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Snap Happy. After the SO-EN Awards.


I would much prefer to dress in 1880s-meets-2080s fashion, but I see how Japanese street style a-la-manic-1980s has influenced me over the past few years. Bright colors and cartoonish accessories seep into my everyday style like soy on rice. These photos were snapped by Yume Takakura at Bunka Fashion College, following the SO-EN awards this month.


misha goes back to school for SOEN awards
back shotat Bunka Fashion College

never look back- misha janette by yume takakura

misha janette shot by yume takakura

Hat: Nobuki Hizume
Dress: Purchased at modlcoth
Black skirt: Charles Anastase, vintage (thanks to stylist Oyamada-san!)
Bolero: Hisui, SS 2011
Elephant Briefcase: Comme des Garcons 2007
Shoes: Esperanza SS 2011

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Appearing in SO-EN Magazine June 2011


Misha janette in So-En magazine June 2011

Dress by Goto Asato. Hat by Nobuki Hizume. Special thanks to Chihiro Hatae.


A big thank you to SO-EN magazine for including me in their 2011 edition of the “Gyokai Navi” (Industry Guide). It kicks off with NIGO from BAPE and then runs the gamut from patterner to merchandizer with 10 more of us in various positions within the industry in Japan.

Of course, my title goes beyond just “Journalist”, and luckily the profile includes most of my activities. Depending on the job..I am a writer, stylist, blogger, translator, consultant and avid collaborator. In Japan, I am always causing trouble for people who want to give me a title and there are just too many! I think they honestly get frustrated with me. So on my newest business cards I eschewed titles at all and have just settled with “fashion”. People will ask me what that means and I will have the chance to explain further.


『装苑』6月号の「業界ナビ2011年」というコーナーにて取り上げてくださいました♪ ナビはベイプのNIGOさんから始まり、続いて「好きを仕事にした10人10職」の中の一人として選ばれました。





Check out SO-EN June 2011 at your local import bookstore (there’s a cool feature on hats and headpieces too!! How fitting.)


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The Girl and her Hats in the Mirror. Tomihiro Kono by Mami Tanabe

鏡に宿る帽子と乙女たち。フォト:Mami Tanabe。作:Tomihiro Kono。

welcome to the dreamscape

Have you all seen Tomihiro Kono in this month’s SO-EN magazine? He is an extremely promising “head artist” (hair artist and hat designer) based in London.
We met just recently in Tokyo and immediately drew respect for each other so when he came to Tokyo for a whirlwind of photoshoots for a bunch of huge magazines last month, we made sure to spend a day playing with his incredible creations in a photoshoot.

The photos are by my newest favorite female photographer, Mami Tanabe. I think she’s going to be BIG!!!

I will have more information up soon, but for now I just want to hurry up and post these photos! Please enjoy!


今月号の『装苑』に特集されているヘッド・アーティストのTomihiro Konoさんとフォトシューティングをしました!




misha janette meets tomihiro kono-the dolls



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Worn to the shows. Goto Asato.

ファッションショーでキ・マ・シ・タ。Goto Asato。

after mintdesigns

I took a couple outfits by my friend Asato Goto for a spin at this season’s Tokyo Fashion Week shows. My favorite part about her clothes is the mix of stretchy active-wear textiles with delicate formal textiles in hand-dyed vivid colors. Not to mention the mile-high puff sleeves and meters-long sleeves. I didn’t think they would fit me because I`m quite short, but true to quality-made clothing, they fit like gloves.


注目を集める若手デザイナーのGoto Asato の作品、2点を着用して東京コレクションのショーをまわりました。彼女のアクティブウェアとフォーマルウェアの融合がとても面白く、人目ぼれしちゃいました。それに、手染めのヴィヴィッドな色ものも、着るとさっと気分があがる。さらに、オーバーの程、ボリュームのあるパフスリーブとうんメーターもある長い袖も個性的で魅力を放つ。いや、私身長低いから合わないだろうと不安だったが、やはりデザイナーの手によって丁寧に制作されたものは誰着てもフィット感が抜群!


after the christian dada show


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VOGUE Japan meets Isetan: photoshooting with SOMARTA

VOGUE日本 x 伊勢丹:ソマルタとのフォトシューティング

Misha Janette on location for Vogue Japan and Isetan photoshoot


My window display at Shinjuku Isetan, as supported by VOGUE Nippon, is up
only until this Tuesday! Hurry, hurry, must see it!

I had the opportunity to take the SOMARTA outfit I chose out for a spin..on the
Tokyo streets!




misha janette eats taiyaki in her Vogue Japan photshoot

Come inside to see those Noritaka Tatehana shoes on the street! | フォトシューティングのスナップを見よう!