Tokyo Fashion Diaries has entered a new phase, a remodeling if you will, as in fashion you are only as good as how well you can evolve.  We start with some home improvements..ie better search and faster loading time. And a logo that is much more reflective of who I am; a mix of east and west. It’s been over 9 years now since I moved to Tokyo to pursue a fashion career and the switch in my brain that changes my thinking from “American” to “Japanese” is now automated.
One thing that won’t change is my idea that everyday is a runway, an opportunity to use fashion to own the day and to feel your personal best. 
Soon I will also start an exciting new project exclusive to TfD called “Tokyo Mode Diaries”. 
The main goal of TmD? Bring fashion to the front. I`m not talking about CLOTHES, I`m talking FASHION. It’s not just about covering a naked body, but about brining your consciousness to another level; one that can change your mood, make you feel better, or powerful. Think of it as a legal high.
東京モードダイアリー、略して”TmD”とでも言おうかしら?笑 その目指すものとは… ?「ファッション」を前面に打ち出す!「ファッション」だからって、何も「洋服」のことを言っているわけじゃないの。「ファッション」ね。そんな、ただ単に裸の体を覆っているようなものだけの話ではなくて、あなたの持っているその意識を、もう一段先のレベルへ誘えるような… あなたの気分を変えられるような、もっとハッピーになれるような… もしくは元気になれるとか!それだけでハイな気持ちになれると考えてみて。
There are many magazines and websites where you can find out about the latest clothing, but I only put my time into what is inspiring or exciting around me (and I do all of this on my own time outside of my day jobs, which is a LOT of time spent day after day…so its gotta be good).
The stereotype that Japan is only about black Comme des Garcons, or just lolitas and goths in Harajuku is so fucking tired. 
ところで今、どんな洋服が出てきているかの最新の情報を知りたければ、雑誌は山ほど出てるし、ネットを開けば何から何までホームページがあったりして、簡単に情報を得られる。だけど私は、「私の身の周り」で私を刺激してくれるものとか、興奮させてくれるようなものにだけ自分の時間を費やす。(そしてこれ全部、仕事の時間以外で自分の時間を使ってやってる。来る日も来る日も、たっくさんの時間を使ってる。… ウン。幸せ。
Japan is in fact, a country full of more people that love fashion than I have ever seen in my life. It’s almost like the Japanese are born with an inherent love for quality, prestige and design. But at the same time this society come with many rules. But in fashion, rules are meant to be broken. And there’s still a  whole lot more to be explored, a whole lot more to be made, and whole lot more stories to tell from both the east and west.
So look forward to the first stories, told soon here on Tokyo Fashion Diaries and Tokyo Mode Diaries. 
Misha Janette