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fashionscam6 It’s becoming increasingly important for creative types to have an internet presence; to be “out in public”, to have a recognizable persona, and to be in the public eye. This is just one way to go about building an ouvre…and freelancing type careers are increasingly becoming extremely dependent on it. And, as more young people from the Internet generation start to try and make names for themselves online (because let’s face it; becoming a stylist through online fame sounds like a lot more fun than a 5-year internship as professional slave) they will get more aggressive about being out and open in cyberspace.
I know, scary
But as many a celebrity, reality star, Twitter legend or Tumblr diva can attest, putting yourself out there means needing to be ready to take the downfalls. I get “hate” mail or flame comments sometimes, sure, but those are easy to deal with… just ignore them or hit “delete” and get back to life. But when it comes to scammers…OH OH… trying to MESS YOU UP. Aw naw…you gotta watch out for that. I recently noticed one of my acquaintances has been complaining on Twitter about being scammed by someone on the Internet using Western Union (a money wire transfer service). I don’t know what her situation was, but it reminded me of a time when I was young and fresh out of school and I ALMOST FELL for a scam. They were good. Here’s the situ, try and look out for them, especially if 1) you have an online portfolio with an email address made public or 2) Your English skills/experience aren’t quite up to par to recognize the warning signs.
しかし多くのセリブティ、スター、ツイッターとタンブラーのスーパーユーザーは証明しているが、しくじった時のためにすぐに投稿した内容を消す準備をする必要がある。私だって、アンチなメールやコメントがときどきくることがあるが、対処するのは容易いこと。ただ無視するかデリートキーを推してして実生活に戻るだけ。でも詐欺師に関しては…oh oh…やつらは台無しにしようとしてくる。はーー…ちゃんと注意しておかないと。私が最近気づいたことのひとつに、知り合いがツイッター上で誰かに騙されウェスタンユニオン(国際送金サービス)を通じて振り込め詐欺にあった。私は彼女がどんな状況にあったか知らなかったが、あの頃を思い出させてくれた。若かくて学校を卒業したばっかりだった。彼らは上手だった。こんな状況において、注意することが必要。①オンライン上で作品を公開する場合メールアドレスを記載している ②英語のスキル、十分な経験がなければ警告音に気づくことができないの場合は特に要注意。
Where there’s smoke…
The story goes: I received an email randomly telling me that a big global brand was putting together an event in the UK with different stylists/fashion personalities around the world flown in. Each stylist would be required to style models over a series of a week in their own personal style to be shown to the public at an open event. Each stylist would be flown business class, with 2 assistants allowed. The pay would be 22,000 British Pounds, paid by transfer during the week. But the event was to be held the following WEEK so they needed to confirm my schedule. Could I do it?
Keep your eyes peeled
My head went white like a blizzard. That was SO. Much. Money. for a start. I could buy a new iMac! A Chanel purse! Maybe I could retire for the rest of the year! I responded:
“My schedule is adaptable, but could you please tell me more about the brand? “
I immediately got a response. It was short, saying that it’s going to be several brands, not just one, and it would all be settled at briefing after I land. But since there wasn’t much time, they needed to get plane tickets for me and my assistants first. They said they would book it from their side and asked for my real full name, Passport #, and then told me that I would have to pay for the plane tickets by PAYING THEM but I would be reimbursed as soon as I landed.
Something here seems a bit off…
Huh. That is ….. unusual I thought. Well, actually, I didn’t know. It seemed unusual, but was it?? And why wouldn’t he tell me the brand’s names? THAT’S WHAT I REALLY WANTED TO KNOW. And, here’s the kicker, why is his English switching from wildly polite to kind of…well, really weird? It just seemed *off*. So I did some Google-fu and found that….
Apparently a similar email had been making the rounds to stylists at a fashion message board community I had posted on. Ah-hah! A scam! Oh, but how sad…. no 22,000 clams.
So how would they scam me? First, they’d have my passport number and name, and then later they would probably try and get my SS # (NEVER GIVE IT OUT!) and then they can steal my identity. 
Second, they would have me pay the cost of a fake business class ticket for 3 people, which would probably be upwards of 30,000-40,000USD. And of course I would never get that back because they asked me to transfer it by Western Union.
I stopped any and all communication with the scammer of course. 
Scary world out there
The thing is, some of the telltale signs that seemed “off” to me in the email actually WILL happen when doing legit business! A stylist often *does* have to pay for things up front, whether it’s clothing lease fees, hotel rooms and, yes, even plane tickets. It happens (keep your receipts!). Then, the email came from a Yahoo UK email address. It seemed really weird that it wasn’t a Pro mail address. But sometimes even magazine editors or PR people will email me from their personal accounts, especially on after hours. And freelancers will sometimes just have gmail accounts. Finally, the language seemed off but now working with many people across the globe it’s difficult to gauge at all. And while in Japan most jobs come through friends or friends of friends, now clients can find out online and will just send an email unannounced. Intuition and research are your strongest allies.
1) If ANYONE you don’t already know and trust 100% asks you to send money through Western Union, DON’T. Stop, drop, and roll and put out that fire NOW. Because it’s gon’ burn you up. It’s impossible to trace, and once you’ve paid, it’s gone.
2) If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Just, flat-out. Sorry kids. You gotta work hard for the big stuff.
3) NO WESTERN UNION, ya hear me!?
Watch your back, look out for yourselves, OK?


