There has been a deafening lull in the season thus far and that calls for an all-out bash. Good thing then, because it was Chloe’s 60th Anniversary and they were in the mood for partyin’. This wasn’t a call to arms for all fashionistas though, it was rather an intimate “friends-only” gathering at the French Embassy… which doesn’t mean it was quiet by all means.



Photos by Mami Tanabe for TfD




Ellie-Rose on deck as DJ



Happy birthhhhday Mister Pressssssident



Mari Natsuki on stage (later joined by Sara Mary for a performance). Mari had bragging rights as she was wearing vintage Chloe from the period when Karl Lagerfeld was the designer (Chloe actually launched his career, and he was one of the first and most successful pret a porter designers at the time). 




Clare Waight Keller is the current designer at Chloe and she was super laid-back and sweet
現デザイナーのClare Waight Kellerさんと。とてもイージーゴイングでキュートだった。

Last time I checked in with Chloe I was in Paris last October celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the top ranked brand. I was chosen as one of 5 world bloggers to represent a letter of the brand name Chloe and I got “e” for embroidery. I know the impression we young’uns have of the brand is that of minimalism, simplicity and cleanliness, but don’t forget that the brand is hugely fond of surrealism, punchlines, and jokes. Check out the archives here, and then case in point, Liv Lo’s dress below of an embroidered violin perhaps inspired by a Man Ray photo (it was designed by Karl Lagerfeld in 1983 and Chloe Sevigny wore it recently in NYC here)

先シーズンパリコレクションにお邪魔した時にも本国でクロエの周年パーティーをしていたのですが、この時改めて気づかされたことが、このブランドの直近の印象は極めてフレッシュでミニマル、シンプルでクリーンでありながら、その神髄にはシュールでパンチの効いたデザインや、クスッと笑ってしまうようなジョークが根付いているということ。このレポートでモデルのLiv Loが着ているバイオリンを模した支出のドレスも、先のカール時代のクロエのもの。マン•レイにインスピレーションをうけて製作されたこちらは1983年の発表から20年以上の年月が経つが、その後クロエ•セヴィーニがレッドカーペットで着用したりとファッションシーンで長きに渡り愛されてきた一着。


This is Gene Krell, and if anyone treats VOGUE like their bible, or should I say VOGUE Japan/GQ as their bible, you will have seen him around lately for his witty columns. He is sharp, a walking wiki on fashion, and in 1 10-minute conversation he brought down some of my favorite fashion idols from their sky-high pedestals and sent them to the earth’s plane (without me telling him who they were!). I admire that greatly, and it was such a pleasure to see him out and about. My next mission is to get him to somehow come see a Japanese fashion show next season…

こちらは言わずとしれたジーン•クレール。言わずとしれた、と書くもののここ最近はめっきり表舞台でお目にかかる機会が減ってしまったのだが、彼が毎月書いているVOGUE JapanやGQのコラムは未だに高い人気を誇っている(そう、あの刺激的な文章を書くあの人です!) 小ブログの日本語エディターも世界一尊敬していると声を揃える彼は、真のファッショニスタたちが最も尊敬するファッション業界の生き字引としてその地位を確固たるものにしてきた。彼にお会いするたび、その知識の多さはもちろん、鋭い視点で業界を切り取る視点にいつものことながら圧倒されてしまう。個人的には、是非近い将来彼をジャパンファッションウィークにお招きして意見を伺いたいと思っている。


I wore an outfit made for the runway by MURUA, a heavy mesh vest made of crystals and sheer top with gauze skirt. The shoes are by Iron Fist and they are printed with a girly zombie print that was a perfect contrast. Chloe likes to be a little funny, right?





Iron Fist shoes


bangle by KiNG 


Mily eye flashes in white アイラインはMilyのシールメイク!

Happy birthday to Chloe and here’s to many happy returns.