もうしぼんでしまうことのない風船作品。DAISY BALLOONによる作品集が登場!

daisy balloon works bookdaisy balloon book first

I’m always arguing against real clothes (a term used to differentiate anything with personality and bland casual clothing), I posit that any piece of item that can be worn on the body is essentially “real” clothing. It just depends on the viewpoint of the wearer. 

So I thought that, until I met Rie Hosokai, who creates pieces that, while they can be worn on your person, they can certainly never be called “real” clothes….even by my standards. That is because they are made entirely of balloons. 


そう、ずっと信じ込んできた。細貝 里枝さんの作品に出会う日までは。彼女の作品は、写真の中では実際に人間が着ていることに間違いは無いのだが、あれほど啖呵を切っていた私ですら、リアルクローズと呼ぶのを憚られてしまった。何せそれらの作品は、全て風船で作られていたから・・。ファッションを超えて、アートですもん。

Balloon artist Rie Hosokai, together with art director director takashi Kawada make the duo “Balloon Daisy” a unit who creates their airy works of art in tandem with fashion.

Due to the properties of balloons (namely, the fact that they deflate) most of the work could only be seen in person. However now they have published a book that puts all of their projects into a thick collection for posterity. Titled “daisy balloon” it covers their best photoshoots and projects, all of them more intricate than the last. I have written about daisy balloon, rie Hosokai and their works extensively on this blog previously, so please look at that article for some amazing shots and balloon fashion. 

There is a special treat in the book, a new photo shoot created about a girl, a bear and a magical apple. Here is one of the shots:

バルーンアーティストの細貝 里枝さんは、アートディレクターの河田 孝志さんと”Daisy Balloon”というコンビを組んでアートとファッションを組み合わせた作品を多く作り出している。もちろん風船はしぼんでしまう特性を持っているため、実際に鑑賞することは極めて難しいのだが(ほぼ展示会でしか機会がないため)、幸運なことに彼らは自分達の作品を分厚い作品集にして出版しているらしいから、そこでかろうじて日の目を見ることになる。
“Daisy Balloon”と呼ばれるこのプロジェクトには、彼らの作品作りはもちろんのこと、それ撮影するという行程も含まれているため尚更手がかかっている。実はこのDaisy Balloonや細貝さんについては、以前にもブログで紹介させて頂いたことがあるので是非そちらも含めて見てみて欲しい!彼らの素晴らしいバルーンファッションと、素晴らしいカメラワークを!


daisy balloon book by rie hosokai
Could you spot the balloons?

If all you see are the girls’ dress, look again and color yourself amazed. 


The book goes into the details of how and what balloons were used to create each piece, including the incredible banquet of food (!) and flowers (!!) you see on the table. If you’re a fashion fan as well as a dabbler in art, I highly recommend this inspiring book. It is available at Amazon For ¥5,250. In English and Japanese. 


I leave you with some favorite pieces:


daisy balloon dog dress
balloon cave daisy

balloon war

daisy balloon for RICH magazine

all work by (c)Daisy Ballon


hitspaper (Takashi Kawada project) 

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