocalyptic style, it’s not too futuristic, it’s not “Japanese”…it doesn’t really exist as a style today but still looks very chic and cool. In it, Kumi wears a Limi Feu blouse that twirls and flies as she dances. The MYOB earring looks amazing, with a mysterious hashtag number on it (I Googled the meaning, but all I got was a blog post about a “strange hashtag number on an earring”). The arm warmers were created using flocked stockings by Proef and turning them into gloves (!!).

I love the dancing because even though the song is a ballad, the dance choreography is really aggressive and strong, flying around and stomping. It gave me goosebumps watching her and the dancers fly across the stage. As you can see, it starts to rain…. yes that was totally real. In fact, I had to get rid of the leather goods afterward as they grew mold from being so soaked (don’t copy this and keep your leather out of the rain, kids!).






倖田さん本人は土曜日のオープニングで再び体験された。彼女はそのスタイリングの依頼をもミーシャにしてくださり、発売を控えた話題の新作、”Alexander Wang for H&M”のスポーティシックなドレスを見事に着こなしていた。シャネルのイヤリング、DSquaredのシューズ、TooMuchのリングと共に。

There is one more scene not in the video, and it can only be seen by trying out the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality experience which is on now at Tokyo Designers Week for free (included with cost of entrance). The Oculus Rift is considered the most advanced VR technology available today, and to prove that point, the company was purchased by Facebook this year. This is serious stuff! For this project, you put on the headset and earphones and can experience being inside the music video yourself as you fly through the sky and can look around in any direction. It is VERY cool and a totally new experience!

Kumi herself tried it on Saturday at the opening—- She invited me to style her again, and she looked amazing in a sporty-chic dress by Alexander Wang for H&M (which goes on sale Nov ***), Chanel earrings, DSquared shoes, and ring by Too Much.

I was so happy to work with this team, especially Koda Kumi who was so professional it’s gonna be hard to go back to any kind of half-assed job. It was a challenge but I gained a lot of knowledge- I want to thank the whole production team, Dance Not Act, YXBX, Avex, Yohji Yamamoto, Limi Feu, Roggykei, Sakadume, my assistant Natsumi Yasuoka, and everyone else. Enjoy!





会場:東京青山 神宮外苑絵画館前


•Special Site

•10.22-iTunes “期間限定Special Price” Pre-Order START!

#倖田來未 #DanceInTheRain #Oculus


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Tokyo Mode Diaries Ep 1 “Origami Whispers” Original Story Feat. EMPORIO ARMANI and Special Guest MARI NATSUKIエンポリオアルマーニと激特別なゲスト夏木マリが出演する東京モードダイアリー第一話:”折紙のつぶやき” 。この世界は一体どうなっていく・・?!




Words: Misha Janette & Natsumi Yasuoka

TWITTER: FashionTubuyaki
INSTAGRAM: MishaJanette 
GOOGLE+ MishaJanetteFleming
WEIBO MishaJanette東京

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