Above Photos by Tim Walker

Assistant editor: Yosuke Hokita

NYCで撮影した、巳年を祝うシュールモードページを初公開!ブルックリン在住、ラグジュアリー+シュールがお得意な新星カメラマンCharlie Engmanも紹介!


 It’s the year of the snake for the Chinese Zodiac and we just started the Lunar Year  this month. So for our February issue shoot for Newtide, I took inspiration from the celebratory colors of red, yellow, orange and gold–which we are lucky because maroon and oxblood are super hot colors for the season. 



The photographer was Charlie Engman and we shot in New York. I was so happy to have Charlie as his photos are always brightly colored and minimalistic yet surreal (a lot of post work goes into making them look that way though!). I love the idea of a girl coming home post New Year-party and totally out of it like a zombie. We also had some major cool manipulations to make her look far more “out of this world” but we ran into cultural differences in the end. As the creative director I didn’t want to throw away my idea, but at the same time it is important to be flexible in this ever globalizing world. At least my shoot didn’t get completely thrown out like it did with Grace Coddington in “The September Issue”! 

So please see the rest of the photos below, with miu miu, Prada, Jason Wu and more—!

今回の撮影なニューヨークで行い、フォトグラファーは現地で活躍するCharlie Engmanを起用。彼の作品は鮮やかな色合いとシュールな世界観、なおかつモードなスタイルにもはまるミニマリズムも持ち合わせており、まさに今回のストーリーにうってつけ。イメージする女性像は、ニューイヤーを盛大にパーティーで祝い、疲れ果てて家に帰ってきたニューヨーカー。なのですが、所変われば品も変わるとはよく言ったもので、撮影時には何度か方向性の修正を行い、結果的には当初の予定とはかなり違った仕上がりに。とはいえチームワークで行うシューティングに独断は禁物、現場に応じてフレキシブルに動くのも使命なのです。予想とは違えど、結果オーライなカッコいいストーリーに仕上がって良かったです!(と「ファッションが教えてくれたこと」でも起きた、Grace Coddingtonが担当したエディトリアルが完全に没になった、そのことを考えたら十分納得のいく結果だったと思います…)










Photos: Charlie Engman
Creative director: Misha Janette
Stylist: Marcelo Gaia
Hair: Kunio Kohzaki using Bed Head Tigi @SEE Management
Makeup: Tadayoshi Honda for Chacott
Model: Raquel @Jed Mgt

Photographer’s assistant: David Brandon Geeting
Fashion Assistant: Lydia Shahmoon
Hair Assistant: Kikumari
Makeup Assistant: Kaori Yamamoto

Shot on location in Chelsea, New York City
Special thanks to BoyPlay Studio


ミーシャ版パリの歩き方2013年〜ガイドブックでお馴染みのあんなところ、そして今まで聞いたことのなかったこんなところ〜 パート2

misha and eiffel tower

See part 1 here. Recap: If you couldn’t tell from the title and that photo above of me in front of a little thing called The Uhffel Tower, I was in Paris. And now I am foisting the spoils onto you. On y vas!


