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NYCの新OPENクラブがバブリーな東京を再現:STARDUST LOUNGE at MAISON O。こっちの方の東京が実物よりエネルギッシュに輝くかも?!

Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 12.48.03 PM Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 12.47.39 PM

I’ve always thought that Tokyo needed to look like “Tokyo”. I mean, there’s this image of Tokyo being wild and crazy and pretty weird and then when people actually come, they may be disappointed to find that it’s quite tame and conservative. When stylish people come to the city, they don’t want to go to a NYC-style bar, they want to go to a *Japanese* place. And if you want more fun than a Japanese-washoku restaurant, what is left? Just Trump Room, Red Bar, Casbah, a few Golden Gai places..? In fact, without Robot Restaurant, Tokyo would be without a funky spot to go to just be weird.

So it’s funny that I’ve found the perfect “Tokyo” club, but it’s here in New York City.


夜間に楽しめる、ステレオタイプな東京の場所。どういうことかと言うと、東京に来たことの無い人々が描く東京のイメージって、ワイルドでクレイジーだとか、怪しいとか、変わってるとか… 。それで実際にやってきた人たち、特に外国人が現実の東京を目のあたりにしたとき、多くの人が失望してしまう。みんな飼いならされた動物のようにおとなしかったり、街行く人が誰も同じだったり、保守的過ぎる部分。スタイリッシュな人たちが街へ行くとき、彼らは日本人が好むようなニューヨークやパリ、いわゆる海外スタイルのバーへは行きたがらない。やはりザトーキョーがいいみたい。それで、もしみなさんが和食レストランよりももっと楽しみたいとか、違うものがいいってときに、果たして他に何があるだろうか?トランプルーム、レッドバー、カスバ、新宿ゴールデン街… 。ロボットレストラン無しでは、東京はファンキーなスポットでも無ければ、ただのヘンテコな街になってしまう。

今回私は、これは面白いと思った、完璧な東京のクラブを見つけた!… だけどそれは残念ながら、今私がいる、ここニューヨークでのお話。




Despite being such a small country, Japan still boasts massive metropolises outside Tokyo, namely Osaka to the south-west. Osaka-ites vehemently distance themselves from Tokyo, and it comes out in how much their food and way of speaking differs from the capital (it’s like, a mix of twang with biting wit). I used to live in the area and people-watching in Umeda and America-mura always had me surprised at how “over the top” just didn’t exist in their vernacular…it was always just so natural to them! Well, things have kind of changed, and although there are a lot of shops opening these days with intelligent selection, the days of America-mura as a hip anything-goes respite is long gone (now it’s run over by brash, cheap gyaru-o shops). So then, what makes Osaka, OSAKA ? It’s something to seriously ponder. Still, I found some interesting places, visited time-tested great ones, did some INCREDIBLE shopping and spotted other cool things like the most INSANE supermarket ever “Tamade”

I was there for the Palette Art Alive select shop 1-year anniversary and DJed the party at Onzieme which was SO packed and I have never seen so many people going crazy over my song set! It was pretty damn good, I gotta say.

This is just some of my favorite 20 or so pics of my viewpoint of the city in cool objects, art and design I found…perhaps the answer to what Osaka is, is in here somewhere. I will go into details of the shops in due time—


Above: Chiffon shirt by Cilandsia at Palette Art Alive 
上:Palette Art Alive取扱いシフォン転写トップス by Cilandsia
Comical ties at SUKIKIRAI in America Mura



Floor lamp at the Roggykei atelier



Roggykei’s impossibly cool geometric square leather clutch bags for FW. Whoah!


Wallapaper made out of whole magazines sliced up and feathered at FENRIR
雑誌を細かく切った壁紙は斬新。@ FENRIR


Amazing graphic on a paper shopping bag from Think Graphics
グラフィックデザインとプロダクト事務所 Think Graphicsさんのショッパー


Neon crazyness ERRWHERE at insane ghetto supermarket Tamade


otaku  cyclist =otakulist?


