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Cooler than an “it” girl is my muse, Mari Natsuki with an exclusive chat and appearance in Tokyo Mode Diaries!


Oy, the word “muse”. Overused, but it’s so much better to be  a muse than an “it” girl or “idol”. Muses inspire, enlighten, and are the product of themselves and no image machine.  I think it’s great to have someone to look up to and emulate and respect. I often get asked if I have a japanese celebrity I look up to but I just couldn’t really come up with one who HAD..something, something special to me. And then recently I came to know a woman named Mari Natsuki. She embodies a deep sense of self, her own style that is unique but at the same time carries off a quirky elegance with aplomb. She also has a really young heart that makes her easy to talk to, despite me being from a really different world in several ways. 
ミューズって言う言葉、よく耳にするけど、やはり最高なことですね。”it”ガールや”アイドル”よりも遥かに特別な存在の持主というから。よく私に、そういう憧れがいいの日本の有名人がいるかどうかを聞かれることがあるんだけど、ただ、なかなか言い切れる人がいなくて… 。本当に心をつかんでしまう程のオーラー、ていうか。
Same person above… whaat. 
She is a multitalented artist: dancer, singer and actor are all on her resume. She was in “Ping Pong”, one of my favorite Japanese movies. (for people outside Japan, you may know her as the original voice for the Yubaba character in Ghibli’s “spirited away”). And she also manages her own image which means she’s a true fashion icon.
夏木さんはアーティストで、ダンサーでありシンガーでもある。そして俳優 (私の大好きな映画Ping Pongと千と千尋の神隠しにも出演)。それから彼女はまた、自分自身をもプロデュースしている。それは夏木さんがファッションアイコンであることを物語っている。
Here she is with her partner Nobu Saito (ALSO A RAD ROCKER) attending DIOR couture in Paris. Um, can we say “chic”? She actually puts some Hollywood chicks to shame. 
こちらはパートナーの斉藤ノヴさん(彼もロッカーなんだけど、超ナイスガイ!)と一緒にパリでDIORのクチュールショーに出席した時のスナップ。ハリウッドのitガールより遥かにシックだと思う!zimbio photo
So when I told her about my story for Tokyo Mode Diaries and she agreed to play a part in it, I was…floored, to say the least! You’ve got to see her in it here!
Fun fact: The ring she’s wearing is her own, but from her vast collection of vintage Armani! She brought a whole bunch of personal items for me to play with!
We recently became close because we share a common hobby: blogging! Actually Mari started an online magazine that embodies her rock n roll spirit and is aptly named “Natsuki Rock” think if it as like a Japanese GOOP (Gwyneth Paltrow’s online mag) but with a bit more edge. Check it out here!
わたしたちは最近、より密接な関係が築けているような気がする。共通の趣味を発見したの。「ブログ」!実は夏木マリさん、『Natsuki Rock』と名付けられた、まさにその名にふさわしい、夏木さんの持つロックの魂を具体的に表現するためのオンラインマガジンを最近スタートさせました。私が思うにそれは、海外で例えると”GOOP” ( グウィネスパルトローのオンラインマガジン) のような感覚だけど、もっとエッジが効いていて、鋭い感覚で表現されている。こちらでチェック!
I recently had the opportunity to hear her speak about the magazine and her thoughts on life and style at a private afternoon tea in Tokyo. The theme was red, andI recalled the first time I met her in a chic “St Laurent” hat so I tried to follow suit by wearing something really chic. And then Mari goes and comes out wearing a red straw bob wig ala Yayoi Kusama! I was totally upstaged and couldn’t help but laugh at that. So onto the talk…
About “Natsuki Rock”
“I wanted to create an alliance of like-minded people. Perhaps like a religion (laughs). Something positive, a community on the web. “
How is it going?
“It’s tough!! I’m a totally analog person, so I’m so proud I was able to do this much. I started it in March of this year and we have a 4 hour editorial meeting every week. I’m on Twitter now too, using it everyday.  “
 “I love feedback; if there are any suggestions, or anything anyone wants to know, then let me know!”
『Natsuki Rock』について。
「私は同じ志や心、考え方、趣味など… そういった、「共通の物事」を持つ人たちとアライアンスを組みたかった。夏木教みたいな。(笑) みんなでもっと輝くために繋がろう、磨きあおうっていう、ウェブコミュニティ。」


「もう大変!笑 私は本当にアナログな人間なんだけど、これだけやれてるってことを誇りに思うわ。今年の3月にこれをスタートさせて、私たちは週1回、4時間かけて編集会議を行っているの。Twitterもやってる。」


She also recently wrote a book!
Natsuki Style
“Being  sweet and cute is ok, but I think it’s ok to act like a  strong, cool woman. In japan our culture seems to be built around being like a child forever, and I want to show that there’s  another option out there”
Any advice? 
“I try not to use negative words like “I hate this”. Rather I use positive words to express my opinion; for example “I prefer this over that”. It will change how you think about life and make you feel so much better about negative situations. Try it, it’s amazing.” (I actually do this too! It really helps!)




Mari is a singer with a rock n roll side. She has a yearly support concert called One of Love project GIG that offers opportunity to teach about the wonder of music to children in 3rd world countries and the people who perform with her are in the same vein; Anna Tsuchiya, Sara Mary and Kafka Shishido for example. She is going to be performing at Fuji Rock for the first time this year on the 27th (same day as Bjork!) so if you’re there check her out and rock out!
夏木マリさんはロックのシンガーで、途上国の子供達にバラと音楽を通じて、未来に繋がる仕事を贈るために、毎年 “One of Love プロジェクト GIG” という支援コンサートを行っている。私もこの間観させてもらったけれど同じ気持ちを持つ仲間としての土屋アンナ、紗羅マリー、シシドカフカなどが登場して大盛り上がり!そして彼女はなんと、今年初めてとなるフジロックへの参加が決定!気になる日付は... 7月27日! (ビョークと同じ日!)(苗場食堂 20:10~20:50, ORANGE COURT 11:30~12:30) もしみんなもフジロックに行くなら、夏木マリさんをチェックして!一緒にロックしよう!
夏木マリ at 富士ロック!
ORANGE COURT 11:30~12:30
苗場食堂 20:10~20:50
 Lovin’ her forever

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