First order of the day: The market! It was actually a bit overwhelming to me…SO MUCH FOOD. And I can’t take free samples because then I feel compelled to buy it. It’s like those shop keepers can pull me from my SOUL. I did enjoy seeing a lot of the regional foods like a strange “macaron” from the countryside that was more like a brown sugar cookie, and all the Willy Wonka Factory-like candied fruits. But my goal here was to get some cheese. And not just any cheese, but some REAL mutha-effin CHEESE. “Give me some stinky cheese! The stinkier the better! Goats milk! There, that one in the corner with no label! That looks positively stinky!”. And it was DIVINE.


candied fruits


market cheese


Next, I ventured up to Montamartre in the afternoon all by my lonesome. Below is the “Wall of I Love Yous” written in a plethora of the globe’s languages.




I was here to check out a bunch of quirky shops, but you know what? THEY WERE ALL CLOSED. What’s up with that, huh, Monty? Can I call you Monty? So if I come back at precisely 3:37pm you’ll be open, you say? OK then. So I guess Montmartre doesn’t even wake up until after 4pm or so, a word of warning. Or maybe it just stays closed on the weekdays. So I just snapped pics of weird stuff being peddled in the windows:








A break. Salvation.

One of the special activities I got to do was hang out in the Maison Kitsune flagship shop and then sit down for an interview with the founders Masaaya and Gildas. I’d run into them oodles of times throughout the years in Tokyo but this was the first time actual sentences were exchanged. They were seriously cool-as-cucumbers and made sure to mention that they weren’t trying to be edgy or super high-design, just super high-quality (all their stuff is made in Italy). They also mentioned that they are opening their first shop in Tokyo this Spring. There was a customer there with us who couldn’t find anything his size but was SO determined to buy SOMETHING. That’s how fanatic fans are of the “fox”.





Positively French sexxxy shop decor, non? J’adore.






Next: my biggest challenge. My nemesis. COOKING. Our group was tasked to attend the freaking Alain Ducasse cooking school “L’ecole de Cuisine” and create a beautifully French course-style lunch. *hyper-ventilate* Alain Ducasse is a superstar global celebrity, and in Tokyo many will know him as the chef who presides over Chanel’s “Beige” restaurant in Ginza. So you KNOW we weren’t going to be slapping some neopolitan sauce on french bread, y know?! 



Is there going to be a pop-quiz??!



A flamethrower, man?!

Our chef sensei had a wicked sense of humor and even spoke a bit of Japanese. Alas, he was NOT joking around when it came to our recipe and making sure everything was perfectment. 



Finally, I mulled up some courage, and relented to help prepare the meal with my own hands. Victory!!! It was great fun. I was awesome and ROCKED that salmon and those romaine lettuce hearts!



I was frazzled after that. Here’s an idea: you cook, I`ll drink champagne. 



Voila! Look at my plate! Doesn’t it look absolutely delicious?! I got an A+. Or I would have. But according to this diploma I graduated at least! And don’t tell anyone I wore an apron.




Next, it was time to relax. We traveled over to the seine river where a beautiful yacht was at the docks waiting for us. I was checking out some reviews of Paris touristy stuff online and everyone says “Don’t ride a boat on the river! it sucks!”. Well, yes, that’s because other than these yachts, you only have the choice of riding a dinghy. These boats run by “Yachts de Paris” were INCREDIBLE. We had comfy velvet chairs, a fireplace, champagne, macarons, espresso….I loved this ride.