Bloody nose fashion icons wall art for the “Asoko” shop facade by illustrator BUGGY


French fry embroidered suit jacket by Mikio Sakabe at SUKIKIRAI
フライポテト刺繍を施したテイラージャケット @ スキキライ


The walls have (the cutest) eyes at Jajaqucya
壁の裏に宿るおトモダチ @ ジャジャクチャ



The chicest takoyaki in Osaka!

osaka-art-12The funny and surrealistic visuals at hardcore victorian vintage shop “Lara Antique”
ファニーでシュールなVMDが魅力的な本格ビンテージ屋「Lara Antique


Speaking of funny and surrealistic, don’t forget Ahcahcum Muchacha. We are not a part of the VMD here.


A book to entertain us while paying at the register @ KAKAVAKA

osaka-art-17Elephant man at KAKAVAKA


A shop called 11747391 puts the stuff you buy into a postal envelope and stamps it with that day’s date. So interesting! Even more interesting: the shop’s name “11747391” spells out AMEMURA with a beeper.

osaka-art-19A refridgerator outside to keep the sidewalk cool

osaka-art-20Real Karaoke. 

osaka-art-22Momo from Lara Vintage has a rad Amanda Lepore iPhone case from Pameo Pose she customized
Lara VintageのMomoの自分カスタムiPhone ケース(Pameo Pose)

osaka-art-23My big-girl ponies

osaka-art-25Ryo-chan’s biscuit shirt had matching biscuit pants. By Borstprungt

osaka-art-27Flyers for the regular artsy-people-only event “Accident”

osaka-art-28These shoes are not for sale, just to wear when trying on clothes. Want them! @ FAN
このめちゃめちゃかわいい靴たちは実は試着用のヒールのみになってる。高く売れるでしょーに。売ってください!@ FAN

osaka-art-29Cool bag at FAN
かっこいいグラフィックの施してるバッグ @ FAN

osaka-art-30SHARK ATTACK! T-shirt with Dragonball figurine included, by kisotengai @ Jajaqucya
サメが攻めた!ドラゴンボールのフィギュア付きTシャツは天才的にファンキー!By キソウテンガイ @ ジャジャクチャ


Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 2.07.42 AM

A quick note to all who are Paris-philes or daydreamers of visiting the most beautiful city in the world. All of the articles I wrote on my experience in visiting Paris as an actual traveler (as opposed to being a fashion-week prisoner) are now up on the Air France “380 Reasons to go to Paris”. The site has a beautiful layout and there’s lots of pretty photos and tons of info so check it out. Highlights included a trip to Kenzo HQ and showroom, and an interview with the designers of Kitsune in their flagship store. 

Also, I wanted an excuse to post an illustration that fellow traveler Tomomi Sakamoto drew of me wearing a lobster hat I found at Printemps Dept store. She got the nuance of that lobster down splendidly! Ah, memories… it’s been 6 months, time again to go to Paris I think, non? Mais oui!

















何What For?何ピエールバルマンとステラルーナ?何レトロWong Kar Wai的なデザイナーズ宿?一体何よ、上海?!


The Paramount, Shanghai パラマウントシアター、上海

It all started with an Instagram. I was wearing a pair of “What For?” shoes in a snapshot from Tokyo Fashion Week, and the head of PR there saw it. “Why don’t you come to Shanghai for our event next week?” 

And I was off! “What For” is the younger sister line to Stella Luna, the wildly popular shoe line in China and Asia with a staggering number of something like 200 stores…. *_* And one in Paris, too. The crew in Shanghai was holding a “retro-modern” pop-up shop to celebrate a collaboration with big HK-based accessory brand Daydream Nation. I went in and dressed up the store with Plumb wigs and Tokone tights to add some neon funk. I did interviews with Chinese Youtubes Tudou and Youku on shoe trends and even talked about my 2.5 Dimension personal style. We then snapped “vintage” purikura and munched on macarons for a day well filled.

ことの始まりはinstagramにわたしが投稿したある写真から始まった。東京ファッションウィークのある日、以前仕事を一緒にさせて頂いたことのあるWhat for?という中国のブランドの靴を履いていたのだが、ちょうどそれを見たそのブランドのPR担当から、“来週うちのブランドが上海でイベントをやるんだけど、来てくれない?“とコメントが。仕事のためならどこへでも、が信条の私は二つ返事で上海行きの飛行機を予約。

