FALINE東京版! 中国のユースカルチャー誌【YOHO】連載で東京のクールなピーポルとショップを巡ろう!

yoho magazine features misha janette and faline tokyo YOHO is the primo magazine for fashion culture of discerning Chinese in their 20s, and the numbers are crrrazy. 600k+ circulation, and passed among 7 people per issue. And they publish twice a month! When I was given the column, my idea was to go to some of Tokyo’s best shops loved by the street fashion aristocracy and talk to the cool girls and boys there about their style. In Japan, it is not unusual for a shop sales person to become a mini celebrity, with some of them being singled out and given their own brand. In the street scene, these people are the heroes, the leaders, and the are having fun and experimenting with style.

Edition #2!
Originally from Nagoya, the popular Tokyo satellite is the only reason you will ever need to walk through Takeshita-dori in Harajuku (just remember to psych yourself up before stepping into the fray). It doesn’t just tap into the pulse of what’s hip, they ARE the pulse.  The owner is the intiminable Babymary, the glamorously punk Queen of the Scene who singlehandedly made artists and designers such as Jeremy Scott, Fafi and Andre icons in Japan. Today I picked up on her super-cool right-hand Tokyo girl known as “U”. 


「FALINE TOKYO」とショップスタッフの「U」さんをピックアップ! 


yoho magazine featuring faline

U at tokyo faline

Name: U

Age: 28

*What do you call your personal style?

*How many items of clothing do you have in your closet at home?
I couldn’t begin to count….

*How long does it take you to get ready in the mornings?
It depends on the day, but maybe 15-30 mins

*What attracted you to Faline?
I became so enamored with Babymary.

*How long have you been at Faline?
 The store will celebrate it’s 8th anniversary next Feb.! As of next May I will have been here 8 years!

*What are some of the coolest things that have happened to you at the shop?
1. I met Jeremy Scott♥
2. I met Marjan Pejoski ♥
3. I met Andre ♥

*If you were to be abducted by a UFO while on the job, what 1 item would you take with you to space?
Outer space seems really cold so I think I’ll take with me this green Jeremy Scott sherpa jacket. 

Name U
Age 28




*faline tokyoにひかれた理由を教えてください。

*faline tokyoにいつから入られたですか?
来年2月のバレンタインでFALINE TOKYO,8周年!あたしは5月で8年目!

3.ANDRE に出会えた♡

*ufoに誘拐されます。faline tokyoから一点しかもっていけないなら、何をもって行きますか?(笑)
きっと宇宙は寒そうだからJEREMY SCOTTのムートンコート♡

misha janette in yoho magazin ドレスはジェレミースコット、帽子はメゾンミシェル!すべてFALINE 取扱い!
I`m wearing a new Jeremy Scott dress and Maison Michele hat. All from FALINE! 

yoho magazine diary

 1. Laforet Harajuku Fashion Week
2. Reethym of Light REEBOK Party
3. Valveat81 anniversary secret dinner with Ayako Suwa
4. Shooting with Numero TOKYO
5. Tokyo Fashion Week 



misha yoho

skirt misha janette

faline tokyo

eating pants yuya nara

faline tokyo toilet

nara yuya reico

The Faline family includes shop assistant Reico Bunny, hair artist Yuya Nara of SHIMA salon, and Harajuku fashion chief of ceremony Shunsuke.
Thanks everyone for participating! So as you can see, this place is a riot so if you haven’t been yet, you need to check it out! 

 今回のファミリーはスタッフのReiko Bunny, SHIMAの奈良裕也そしておしゃれキッズ番長のShunsuke。

faline tokyo

ALL photos by Mamitan!


1-7-5, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


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