My trip was winding down. But there was one shop I needed to steal away to. “The Lab Store“. It is the shop run by “Le Laboratoire”, an experimental installation and art gallery. It is highly futuristic, both robotic and unique to itself in the universe…*head goes BOOM*. Many of the products are highly frivolous…like “Le Whaf”, which is a vaporizer/aroma-fier for alcoholic drinks. Put in your favorite Gin and then stick your face in the vapors: you can get buzzed from the alcohol without having to drink a sip!  My target here was to get me some “Aero Shots” designed by Phillip Starck and run in the same idea. You can inhale flavors or “foods” without actually eating them. There’s energy drink and chocolate….I got regular and mint “flavored”. So futuristic! Oh and yes, they are yummy…yummy um, air. They’re not available in Japan so naturally I got a bunch.

気付くとそろそろ旅の終わりが近づいてきていることに気付いた私は、たつ前のリサーチで絶対にチェックしたいと思っていたお店に直行した。その名もThe Lab Store。ここは、最先端の科学技術を駆使した実験的なインスタレーションとアートギャラリーの複合施設。まるでSFから出てきたようなこのストアは、中で展示されているプロダクツも近未来的で、例えばこのLe Whafと呼ばれるこちらは気化させたアロマフレーバーのドリンクなのだが、お好みのジンを中にいれるとこのリキッドが水蒸気になって出てきて、それを鼻から吸い込むことによって一滴も口にすることなくアルコールで酔えるというもの。この技術を使った同じような商品で、フィリップスタルクのデザインしたAero Shotsというのもあるのだが、私はこれを試したくて仕方がなかったのです。こちらはアルコールではなく、なんと食物を気体に変化させてちょくせつ吸引できるというもの。カロリーを撮らずに「食べた」という感覚をさせてくれるの。おかしいよね。ということで!私が買ったのは、ベリーのエネルギードリンクと、ミントチョコレートを大量に。ww



And now time to bid adieu. But not before getting a rad private tour of the Charles de Gaulle airport and the new supa-fancy Air France terminal that just opened. The business lounge was incredible. it’s called “The Park”, ostensibly because you can pee in the bushes. Kidding! Because it’s interior and furniture looks like trees. It’s beautiful, non?

そうしてついに楽しかったパリ滞在もこれにて時間オーバー。帰りの便へと足を急がせた私たちですが、帰りに寄らせてもらったシャルルドゴール空港内に新しく出来たビジネスラウンジがこれまた最後に凄いインパクトだったので紹介します。こちらのラウンジはThe Parkと呼ばれ、乗客が自由に仕様できるプライベートな空間。インテリアは木目調の落ち着いたシックなデザインで、搭乗時間までの待ち時間を最高に優雅な気分で過ごすことが出来る






Above: at the Air France head office before we literally RAN to catch our Airbus 383 home back to Tokyo. The fancy one with two stories and the best business class with yummy food and lots of good wine to ease us back into the droll of real life. 

上:エールフランスの本部。まさに今から東京へと飛び立とうとする瞬間での一コマ。エールフランスの最新型Air Bus 383の機内のビジネスクラスは、食事はもちろんのことワインなども充実しており、最上級の空の旅を提供してくれる



Oh Paris, you DO have a sense of humor! Love ya for life.


So there were a lot of places I didn’t write about here, but are being posted on AirFrance’s online Paris guide [coming soon] along with everyone else in my group’s travels and adventures. Warning, you WILL want to jump on a plane to Paris. Not such a  bad thing, of course ;)



ミーシャ版パリの歩き方2013年〜ガイドブックでお馴染みのあんなところ、そして今まで聞いたことのなかったこんなところ〜 パート1

printemps restaurant

I don’t consider myself a traveler at ALL. I mean, I had illusions of grandeur when I was in college that I would have a job that allowed me to travel extensively, being a jet-setter like those people in the Michael Kors ads but with jucier style. And yet I was lucky to get out of Japan once a year for 6 years. Recently however, it seems that finally my time has come! Next stop; G6! So recently I went to Paris with Air France (who I don’t think operate G6s, natch) and 5 other young women from Japan too. We were kind of on a “dream trip”, and while there *were* a few things that can’t be arranged without help (like my interview with Maison Kitsune a tour of CDG airport and a trip to the Kenzo atelier), we pretty much were just being fabulous tourists. So how’d it go? On y vas!



This is where I stayed: The Mandarin Oriental which is brand new and situated on the ritzy Rue St Honore at the Tuileries. The lobby and courtyard are truly an oasis in the city.