What for?は、中国を中心に高い人気を誇るシューズブランドであるStella Lunaのヤングラインで、販売店舗数はアジア全土で200にものぼるというから驚きだ。今ではパリにも支店をもつこのブランドが今回本国である上海で、また他の香港を拠点に置くアクセサリーブランドDaydream Nationとのコラボポップアップショップをオープンするということで、特別ゲストとして今回オープニングに飛び入り参加させて頂きました!そしてなんとこのショップで急遽私のブランドPlumbと、私のお気に入りレッグウェアブランドTokoneもディスプレイもらえることに!そしてTudou、YoukuといったYoutube的な動画先でインタビューをしたあと、優雅な週末を過ごそうとコーヒーショップで計画を立てていた時のこと。




Cute metallic tweed pumps! こメタリックツイードパンプスもかわいい★


So I extended my trip and was going to spend the weekend working from some of the cute coffee shops in the French Concession when I woke up the next day to a message: “SOS! We have a VOGUE China fashion show tomorrow at the mall! Can you help style for Stella Luna and Pierre Balmain?”

Oh!! Weekend plans foiled, but I enjoy having a purpose to be somewhere SO much better! A day off? Huh?

So after a faboo lunch with the VOGUE China editors, Stella Luna group PR head Anna and I went shopping— and we pulled off the VOGUE China x Stella Luna and Pierre Balmain show the following day with aplomb! The show was held at Grand Gateway mall which is rival to Plaza 66 in terms of swankiness. The malls are constantly holding PR events such as this, I bet it’s hard to keep up…(and if you have store there you better comply with all the events lest the mall move your store to a space in the back..no joke!).

同じく先のPR担当の方かた一本の電話が。“大至急!今週末中国版VOGUEの企画でStella Lunaとピエール•バルマン(中国では彼女の会社がこの2つを取り仕切っている)のショーがあるんだけど、スタイリングをお願い出来ないかと思って!” ということで、優雅な週末のプランはお預けで急遽衣装の手配に追われることに…でもやっぱり仕事してる時が一番幸せなんだもん、喜んで休日くらい返上します!

そしてStella LunaグループのPR、中国版VOGUEのエディター達というメンツに囲まれてランチをした後、衣装の買い出しに上海の街を奔走すること丸一日。ショーが開催されたのは、Grand Gatewayというモール。このモールは市内でも屈指のハイセンスなショップが並ぶ注目のスポットとして名が通っているため、同じく人気のPlaza66とはライバル関係と揶揄されることもしばしば。







 Anna looking like a doll in Plumb! I`m wearing my new What for shoes that match my Fangophilia ear cuff.
Skirt is Wonderanatomie, Jacket is Beautiful People. Glasses by Moo Eyewear

Inbetween all of this, I managed to see the city a bit. I love, love, love Shanghai thanks to its crazy mix of uber-futurism and old-world art deco architecture. Speaking of art deco, I stayed at a hotel called Casa Serena right across the street from Xintiandi that was like something straight out of a Wong Kar Wai film. So Chinese noir! And it’s a boutique hotel with two hip restaurants, a spa and was NOT that expensive. I booked through agoda.com and got an amazing deal.

その前に、上海のシティウォークを少し。上海の街は、超が付くほど近未来的でありながら、歴史を感じさせるアールデコ様式が随所に点在しており、独特のミックス感を醸し出している。私の滞在していたCasa Serenaというホテルもアールデコ様式の美しい建物で、Wong Kar Waiの映画から飛び出してきたようなインテリアが素敵でした。ホテル館内のレストランもスパも素敵で、値段もそこまで高くないので、これから上海に旅行に行くことを考えている人は是非一度からagoda.comでもチェックしてみて下さい!





iPhone dock! iPhoneドックもあって、超モダン

The nightlife in Shanghai is extremely varied… one night I was above the world in fancy places like Bar Rouge, Mint, Muse, Unico etc, and the next I was at local artist and hipster joint Arcade and The Shelter. The latter is one of the dirtiest, darkest, dank and COOLEST clubs I have been to. It’s literally “underground” and just a huge concrete bomb shelter(?) room covered in graffiti. You wouldn’t really see it though because the only lights in there emanate from the bar on the far side of the room. The music was HYPER and people were dancing like they meant it. It was great to just go wild. 

