NYCで撮影した、巳年を祝うシュールモードページを初公開!ブルックリン在住、ラグジュアリー+シュールがお得意な新星カメラマンCharlie Engmanも紹介!


 It’s the year of the snake for the Chinese Zodiac and we just started the Lunar Year  this month. So for our February issue shoot for Newtide, I took inspiration from the celebratory colors of red, yellow, orange and gold–which we are lucky because maroon and oxblood are super hot colors for the season. 



The photographer was Charlie Engman and we shot in New York. I was so happy to have Charlie as his photos are always brightly colored and minimalistic yet surreal (a lot of post work goes into making them look that way though!). I love the idea of a girl coming home post New Year-party and totally out of it like a zombie. We also had some major cool manipulations to make her look far more “out of this world” but we ran into cultural differences in the end. As the creative director I didn’t want to throw away my idea, but at the same time it is important to be flexible in this ever globalizing world. At least my shoot didn’t get completely thrown out like it did with Grace Coddington in “The September Issue”! 

So please see the rest of the photos below, with miu miu, Prada, Jason Wu and more—!

今回の撮影なニューヨークで行い、フォトグラファーは現地で活躍するCharlie Engmanを起用。彼の作品は鮮やかな色合いとシュールな世界観、なおかつモードなスタイルにもはまるミニマリズムも持ち合わせており、まさに今回のストーリーにうってつけ。イメージする女性像は、ニューイヤーを盛大にパーティーで祝い、疲れ果てて家に帰ってきたニューヨーカー。なのですが、所変われば品も変わるとはよく言ったもので、撮影時には何度か方向性の修正を行い、結果的には当初の予定とはかなり違った仕上がりに。とはいえチームワークで行うシューティングに独断は禁物、現場に応じてフレキシブルに動くのも使命なのです。予想とは違えど、結果オーライなカッコいいストーリーに仕上がって良かったです!(と「ファッションが教えてくれたこと」でも起きた、Grace Coddingtonが担当したエディトリアルが完全に没になった、そのことを考えたら十分納得のいく結果だったと思います…)










Photos: Charlie Engman
Creative director: Misha Janette
Stylist: Marcelo Gaia
Hair: Kunio Kohzaki using Bed Head Tigi @SEE Management
Makeup: Tadayoshi Honda for Chacott
Model: Raquel @Jed Mgt

Photographer’s assistant: David Brandon Geeting
Fashion Assistant: Lydia Shahmoon
Hair Assistant: Kikumari
Makeup Assistant: Kaori Yamamoto

Shot on location in Chelsea, New York City
Special thanks to BoyPlay Studio