I think my favorite part was the cheese buffet at “Camelia” for breakfast everyday >_>….this reminds me there’s an incredible restaurant at the Mandarin here in Tokyo called “Molecular Bar”. I need to check that out again.

中でも私好みだったのは、ここのレストランCameliaでのビュッフェ。バリエーションが豊富な朝食の中でも、様々なチーズを取り揃えたコーナーが大好物過ぎて、毎日チーズ三昧でした。たしかマンダリンの系列の東京にあるホテルで、Molecular Barという名前の素敵なバーに行ったのを覚えている!


Mesmerizing “Mandarin” commercial played on the TV on loop in my room….*_* Can I get a lava lamp like this?



The first thing we did was go to one of Paris’ oldest and most prestigious luxury department stores Printemps. They gave us two cute Japanese personal shoppers. And we were tasked to put together an outfit head-to-toe to be photographed. Leave it to me! 



I LOVED these knit hats that looked like miniature cable knit pants and sweaters. I tried looking online for them afterward but couldn’t find them… T_T




Here I am with Chieko Higuchi, a popular seiyu (voice actor) and one of my travel partners. I feel like we were going on stage to perform The Seussical. Which means I LOVED it. 

移っているのは、一緒にパリを飛び回った有名な声優のChieko Higuchiさん。この時のことはよく覚えていないのですが、これを見る限り相当舞い上がっていた様子。



Sweater by Printemps private label, Skirt and green shirt by Meadham Kirchoff, Shoes by Charlotte Olympia, Jacket by Erdem.

 スウェットはプランタンオリジナル、スカートとグリーンのシャツはMeadham Kirchoff、靴はCharlotte Olympia、ジャケットはErdem。


The mess left behind in the VIP lounge. We had three rooms full of stuff! The interesting thing is you don’t necessarily have to be a VIP to use the service… just have to ask for it (and you get champagne, coffee, sweets, whatever!). 



It was actually a dream of mine to live in the center of any metropolis in the world in a room behind a neon sign. This “DIOR” one at Printemps would certainly suit nicely. I’ll move in tomorrow!
Below: post-shopping exhaustion lunch of veggies, olive oil and a huge “egg” of mozzarella.




Above: Afterwards, I ventured out on my own to check out some cafes, boulangeries and passages. One of the places I wanted to see was “Le Kong” at Point Neuf which is a restaurant designed by one of my favorite designers Phillippe Starck. I didn’t know it at te time, but I guess this place rose to major fame after being featured on an episode of Sex and the City (thanks for beng so informative, friends of Instagram). As you can see, it’s pretty empty at 3pm but I enjoyed my glass of rose above the grey skies over the Seine River before moving on.

上:ツアープランの合間、自分で行ってみたかったカフェやブーランジェリー巡りに繰り出しました。特に私が気になっていたのは、大好きなフィリップスタルクがデザインしたレストラン“Le Kong”。Sex and the Cityで取り上げられたのをきっかけに一躍ホットトピックとして注目された店。昼過ぎ3時頃に入ったのですが、店内は比較的余裕があり、ゆったりとセーヌ川を眺めながらロゼを頂きました。




Nearby was Stohrer, which is considered Paris’ OLDEST patisserie! Inside it just smelled divine, a melody of sugary confectioneries and pate, jambon and spices.

次に向かったのは、パリの最も古くからあると言われているパティシェリー、Strohrer。 入ってみると、スイーツの甘い香りと、パテ、ジャンボン、スパイスのメロディーが浮き上がる。

stohrer paris



I also went to this place, a famous chocolatier called “Mere de la Famille”. It is famous for selling nostalgic French candies, nougats, marshmallows and chocolates:

あと、有名ショコラティエの“Mere de la Famille”も抜かり無くチェック。ここの名物は、昔ながらのフレンチキャンディにヌガー、マシュマロにチョコレート。



Speaking of food, we went to this popular seafood restaurant Rech by Alain Ducasse for lunch, and it was INSANE. Remember, this was just LUNCH. 