そして上海といえばナイトライフ!ゴージャスな上海ナイトは、ある日は超高層ビルにあるBar Rouge, Mint, Muse, Unicoというバーで行われるパーティーであったり、ある日はThe Shelterというグラフィティのひしめくアンダーグラウンドなクラブ、とにかく毎日がお祭り騒ぎ!その場にいる人たちもみんなクレイジーなくらいノリが良くて毎晩最高にファンキーな夜を過ごしました。




Here I was with Sonja, owner of “Alter” and Masha Ma at Unico. Masha Ma is like the TOP designer in China, and on the Paris Fashion Week schedule. She was actually very very cool and humble. And the 3 of us drank that whole flute!
ここでは、Alterというお店のオーナー、友人のSonjaとMasha Maというデザイナーと3人とめちゃ呑みした。実はMasha Maはチャイナでトップなデザイナーの一人で、パリコレのオフィシャルでショーを開催してる。でも楽しくて、謙虚あって、ファンになりました★


shanghai-2013-pierre-balmain-20 The deep tunnel leading to The Shelter
The Shelterへ導くトンネル。深い!

I actually happened to be in Shanghai during their Fashion Week. And we in Tokyo thought we had some problems…. well. Let’s just say that most fashion people don’t even really acknowledge it, and complain about lack of organization and attendance and The Government messing up the image (hey! This all sounds like Deja Vu). The tents are set up in Xintiandi.

I actually saw one show off-schedule, La Chambre Miniature. They actually served us wine and champagne. Fashion! I like the minimalistic structured lines and sequin series. 


というわけでファッションウィーク中、オフスケジュールで開催されたLa Chambre Miniatureのコレクションをちょっとだけレポート。構築的なデザインと、スパンコールのシリーズが最高にクールでした。




Above: VOGUE China stylist Yi and Sonja, and Sonja’s shop Alter below. She’s going to be expanding to a 2nd shop and cafe later this year! Go girl~
上はショー後にVOGUE チャイナのスタイリストのYiとSonjaと合流。SonjaのショップAlterは下載。彼女は年末に2店舗をオープンするとビジネスのりのりのサクセスウーマン。



 Every brand seems to be available in Shanghai..but I wanted underground! Where could I find some REALLY good local fashion? I think I finally found the spot: Dong Liang!

 It’s the name of a select shop that sells 3 floors of local indies designers in a cute cottage house and I was in love. I picked up a top and a cool collar here. They didn’t really want me to take photos inside, but then they asked me to take *my* photo so I insisted on a trade-off ;)

その他に現地で発見したクールなショップといえば、Dong Liangというローカルなインディーズ系を扱う名のセレクトショップ。3階建てコテージ状のローカルショップであるこちらは、中国デザイナーのものを多くあつかっており、特に気に入ったこちらのトップスとカラーをお買い上げ。店内の写真を撮らせてほしいと言ったところ、最初は断られかけたものの、あちらが私の写真を撮りたいと申し出たため、物々交換方式で特別に撮らせてもらいました笑



Looking forward to going back to Shanghai! But not in the summer. NOOOOOOO. No summer. Nope nope nope. +_+




バンコックのブーム!ELLE主催2013年SSファッションウィークでタイを体験してきました!PART 1


 A week before Tokyo Fashion Week was Elle Fashion Week Bangkok and the Bangkok International Fashion Fair (BIFF). I traveled with a HUGE group of almost 100 people invited from around the world, including 40 buyers and 20 media journalists and a few bloggers. This was the best of the world, with Barneys, H Lorenzo, Vogue and many of China and HK’s top boutiques in attendance. it was my first time in Bangkok and I was extremely excited to be there since some of my most favorite Asian brands are all from Thailand (Sretsis, Moo Eyewear, Wonder Anatomie and more). What would the fashion week, the city, the colors, the clothes, the fashionistas and the shopping be like?

Fucking fantastic. How so? Let’s see…

東京ファッションウィークの前の週のことにはなりますが、実は私タイはバンコクにて開催されたELLE Fashion Weekとバンコクインターナショナルファッションフェア(BIFF)に参加してきました!今回、世界中から約100人のゲスト(うち約40人がバイヤー、20人がメディア関係、そしてブロガー枠がわずかに)がこのバンコクの地に招集されたのですが、初めて足を踏み入れたこのタイという土地は予想していたより遥かに現代的で、バーニーズからH.ロレンゾ、Vogueやあと中国系のトップブティックが軒を連ねており、さながらお買い物天国といった様相でした。個人的には、タイ発のデザイナーに最近興味が湧いていたのでそちらの方が気になりましたが(例えばSretstsやMooアイウェア、Wonder Anatomieなどなど)。


Above: the first day of shows at Elle Fashion Week were held at an old historical movie theater. I hear they are knocking it down to replace with a shopping center though :( . Below: BIFF exhibition at a huge convention center outside of town. Love the visuals.

