カール・ラガーフェルドとクチュール、ディナーそしてパーティーを!シャネル x ジャパンの豪華連発イベントをウルトラレポート。 karl lagerfeld come to tokyo

I was in the middle of some conference or lunch or other, trying to be composed, when I checked my email on my phone. There it was: a save the date email for a series of events from Chanel. “Oh my GOD!” I said out loud, totally breaking code. When asked what was wrong, I gave the excuse that I just saw something surprising on Twitter (which is hilarious that that makes for an excuse). It was time to gear up!

Fast forward to March 20th and I was in the busiest week of my life. It was right smack during Tokyo Fashion Week which is super important. Then I was working on wardrobe for Nicki Minaj during her Tokyo promo tour. Also super important. But there was NO way I was going to miss a dream opportunity to suck some CO2 with Karl Lagerfeld himself too.

What was the deal this time? He was here for 3 days of events that were set to strengthen ties between the brand and Japan following the earthquake and tsunami. It was the first visit since 2004. 

その話は突然舞い込んできた。ある日私が礼儀正しく会議ランチに出席してた時、メールの山をチェックしようとiPhoneを覗いた。すると目に飛び込んできた”Save the Date”のメール。開くと、シャネルから、今回日本で開催された一連のイベントに関してのお誘いだった。
“O M G!”とみんなの前で叫ぶ私。Twitterで見たものでびっくりしただけとかを言い訳にしといた。とにかくここから怒濤の一週間の幕開けとなるのだ。

期間は、去る3月20日からの3日間。この3日間を含む一週間は、間違いなく私の人生の中で最も忙しかったはず。もはや殺人的。まずは恒例東京ファッションウィーク。大事。そして時を同じくして来日していたNicki Minajのワードローブ提供。こっちも大事。そして最後のこちらが、あのカール大帝の来日を含むシャネルの一大イベント。これが全部一週間の内に同時に起こったのだ。今回、2004年以来8年ぶりとなるカール大帝の来日は、一年前に起こった震災の復興を願う彼自身の要望で実現したのだった。


It started with the opening of an exhibit called “The Little Black Jacket” featuring friends of Chanel photographed by Karl Lagerfeld. It was co-curated with Carine Roitfeld and will be published as a huge book come this fall (everyone got an advance copy; it’s giant and perched on my sofa at home). The exhibit is on until April 15.

Here, I had literally 5 minutes to come in and take a look before my next appointment. I still managed to get the prize; a shot with THE Carine Roitfeld herself, together with shoe designer Noritaka Noritaka and ICONIQ. Unfortunately I don’t have this photo… it’s languishing among thousands of others on Chanel’s servers right about now.  It’s bruned in my memory though. After we thought we had the shot, the three of us pulled away, but Ms. Roitfeld continued to pose and work for the camera alone. Working woman WERQS! 

まず手始めに、カール自身がカメラをとった”Little black Jacket”のエキシビション。こちらは元仏VOGUE編集長、カリーヌ ロワトフェルドがキュレートを共に行い、今秋には巨大な写真集ブックとなって発売される予定だそう。

このエキシビションはまだ現在開催中で、4/15までやっているのでまだ見ていない人は急いで!このオープニングパーティーは、私は次のスケジュールまでの5分間でなんとか一瞬覗けただけなのだがその間に、あのカリーヌ ロワトフェルド本人を目撃し、シューズデザイナーのNoritakaTatehanaとIconiqと3ショットで写真を撮られ、なんとも充実した5分間を過ごしたのだった。そして私達3人の次にパパラッツィの餌食となったのは、カリーヌ。素晴らしい。カッコよ過ぎた。

chanel-misha-janette-iconiq-noritakatatehana From ICONIQ’s Facebook page

After the Tokyo Fashion Week festivities were done that day was something greatly cool, an invitation to a private dinner held in honor of Karl Lagerfeld’s visit to Tokyo. These dinners happen all the time in New York, Paris and Milan but this one was extra special; that’s because it was NOT in those cities.

It was the first time anyone had been able to rent out the entire of the New York Grill at the Park Hyatt Hotel. I stepped into the restaurant and was met with the sweeping night view of Shinjuku, and the scene of a glamorous woman off to the side taking video of it with her digital camera in slack-jawed awe. My guide and I brushed past her and I turned to give a wink like, “Yeah, it’s cool isn’t it” and it was -gulp!- Sarah Jessica Parker!