I felt like I was preparing for surgery












DESSERT. A giant baguette-sized eclair! And there were pizza-sized french toast, a giant macaron cake and ice cream…. much to say, I was in a food coma for the rest of the day. I couldn’t even leave my hotel room all evening. And with that I end today… Part 2 here! Maison Kitsune, cooking lessons with Alain Ducasse, yachts on the Seine and Montmartre….




See also Kenzo atelier, Martin Margiela-designed hotel here

ケンゾーのアトリエの訪問と、Martin Margielaによるホテルはこちら

なんだか、超次レベルだ。オフィシャルHPのリニューアルとアップグレードと同時に自分もアップグレードを。みんな をチェック!


If one searches “Misha Janette” in Google they will most likely hit my official website before this one (I`ve had it for about 6 or 7 years, while this one is less than two years old). I use it to post my stylist portfolio and bio but like a bad creative employee I hadn’t updated it in a YEAR! Thatz not okay. So I took it out of HTML and spent the weekend rebuilding from scratch on WordPress. And ta-da! A simple, easy to navigate online portfolio. Whatcha think? Check out my stylist book, including editorials and other work I have never shared before.

Misha Janetteでググると、恐らくこのブログより先にオフィシャルウェブサイトの方が上にくると思います。こちらのウェブサイトの方では、私のスタイリングブックやバイオグラフィーを掲載しているのですが、ここ一年いろんなスタイリングの仕事をさせて頂いたにも関わらず一向にアップせず…これでは駄目だということで一念発起してHTMLからワードプレスにアップデートすることにしたが先週末。そうしてようやく完成したのがこちらです!思い切ってウェブ構造も改装して、より見やすくなったかと思いますが、いかがでしょうか?併せて、今までのスタイリングワークもご覧頂けますので是非見てみて下さい!


Front Page


misha janette portfoilo
And I feel very lucky to be doing what I am in Tokyo—I never set out to be a fashion journalist, and yet I have an arsenal of amazing publications and companies on my resume. Thank you to all, there is so much more to come in 2013.


misha-janette-clients (1)


There is always that “itch” to hop on the next bandwagon and shove off to a new land, and I am certainly in the position to do so if I wanted to (no familial, or legal ties to Japan). And yet I stay, because it IS my home. And I love Japanese food. And Starbucks makes the best coffee here (the microfoam!). And fashion is crazy. It IS the land of 2.5 dimension and that’s where I`m wafting at the moment. So I`m gonna
waft over to the store and get some washoku (J-food). Itadakimasu!



Front Page


Leaving with this, the newest single from Brooke Candy that I can’t get enough of. You probably know her as “the cyber chick from Grimes’ music video”. The breakdown where she chants “Man, I’m so next level” is the best-

最後になりますが、このPVとアーティストにめっちゃハマっているので紹介します。”Brooke Candy”という子で、”Grimesに登場した劇サイバーなこ”として一番知られているでしょうか。私の好きな世界観を放っているしんシングル”Everybody does”がつい先日リリースされました。”I`m so next level”という歌詞に惹かれるな〜どうぞご覧ください!




Once again I found myself in that city where a minute is long enough for everything to change, for my 3rd  NYE countdown and chillout session. I have never actually SHUT DOWN for vacation, there is always, *always* deadlines and daily work to be done but this time I did a pretty good job of getting out of routine. That said, I managed to get a few pics during my week and here is the buffet.



Madison Park and Broadway at dusk. You will see that every one of my photos is from nighttime… the sun sets at like, noon and I literally went without sleep a few days just to wake up early enough to catch some Vitamin D. My abode was the night… hit up spots like The Boom Boom Room, Electric Room, Bungalow, Le Baron in China Town, Greenhouse and more. I even took my first ride around the city on a Vespa that was so refreshing ;)  Let’s start with the main event: New Year’s Eve.

ということで、今回はみなさんにニューヨークの新旧人気名所を写真とともに巡ってみたいと思います!諸事情により、写真が全て夜中のものばかりなので最初にことわっておきます> < さてさて、ニューヨークに行ったらぜひチェックしてほしいスポットといえば、Boom Boom Room、Electric Room、Bungalow、チャイナタウンのLe Baron、Greenhouseなど挙げはじめたら枚挙に暇がないですが、まず何と言っても忘れてはならない、大晦日のカウントダウン!