写真上:ELLE ファッションウィークが開催された、歴史ののあるシアター。実はこの建物は、近くショッピングセンターに立て替えられるという噂もたっているをう。






Above: Reunited and it feels so good. Part of our global crew, and the most uniquely dressed. Except for JP, I already have met all of these people on previous trips to collections and ALWAYS have a great time….From left: Jason Campbell (LA), Yu Masui (London), Moi (Tokyo), Sonja (Shanghai), and Jean-Pierre (Paris). It was REALLY hot out!!
I was wearing a Gyda hat, a Mia Melon cutout dress (LOVE it) from MAGIC in Vegas, Mame shoulder bag, Tokone “Kamakiri” tights, and Dazzlin’ platform shoes. Wig is by Plumb (of COURSE!).

写真上:現地で共に行動したファッショニスタの一団と。この中の多くは他の国のコレクションなどで会ったことのある面々でしたが、久しぶりに会うとやっぱり圧倒されるド迫力のドレスアップ。左からLAのジェイソン•キャンベル、ロンドンのマスイ•ユウ 、私、上海のソニア、パリのジャンピエール。一列に並ぶとかなり目立ちます。

私が着ているのは、GydaのハットとMia Melonのドレス、MameのバッグにTokoneのタイツ。靴はDazzlin’でウィッグはもちろんPlumb。



 Above: They served Krispy Kreme donuts, icecream bars, Belvedere Vodka, sausages, and champagne. So much for the fashion diet!
Below: The brand Playground had heir show in the theater, and the models walked up through the seating area. A very cool concept! 




Below: FF Fashionistas Found at the Sretsis party, this girl had light-up shoes (a Thai brand, supposedly) and also had an Ahcahcum Muchacha cat bag.





 Above: Real Red Bull! 
Below: Dinner at the Jim Thompson restaurant which is held in a sprawling traditional Thai home in the middle of Bangkok. This Jim guy is a legend in Thailand, being one of the most successful foreigners in the country who really had a thing for Thai culture. He was super rich and an adventurer and disappeared mysteriously one day while hiking in the Thai mountains… one of his homes was turned into a museum and fancy restaurant. There isn’t a movie about him yet??


下:バンコクの中枢に構えるJim Thompsonのレストランでディナー。レストランの名前になったJimという人は、現地に住む有名な外国人で裕福な生活をしていた最中に突如行方不明になった伝説の人。彼が行方不明になる前住んでいたこの家が今や高級レストランになっているというわけ。なんだか映画の世界…







Above: Working it for my shopping day! Wearing a Lucy Paris dress I got in Las Vegas, Tomo Koizumi top, Mame shoulderbag, Kenzo pouch, Vive Vagina tights and Jouetie shoes. Wig is by Plumb!
Below: At the famed Siam Center (which I will mention again later) which had the BEST shopping! My favorite was the 3rd floor which was ALL local high-fashion Thai brands. I tried to go back but we just didn’t have enough time… the visual merchandising is very very cool in Bangkok, even the toilets were entertaining to be in.

上:ショッピング中の一コマ。ドレスはLucy Paris、Tomo KoizumiのトップスとMameのバッグ、KenzoのポーチにVive Vaginaのタイツで、靴はJouetie。ここでももちろんPlumbのウィッグ。







Above: Inside the toilet stall. It beats crappy graffiti! (pun not intended lol)




Above: Brilliant icecream shoes at BIFF. 
Below: At the second day of Elle Fashion Week, with Yu Masui and an Elle Thailand editor.


下:ELLEファッションウィークで、マスイ•ユウとELLE Thailandのエディターと。






Above: A cool runway presentation by Asaya.
Below: Some super funky art installation on the first floor of Central World, Bangkok’s biggest mall. It is massive!!! I didn’t even try to traverse it this trip.


