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All hail CUNE, Tokyo’s most avantgarde brand ◎東京の最高にアバンギャルドな CUNEとバルサンの恋愛ストーリー

Speaking of junk culture (and here w Moschino)…. The 2014-15 FW collection from CUNE would be splattered with the guts of a thousand bugs if they weren’t killed by the poisoned smoke of Japanese fumigation product VARSAN first. One look at that and the creepers will run…..
昨日に続き、ジャンクカルチャーについて書こうかな(ここでもモスキーノについて)….CUNEの2014-15秋冬コレクションは日本の代表的殺虫剤”バルサン”とコラボ!ファッション バッグというおしゃれ群、これ見た瞬間走り出すんじゃない?笑
The CUNE Bunny キューンのウサギもあっちこっち登場
This collection features the print of famous fumigation product Varsan, which would be like our Mr Clean in terms of recognizability. An installation was set up in the Shibuya club WOMB, so that smoke could be pumped in at intervals, signaling it was time to get the pests out (us journalists? hahaha). 
The collection was presented on mens mannequins, but had oodles of feminine touches like lace, printed tights, and skirts. The pieces appear to be separates but are actually connected in many designs for some unique all-in-ones. The suspender pieces were inspired by “belly wraps”, a traditional underwear worn to stay warm. It. Is. Cray. And crazy detailed! Moschino, eat your heart out.
このコレクションはバルサンのプリントが主役。分かりやすく例えるならアメリカの”Mr Clean”みたいな感じかな?展示会は渋谷のクラブ、”WOMB”で開かれ、スモークがランダムにプシューっと焚かれててまるで、”邪魔者は出てけ〜”て言ってるみたいだった。(ジャーナリストのことか?笑)
amazing details! ディテールがすごい!
​I was in a tiny little izakaya bar the other night, one of those places where the upstairs crawl space-cum-table-space forces you to crouch through your dinner and restricts any sudden movement. It’s seriously local, but there’s something special about the way interesting characters gather there and there’s always a line to get in. In that case, it’s usually the waiters that pull customers in. When our waiter turned to crawl back down to the kitchen he turned his backside to us; there staring back from the pocket was the outline of a white bunny. I would recognize that bunny anywhere.
“I like your CUNE pants”, I complimented.
“Ah, thanks, he said,” and went back to work like it was nothing. But it WAS something, because CUNE is NOT your average brand. The CUNE customer is a special one, and they will not accept anything less than a mile over the top. There’s something in the way it takes casual clothing, simmer it in humor and alwasy come up with a clear, and surprising theme (before they’ve done a wheelbarrow and the white of an eyeball. It was craaaay). This could perhaps be the most avantgarde Japanese brand today. All hiding behind the guise of a white rabbit mascot. Yes, perhaps even more avantgarde than THAT major brand.
It currently calls Shimokitazawa home with a shop there; check out the other collections online if you can’t get there (I am overdue for a visit myself)


“ね兄さん、CUNEのパンツ、かっこいい!” って褒め言葉をミーシャは贈った。
CUNE Online
Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 8.05.20 PM
Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 8.05.39 PM
Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 8.06.14 PM
Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 8.06.34 PM
Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 8.07.33 PM
Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 8.07.48 PM
The bunny pants! ウサギのジーンズ!

-Misha Janette
-Karen Shimada

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One reply on “All hail CUNE, Tokyo’s most avantgarde brand ◎東京の最高にアバンギャルドな CUNEとバルサンの恋愛ストーリー”

Love this article. Though lately I’m addicted to Chloma/Balmung/Anrealage/Hatra, Cune’s Kimochi Warui collection was my gateway drug to Japanese fashion. And then there are the 0% off sales. –Charlie in NY

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