Started off the night at Novita restaurant  near Gramercy, my italian home away from home, that has the best portions of ridiculously genuine food you will find in all of Manhattan. The head honcho Gisueppe will make you feel so at home and makes the best conversation- one of my MVPs this week. Was here for at least 3 nights! We scarfed our food and bubbly and grabbed our cab to the “Out” hotel’s “XL” nightclub, trying to make it there before midnight. If you know this place, congratulations, we might be able to be friends. 7 minutes before the clock struck 2013, our favorite cartoon-character-come-to-life dancing friend Jonte Moaning took the stage.




Above: Backstage with Jonte and music producer Ansoni (Boyplay). Below, Jonte with his dancers, makeup artist and friend. Kaon, the Japanese contestant from “Project Runway” was there helping Jonte with his costume and running around. Home-rye Jonte shut the place down and was the best performer of the night by a fuckton. Otsukare, darling~

写真上:パフォーマンスを終えたジョンテと、バックステージにて。隣は彼の音楽をプロデュースしているAnsoni (Boyplay)。



Some city scenes. Above: While in Tokyo it has become a given to stumble upon little shrines and temples hidden among houses and “ooh” and “aah”, I had forgotten it’s the same but with Churches in NYC. I loved running across all of the old stone buildings with towering, colorful stained-glass windows greeting me in the darkness. This church is competing with the Empire State Building behind it for attention. The  pairing reminded me of the Romeo + Juliet remake with the allusion to commercialized, neon churches. Below: Art Deco artwork in the 42st Times Square subway station. I went there once, to visit Bergdorf’s and that was enough +_+





Above: Ace Hotel’s Stumptown Coffee shop is excellent. The chain is actually from Portland and the neo-hippie atmosphere is recreated with warm, vintage and organic interior and baristas with purple hair who make coffee wearing leather gloves. Below: my favorite shoe brand United Nude’s flagship store in SOHO. I never miss out coming here to get some shoes when I’m in town, hitting the sales. UN just opened up in Tokyo, but the selection is a bit more conservative… I got my Iris Van Herpen collabo shoes here last year. It looks like a vending machine for high-end shoes, no?

下:ソーホーにあるUnited Nudeのフラッグシップショップ。前回来た時同様セール中だったので欠かさずチェック。前回来た時にはIris Van Herpenのシューズを手に入れたんですが、その後日本に上陸した時にはこういったレアピースは見当たらなかったので、ラッキーでした。そしてこちらのソーホー店では、自動販売機のような形態で靴が売られていたのも興味深かったです



Food:I ate a TON of Japanese food. I was a happy person. Below, I met up with George Inaki from AA Japan and Jed Root for a dinner at “EN” in Tribeca, which was the best meal I have had…EVER. Everything was just perfect! Tai shabu-shabu, mushroom and soy porridge, the yummiest salmon I’ve tasted, “smoked” sashimi and a about 15 more delicious courses. There’s a branch in Shiodome that I want to go to now, although I need to prepare my stomach for the outing.

フード:ニューヨークに来たというのに、食事は日本食ばかり。この写真は、現地で一緒にディナーをとったGeorge(American Apparel)と、Jed Root氏。ここはトライベッカにあるENというレストランだったのですが、ここの日本食はニューヨークはおろか、世界中でも指折りのパーフェクトな日本食が味わえる名店として有名なのだそう。鯛しゃぶに椎茸、鮭やスモークした刺身など、どれをとっても一級品ばかりでした。このレストランは、日本でも汐留に系列店があるそうなので、気になる方は是非行ってみて下さい!



This is the other restarant I ate at almost every night….Ootoya. Not joking. Ootoya opened up in Chelsea about 6 months ago and it’s the talk of the town. This place is so oshare, you’d have NO IDEA it was a teishoku-ya! The prices are more expensive than in Japan, but you pay for the atmosphere. One night, Lucy Liu was sitting next to us at the bar so you know the food is good though. My favorite was the steamed veggies with miso sauce. I know it’s Ootoya, but it was seriously a comfort to eat such good, casual food! 