下:バンコクで最も大きなモールCentral Worldの一階で展示されていたアートインスタレーションが最高にクールだった。



Continued in part 2: crazy happenings on the runway, the temples and designers….


ミーシャ版パリの歩き方2013年〜ガイドブックでお馴染みのあんなところ、そして今まで聞いたことのなかったこんなところ〜 パート2

misha and eiffel tower

See part 1 here. Recap: If you couldn’t tell from the title and that photo above of me in front of a little thing called The Uhffel Tower, I was in Paris. And now I am foisting the spoils onto you. On y vas!


First order of the day: The market! It was actually a bit overwhelming to me…SO MUCH FOOD. And I can’t take free samples because then I feel compelled to buy it. It’s like those shop keepers can pull me from my SOUL. I did enjoy seeing a lot of the regional foods like a strange “macaron” from the countryside that was more like a brown sugar cookie, and all the Willy Wonka Factory-like candied fruits. But my goal here was to get some cheese. And not just any cheese, but some REAL mutha-effin CHEESE. “Give me some stinky cheese! The stinkier the better! Goats milk! There, that one in the corner with no label! That looks positively stinky!”. And it was DIVINE.


candied fruits


market cheese


Next, I ventured up to Montamartre in the afternoon all by my lonesome. Below is the “Wall of I Love Yous” written in a plethora of the globe’s languages.




I was here to check out a bunch of quirky shops, but you know what? THEY WERE ALL CLOSED. What’s up with that, huh, Monty? Can I call you Monty? So if I come back at precisely 3:37pm you’ll be open, you say? OK then. So I guess Montmartre doesn’t even wake up until after 4pm or so, a word of warning. Or maybe it just stays closed on the weekdays. So I just snapped pics of weird stuff being peddled in the windows:








A break. Salvation.

One of the special activities I got to do was hang out in the Maison Kitsune flagship shop and then sit down for an interview with the founders Masaaya and Gildas. I’d run into them oodles of times throughout the years in Tokyo but this was the first time actual sentences were exchanged. They were seriously cool-as-cucumbers and made sure to mention that they weren’t trying to be edgy or super high-design, just super high-quality (all their stuff is made in Italy). They also mentioned that they are opening their first shop in Tokyo this Spring. There was a customer there with us who couldn’t find anything his size but was SO determined to buy SOMETHING. That’s how fanatic fans are of the “fox”.





Positively French sexxxy shop decor, non? J’adore.






Next: my biggest challenge. My nemesis. COOKING. Our group was tasked to attend the freaking Alain Ducasse cooking school “L’ecole de Cuisine” and create a beautifully French course-style lunch. *hyper-ventilate* Alain Ducasse is a superstar global celebrity, and in Tokyo many will know him as the chef who presides over Chanel’s “Beige” restaurant in Ginza. So you KNOW we weren’t going to be slapping some neopolitan sauce on french bread, y know?! 



Is there going to be a pop-quiz??!



A flamethrower, man?!

Our chef sensei had a wicked sense of humor and even spoke a bit of Japanese. Alas, he was NOT joking around when it came to our recipe and making sure everything was perfectment. 



Finally, I mulled up some courage, and relented to help prepare the meal with my own hands. Victory!!! It was great fun. I was awesome and ROCKED that salmon and those romaine lettuce hearts!



I was frazzled after that. Here’s an idea: you cook, I`ll drink champagne. 



Voila! Look at my plate! Doesn’t it look absolutely delicious?! I got an A+. Or I would have. But according to this diploma I graduated at least! And don’t tell anyone I wore an apron.




Next, it was time to relax. We traveled over to the seine river where a beautiful yacht was at the docks waiting for us. I was checking out some reviews of Paris touristy stuff online and everyone says “Don’t ride a boat on the river! it sucks!”. Well, yes, that’s because other than these yachts, you only have the choice of riding a dinghy. These boats run by “Yachts de Paris” were INCREDIBLE. We had comfy velvet chairs, a fireplace, champagne, macarons, espresso….I loved this ride.