そしてこのレストランの窓から見える新宿の夜景がまた素晴らしく、しばらくウットリしながら見つめてしまった。思わずこの感情を共有しようと、隣にいたレディに目配せをすると、そこにいたのはなんとサラ ジェシカ パーカー!!

on my way to dinner

The whole evening was quite magical; there were so many media luminaries invited from around the world and the multicultural and multimedia chatter reverberated off the tall ceilings. I was at the Japan table that next to me was Yumi Deguchi of Elle (Fujingaho) Japon, across from her was model Tao and Mitsuko Watanabe editor in chief of Vogue Japan, and next to them was Ako Tanaka, editor in chief of Numero Tokyo as well as Richard Collasse president of Chanel Japan. Drinks were poured, conversation was extremely friendly, and after several hours even presidents of Conde Nast Japan and Hearst Fujingaho were talking together like buddies on the golfing green. If there was any awkwardness, it only came from a sense of vertigo from being so high up and feeling on top of the world.

Since I have been visiting China a lot lately, I was introduced to Angelica Cheung who resides over Vogue China (thanks Kitada-san!). She was extremely cool and totally intent on paying attention to our conversation. By then it was after midnight, I had way too much champagne, only the models (and Olivier Zham) were left drunk-dancing to the DJ and it was time for me to go. But not before brushing past Karl Lagerfeld himself who was in the middle of conversation and not at all looking like he was tired or ready to leave. I will say this; the man has INCREDIBLE skin. Mama mia!

この魔法のような夜はこの後も続き、世界の名だたる著名人達と共にすることになったのだった。私が座ったのはジャパンテーブル。婦人画報(エルジャポン)編集長のデグチ ユミさんを隣に、向かいにはモデルのタオ、ヴォーグジャパンのワタナベ 様、ヌメロジャパンのタナカ アコ様、シャネルのプレジデント、リシャーコラッセもおいでだった。そんなスーパーエグゼクティブ達でありながら、会話は至極フレンドリー。最終的にはコンデナストジャパンと婦人画報のプレジデントも一緒になって楽しんでいた。


chanel wine

Chanel wine; you can tell it’s Karl’s sketch. 

 dinner with chanel at new york grill tokyo

The next day was a dream come true; a ticket to the Chanel SS 2012 couture show that was being re-staged for the Tokyo audience. I was a little bit in a daze here because seeing a couture show first-hand is a coup for any fashion fan. It really was just yesterday I was playing dress-up with scraps of fabric in my little country-side hometown in eastern Washington, then at 17 coming to Japan and learning what “Burberry” was for the first time. And here, a few years later, I was on my way to Chanel couture show! Proof that perseverance is a payoff.

It was held at Shinjuku-gyoen park, a city-run conservatory that closes promptly at 4pm everyday. So it was a HUGE deal that Chanel was not only allowed to let patrons in after closing time, but that they were allowed to erect a football field-sized tent on the grounds. This permission was surely given as thankful retribution to Richard Collasse’s contributions to supporting  Japanese culture in France.

Inside those tents was a full replica of the private jumbo jet set for the couture show. Every detail was taken care of: The carpet was emblazoned with little CCs and each seat had LED-tickers with our numbers on them. I had an incredible seat up near the “cockpit” and was sitting next to Ms. Ouchi, a luminary in fashion journalism in Japan (“I first coined the term “Milan Collection” in Japanese,” she said to me.) 


会場となったのは、新宿御苑。普段4時までしか空いていないこの場所をこんな時間に開けさせるなんて、さすがとしか言いようが無い。それもこれも、プレジデント、リカルド クラッセの日本における仏文化の伝承に対する熱意があってこそ。そしてこの広大な公園に設置されたのは、オリジナルと瓜二つのジャンボジェットの形のレプリカ、カーペットにはCCマーク、シートにはLEDライト、自分の番号の座席に座る。私に用意されたのは、コックピットからほど近い特等席。隣にはあの大物ファッションジャーナリストの大内さん。

chanel couture in tokyo runway set  

couture chanel ss 2012 tokyo

couture chanel ss 2012 tokyo dress

couture chanel ss 2012 tokyo blue

couture chanel ss 2012 tokyo noir

couture chanel ss 2012 tokyo detail

karl lagerfeld couture show in tokyo finale


My favorite part of the collection were the dark pieces of noir. I know pastels and lightness and girlyness are in, but damn if a black-blue beaded dress ain’t sexy.


misha janette chanel couture tokyo

I was here in my Rogykei clothing and Sawa Vaughters “Puked to death” couture hat.

