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Japanese Brands SS 2016春夏の東京コレクション Archives -

カテゴリー CategoryJapanese Brands SS 2016春夏の東京コレクション

Screenshot 2016-02-28 19.35.39


そう語るスタイリスト、伏見京子さんを中心に活動する”THE HAPPENING” 。2016ssコレクションでは、ラフォーレ前から表参道にかけてをゲリラショーでジャックするという刺激的なパフォーマンスを360°カメラで撮影した。最新の東京ファッションと最先端のテクノロジーがつくりだすその世界は、街を行く人の足を止め、目を奪い、そして高々と「声明文」をかかげた。


Hey guys, what’s Happening?

The Happening is a ferocious group of Tokyo-based designers who will not go on without a round of awe and applause. Headed by stylist Kyoko Fushimi, they meld technology with wild artisanship, some good ol’ fashion and showmanship in a battle cry against the status quo. While I am still getting press releases from new brands (and old ones) lowering the bar of fashion by to trying to be “your everyday casual brand”, these guys throw “casualness” out of the window and walk all over it.

And while designers of yore may have quietly gone about their “art” in the workshop, The Happening stages guerrilla shows on the streets of Tokyo, making sure their voice is heard loud and clear. Have you heard it yet?

Screenshot 2016-02-28 19.37.19




In 2020, Tokyo will be hosting not only the Olympics, but also the Paralympics. As many designers rush to be a part of the big event (and no names have come up as to who will be taking care of the uniforms or the opening ceremonies yet), there is one and only one that can take the seat of the best brand to dress the Paralympics athletes, hands down. And said even more, there is no other brand that considers the needs of those not fully body-able, but who still want to dress in funky streetwear and be on-trend. For that, we have Tenbo by designer Takafumi Tsuruta.

Not only are Tsuruta’s designs made for agility, but he also considers sight in his collections, as you can see in the braille print-hiding-as-polkadots in the suit below.


Also notice the knee pockets for a cell phone 膝ポケットによって携帯を便利に運べるデザインが天才的!

zucca 2016ss collection






This is the first time I`ve ever picked up Zucca on this blog, despite it being a Japanese brand that’s been touting the athleisure look since its birth in 1988. And while it has been highly influential, it doesn’t garner as much praise as its other 80s-born comrades. Sometimes the pieces still reflect that age, which is perhaps why… and like the spring/summer 2016 season’s collection “Labyrinth” implies, sometimes the best pieces are buried deep inside…

zucca 2016ss collection



彼の最新作はビューティーブランドCle de Peauのコスメティクス & スキンケアラインから登場する”Bal Masque”のヴィジュアルとパッケージデザイン。今の季節だと春物で出始めて、普通明るくてハッピーな物が沢山打ち出されるけど、この極寒い1月の日々だからダークでかっこいいのがよりぴったりだよね。リアルな話。だからこのムードはミーシャには持ってこいのコレクション。

It’s been so exciting to follow the career of Joji Kojima, the fine jewelry artist and art director who blew up right after art school graduation in Tokyo with a mask that ended up as a Lady Gaga album cover and followed it with some incredibly eye-catching 3D-printed pieces. His style is dark, mysterious, and exotic, with a taste for villains rather than heroines. Recently, he was commissioned by beauty brand Cle de Peau for a line of cosmetics and skin care, called “Bal Masque”. I know that the spring collections are hitting the shelves and everything should be bright and happy and yadda, yadda, but where I’m at, it’s still dark and cold so this moody collection hits the spot right now.









As a society, we tend to desperately seek meaning in everything. What exactly did that famous person’s interview/tweet/instagram mean?? What does this Picasso painting mean??? What does this fashion show MEAN?!?

We want to know the concept behind everything, to find the psychology behind it,  and even make up stories for those that probably really have no meaning at all (*guilty*…sometimes).

So try this one out.

Is there a deeper meaning here? ..Spending your time on it is up to you, but you’re not going to get it right. For now, just revel in this brand’s ballsy stance of just doing whatever it is that they want to do. It’s all crazy, but it’s definitely cool.


akane utsunomiya 2016 ss collection





あなたはまだ覚えてる? そして今の自分を見つめてみて。

My mother was a true blue clothes horse (let’s call her a pony, “horse” sounds terrible). Her closet spilled out of the one my mother and father shared into half of my brother’s, and then into half of mine. She came of working age in the 80s, so there were lots of colorful patterned collar shirts and “power” blazers in which she would remove the shoulder pads (they’re “icky”, she’d say. Progressive!!). As a child, I remember trying them on, swimming in their long sleeves. I wondered if there ever would be a day I`d understand this kind of fashion, or ever figure out how to wear it without giggling. Being a little girl trying on mature clothes is always a strange, magical experience…one that we easily forget. I was reminded of this while scrolling through the Akane Utsunomiya Spring 2016 catalog.

akane utsunomiya 2016 ss collection

elephant tribal fabrics 2016ss collection



2016ssコレクション、クリスチャンダダはデートをソースにした。ヨシオクボはアンティークマーケットでの経験をもとにした。ジェニーファックスは呪い。そして、若手ストリートブランド「エレファント トライバル ファブリックス」はデザイナーの人生のバイブル的映画、「GO」を題材に選んだ。


Taking on “identity” as an inspiration for a fashion collection is never new, but it’s also never the same as another. Tokyo high-end streetwear new comer “Elephant Tribal Fabrics” designer Ryota Kimizuka took his own rather unique Japanese-born Korean identity and parlayed it into a powerful 2016 SS collection. More specifically, he grabbed it from what he considers to be his life’s “Bible”, the extremely popular 2001 Japanese film “GO” starring Yosuke Kubozuka and Ko Shibasaki. It tells the story of a Japan-born North Korean in High School, and the tribulations of violence and love that surround his life. And as Kimizuka thought about his own life as a designer, he found it also told the story of survival among an endless number of brands scrambling for their own identities and success.

elephant tribal fabrics 2016ss collection

elephant tribal fabrics 2016ss collection

Screenshot 2015-12-19 00.40.37

最後の、第3戦「エッジ」がスタート!クリスチャンダダ、Leonard Wong, Nocturne #22 In C Sharp Minor, Op. Posth., フレイクがレアなことに大阪に登場!下記で各ブランドと並んでいる商品の一部を紹介します。

大丸心斎橋店で開催されているポップアップショップ、”ネクストラグジュアリー”のプロデュースに参加させてもらっている私。日本を牽引するパワフ ルなブランドをセレクトさせていただき、2週間おきに入れ替わるというとてもエキサイティングな企画!というのも、もうすぐアートデコ調の素敵な建物をリ ノベーションする大丸が、その前に行うこの大きな企画にミーシャを招いたくださったのだ。



I have put together a rather unique pop-up shop for Daimaru Shinsaibashi in Osaka, as they allowed me to experiment before they close down to renovate the Art-deco-era building. Over the course of 6 weeks, three groups of brands which represent the next generation of luxury fashion from Japan will be presenting an ample lineup of their newest collections and archives for sale.

We are now into the second of the three parts, on from Dec 16 to 30th. The theme is “Edge”

I have asked 5 brands who have a strong sense of self and stand out better for it: Christian Dada, Leonard Wong, Nocturne #22 In C Sharp Minor, Op. Posth., and accessories brand Flake. Please read about these special brands below and check out the store at the first floor of the grand Daimaru Shinsaibashi Department Store on the main Midosuji Road. (and don’t forget to check out the holiday windows I designed for them!)