My trip was winding down. But there was one shop I needed to steal away to. “The Lab Store“. It is the shop run by “Le Laboratoire”, an experimental installation and art gallery. It is highly futuristic, both robotic and unique to itself in the universe…*head goes BOOM*. Many of the products are highly frivolous…like “Le Whaf”, which is a vaporizer/aroma-fier for alcoholic drinks. Put in your favorite Gin and then stick your face in the vapors: you can get buzzed from the alcohol without having to drink a sip!  My target here was to get me some “Aero Shots” designed by Phillip Starck and run in the same idea. You can inhale flavors or “foods” without actually eating them. There’s energy drink and chocolate….I got regular and mint “flavored”. So futuristic! Oh and yes, they are yummy…yummy um, air. They’re not available in Japan so naturally I got a bunch.

気付くとそろそろ旅の終わりが近づいてきていることに気付いた私は、たつ前のリサーチで絶対にチェックしたいと思っていたお店に直行した。その名もThe Lab Store。ここは、最先端の科学技術を駆使した実験的なインスタレーションとアートギャラリーの複合施設。まるでSFから出てきたようなこのストアは、中で展示されているプロダクツも近未来的で、例えばこのLe Whafと呼ばれるこちらは気化させたアロマフレーバーのドリンクなのだが、お好みのジンを中にいれるとこのリキッドが水蒸気になって出てきて、それを鼻から吸い込むことによって一滴も口にすることなくアルコールで酔えるというもの。この技術を使った同じような商品で、フィリップスタルクのデザインしたAero Shotsというのもあるのだが、私はこれを試したくて仕方がなかったのです。こちらはアルコールではなく、なんと食物を気体に変化させてちょくせつ吸引できるというもの。カロリーを撮らずに「食べた」という感覚をさせてくれるの。おかしいよね。ということで!私が買ったのは、ベリーのエネルギードリンクと、ミントチョコレートを大量に。ww



And now time to bid adieu. But not before getting a rad private tour of the Charles de Gaulle airport and the new supa-fancy Air France terminal that just opened. The business lounge was incredible. it’s called “The Park”, ostensibly because you can pee in the bushes. Kidding! Because it’s interior and furniture looks like trees. It’s beautiful, non?

そうしてついに楽しかったパリ滞在もこれにて時間オーバー。帰りの便へと足を急がせた私たちですが、帰りに寄らせてもらったシャルルドゴール空港内に新しく出来たビジネスラウンジがこれまた最後に凄いインパクトだったので紹介します。こちらのラウンジはThe Parkと呼ばれ、乗客が自由に仕様できるプライベートな空間。インテリアは木目調の落ち着いたシックなデザインで、搭乗時間までの待ち時間を最高に優雅な気分で過ごすことが出来る






Above: at the Air France head office before we literally RAN to catch our Airbus 383 home back to Tokyo. The fancy one with two stories and the best business class with yummy food and lots of good wine to ease us back into the droll of real life. 

上:エールフランスの本部。まさに今から東京へと飛び立とうとする瞬間での一コマ。エールフランスの最新型Air Bus 383の機内のビジネスクラスは、食事はもちろんのことワインなども充実しており、最上級の空の旅を提供してくれる



Oh Paris, you DO have a sense of humor! Love ya for life.


So there were a lot of places I didn’t write about here, but are being posted on AirFrance’s online Paris guide [coming soon] along with everyone else in my group’s travels and adventures. Warning, you WILL want to jump on a plane to Paris. Not such a  bad thing, of course ;)






shopping shanghai IT

A few weeks ago I hit up neighboring Shanghai for some research, and it was my first trip there. What I discovered was that although it is a fairly close 2.5 hrs. from Tokyo, I was in for a world of difference.

I was especially interested in the shopping experience, and in a city where every luxury and white-bread chain brand alike have a presence here just because it’s the cool thing to do, I figured that if I wanted to truly get to the fashionable heart of the Shanghaiese I would need to peruse the select shops instead.

The first shop I went to was called “Alter” and it is lodged into the side of the humongous Xintiandi Style mall, much like RESTIR is at Midtown. In fact, I would liken it to RESTIR because this place is oozing so much chic it’s going to bleed to death.


The first thing you will notice is the incredible architecture, which I correctly guessed to have been inspired by Escher drawings immediately upon laying my eyes on the all of the stairs. A huge staircase is the centerpiece and it replaces a regular floor, inviting customers to climb up it and go wayward, getting lost in the selection of items. I was especially fond of the mannequins scattered everywhere, including the walls and ceiling. Even the fitting rooms (below) are a perception-bending experience.


alter in shanghai

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