Other than eating I went around searching for costume jewelry which is usually my actual goal for getting to NYC once a year; to STOCK UP!!! Oh yeah, and I managed to get a magazine photoshoot done and met an inspiring artist, and I will get to those soon…




Back home. TADAIMA!






tokyo fashion diaries 2.5 dimension 2013


from Tokyo Fashion Diaries

Editor: Misha Janette
Editorial assistant: Shunsuke Okabe / Photography: Mami Tanabe




Photo: Mami Tanabe for SOEN magazine 



So, it’s Christmas! Once again! If someone didn’t manage to remind me, I would totally forget it. After all, when I think of the “25th of the month” I’m like, “Oh! Rent is due!”. It’s funny because Christmas was (and, I suppose, for all purposes concerned, still) my favorite holiday. But it’s just celebrated differently in Japan. Differently enough to make me feel quite “meh” about the whole thing. 


Before I came to Tokyo I remember reading about a CHANEL Christmas tree in Ginza. Holy moly!!! I had never heard of such a thing….how glamorous. All I wanted to do was be in Japan for Christmas season and go trolloping through Ginza and see if the luxury brands would all one-up each other in the Christmas displays. Now THAT’s the Christmas spirit, amirite?

私が地元にいた頃思い描いていた東京のクリスマスといえば、どこかの雑誌で見た銀座のシャネルビルに植えられた巨大なクリスマスツリー。 だからこそ、東京に来たら毎年銀座に行ってラグジュリーブランドのクリスマスディスプレーを見るんだと意気込んでいたのだが、これが日本でいうクリスマス・スピリットとはほど遠いものだということに気付くまでに、さほど長くはかからなかった。


No, no it’s not…. but still , I had my first Xmas here 8 years ago and I distinctly remember it: store-bought fried chicken, a homemade strawberry shortcake and Music Station on TV. THIS is tradition, people! For some reason fried chicken (and more specifically, from KFC) is the meal du jour though don’t ask me why. Colonel Sanders is RAKING it in. Even the other fast-food chains take reservations ahead of time for families, couples and friends to make sure not to miss out on the chicken.


Then there’s the Xmas cake tradition here. I can understand if it’s pie like pumpkin or strawberry or walnuts or such, but *strawberry shortcake*?? Really?? And people get really serious about their cakes…the more high-end the better. In fact, even CHANEL sells a $90 limited-edition Christmas Cake every year now. Well, here’s 2012s:

 “The Christmas cake we have planned for you this year is modeled after a Chanel handbag. Inside the matelassé (quilted pattern) “bag,” two types of chocolate cake with differing textures will be layered with marmalade and orange-flavored crème brûlée, with the further addition of caramel mousse. I hope you will enjoy this dessert with both your eyes and your taste buds.”


この異様なクリスマスの光景はケーキ事情になるとさらに加速し、クリスマス=ショートケーキという公式が崩れることはまず無い。その反面、アメリカだとパイが主流(ここで使われるのは、同じくイチゴであったりパンプキンであったりウォルナッツであったりまちまちだが、そこにさしたるこだわりは無い。) それも、ケーキの値段も高ければ高いほどいいとされ、冒頭のシャネルでさえ毎年90ドルもする高級ケーキを個数限定で販売している。ちなみに今年のケーキはこちら。



Cute! Thanks Yuko

Alright, that sounds yummy. 

As for me, I spent Christmas Eve here in Tokyo in the company of friends and chicken (not fried!) and yes, CAKE. These looked delish.


On Christmas day in Japan the decorations come down (what??) to make way for New Years ones (oh). New Years is far more important culturally, and carries far more significance. People get a week vacation and laze around at home or their families’ place eating food all day. And don’t hink that only American/European holiday food is fattening… sticky rice called mochi is the most eaten here and ONE of those things is equal to *two* bowlfulls of white rice. And they tend to eat many a day, stuffed with sugared beans. So. Be merry and eat, all!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!