この日のコーディネートは、Roggykeiの洋服に、Sawa Vaughtersの”嘔吐死”クチュールハット。

 karl lagerfeld

A shot of Karl stepping away from his duties as pilot just long enough to greet everyone. Please notice his iPhone case…is a graphic of himself. ^^


 vanessa paradis

vanessa paradis chanel

Vanessa Paradis has beautiful eyes like WHOAH.


 sarah jessica parker

amanda harlech

Amanda Harlech. And Sarah Jessica Parker.



Finally, everything culminated in a huge party on Friday on a rooftop of a warehouse on the Tokyo Bay. If it were a little warmer and not pouring cats and wolves outside it would have been a dream.  But as it goes, when you’ve got hundreds of warm bodies, oodles of drinks and endless dean and deluca finger food, you forget what’s going on outside anyway. Everyone co-mingled around the bar until it was time for the special guest to take her place on stage. That would be Azaelia-c***-getting-eaten’-Banks, the upcomer who *just* signed with Universal for a record deal like a freaking’ month ago (and had Nicola Formichetti as stylist for her newest single Licourice). The international crowd knew her well and was in a frenzy as she sang
about the (212) while being up in the (03) and capping it off with a short cover of “Firestarter” by Prodigy.

I had to be up early to show Nicki’s team a farewell so left my place with Mami. At that point, it was the models like Arizona Muse and Alice Dellal (and Olivier Zham) on stage dancing as we stepped out into the rain again.

この一大イベントわ締めくくるのは、週末に行われた東京ベイでのウェアハウスパーティ。これまた素晴らしいのは言うまでもないのだか、欲をいうならもうちょっと暖房を効かせてくれても良かったかも笑 しかし時間が経って、ホロ酔いになるころにはそんなことも忘れて楽しんでたんだけどね。しかし、やはりそこはシャネル。ただの楽しいパーティでは終わらせてくれなかった。そう、スペシャルゲスト、Azelia Banksの登場!!彼女は今最も注目されているアメリカのアーティストで、最近ユニバーサルと正式に契約をしたことでも話題になった人物。(ちなみに最新シングルには、スタイリングにあのニコラ フォルミケッティが参加と、ファッション界も一目置く逸材。)海外ではもう既にその存在を認識されているようで、みんな一緒になって歌ったり(212)次の曲ではアッパーになったり(03)、最後にはプロディジーのFirestarterのカバーを披露した。


karl lagerfeld


chanel party place

azaelia banks tokyo

azaelia banks sign

tokyo chanel party

ito chiaki jonte moaning and misha

Ito Chiaki of AAA, Jonte Moaning and moi


 the furrs and misha

DJ Fujiko and Akkun make one of my favorite DJ duos The Furrs.

DJフジコとアックンのユニット、The Furs、最近キてます!


A plastic PVC board was set up so anyone could draw graffiti. I mean, write heartfelt messages.


 mami and misha

The week was incredible, but you know with all of this high, it could get addicting, Chanel! When is my next hit!? 

A video. Spotted!! 


Two events are still on until April 15- check them out:

5-4-48 minami aoyama, minato-ku 

5-11-5 jingumae, shibuya-ku 

さてこの夢のような一週間。終わってしまって寂しいって?いえいえ、まだまだシャネルの魔法はとけてません、今月15日まで開催されている2つのイベント、CHANEL “LITTLE BLACK JACKET” PHOTO EXHIBITとCHANEL TOKYO POP-UP STORE。こちらもまだまだ楽しみで仕方がありません!

「東京 ポップアップ ブティック」

平日 11:00-19:00
土日 11:00-20:00

「リトル ブラック ジャケット写真展」3月24日~4月15日
平日 11:00-19:00
土日 11:00-20:00


chanel party

awesome photos taken by (c) Mami “mamitan” Tanabe for TfD

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