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The 2016 SS clothes are hitting the shelves… and it’s time to reflect on the 20166 SS runway show I styled for Desigual at New York Fashion Week. Why did it take me so long to write? Well, this job was a DREAM and I would be remiss for not admitting that it was one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences of my life. How does one put that into words.. much less a “blog post”, which is something so….discard-able. Well, I`ve mulled it over, read my interviews, even read all of the internet’s comments on it (Duh, call me masochistic or just too Gen Y to consider internet comments off limits) and so finally here is my tale. Part 1’s intro is here, this is part 2 folks (but part 2 is more interesting IMHO.) Here we go!


Misha Janette styles Desigual New York Spring 2016



2015年9月、スペイン発のブランド、Desigualは2016ssコレクションを発表した。とっても光栄な事に、そのショーのスタイリストをやらな いかと声をかけて頂いた。しかも、NYFWのオンスケジュール、一番大きなオフィシャル会場のランウェイコレクションのスタイリスト!ミーシャの役目は、 スタイリングだけではなくて、アクセやシューズのデザイン、ヘアメイクさんへのオファー、音楽、モデル、そしてランウェイピースのデザインにまで多岐に渡 り、本当にたくさんの事を経験させてもらった。もちろん、プレッシャーに押しつぶされそうになったこともあった。でも、最終的に大成功!今までのデシグア ルのショーのなかで、ベストなものが出来たと思う(自分で言うのもあれだけど!)。本当に夢のような時間だった。クリスチャンラクロワとアイリスアプフェ ルにも会えた。 2016春夏の洋服がもうすぐお店に並ぶので、その前にミーシャがそのアイテムをショーのなかでどうやってスタイリングしたのか、ぜひみなさんにみていた だきたい!

What does it take to put together a fashion show for one of the most important events of the year, New York Fashion Week?

This is my experience.

In Sept of this year, Spanish brand Desigual showed their 2016 spring/summer collection. I was so honored to be asked to style this collection which showed on the official calendar, in the new NYFW official venue, in the largest hall they have there. I was to style the show, design accessories and shoes, offer suggestions for hair/makeup, music, models and even design some special runway pieces. Talk about pressure! But in the end it went so wonderfully, and I may be biased, but I think it was their best show ever! And I had an amazing time (and got to meet both Christian Lacroix and Iris Apfel!). Now that the new pieces will be hitting the stores soon I want to share with you all about what it took to put this runway show together.

Finale for Desigual 2016 Spring New York style by Misha Janette


Children models pose for Karl Lagerfeld kids for Melijoe

キッズ服にますます注目が集まる近年。こないだの東コレでは、ミントデザインズのランウェイにキッズモデルが登場したりした。ミーシャは子供いないけど、実は子供服に馴染みが無い訳でもない。以前このブログでCaroline Bosmansの子供服を紹介したことがある。だって、そのエッジィなデザインは大人の自分にとっても十分魅力的だったから!それがきっかけなのか、カールラガーフェルドの猫ちゃんからのお告げなのか…

Kids’ clothing is everywhere; even Japanese brands are dressing up their kids, with Mintdesigns putting children on the catwalk at last month’s Tokyo Fashion Week. I don’t have children, but I am no stranger to kids’ clothing, writing about childrens’ designer Caroline Bosmans here on this blog before because her edgy aesthetic appealed even to me as an adult….and that’s what brought me here. I had a revelation…and somehow, it was Karl Lagerfeld’s cat that brought me here. Lead away, kitty cat.

Karl Lagerfeld kids for Melijoe choupette flats



…ロレックス?スポーツウォッチ? 今時はiWatch?ってとこかな。





She who has time, has infinite power.

Think quick; what are the first three things you think of with the words “wrist watch”?

Rolex. Sportswatch. iWatch.

One of those answers *should* be “women”. The wristwatch was actually first invented as a way for women to tell time when only men wore pocket watches. It was watch brand Omega that marketed the first wristwatch to women around 1899, back when it was seen as gauche for women to pay attention to such trivial things as “time”. Now, we have had hundreds and thousands of elegant designs that look beyond gender, but for all purposes concerned, this event was a celebration of women’s watches AND the myriad women who wear them.

Last week, I was in Milan to witness over a hundred years of women’s watch designs, and learned a little bit of this feminist piece of fashion history along the way. There were dazzling designs, a brilliant gala, and a riveting Q&A with Nicole Kidman.




オートク チュールとか、敷居の高いファッションはパリに任せっきりのニューヨーク。日々目まぐるしく変わる街はまるでハムスターのホイールのように忙しく、そこで 自分の居場所を探す私たち人間はハムスターみたいなものかもしれない。いろんな人がいるシティ、少しくらいハンデがあった方が燃えるよね。それでも、平等にアメリカ ンドリームの権利があるのが、そう、ニューヨーク。もちろん、常に”新しい”ものにウェルカムな街だが、パリなどと同じく、ヒストリーのあるものに誇り高き思う街でもある。

New Yorkers are not known for leading the scene of haute fashion, but their cool optimism in the face of constant, dizzying change in their city is something to give nod to. Yes, it may seem a bit like a farm of hamsters in wheels trying to keep their place, but damn if they aren’t some good-looking hamsters. There’s certainly a magnetism, and the city is something that anyone with some gall can take on and conquer. And while the “new, cool thing” is always welcomed, NYC still takes great pride in its constants.



Green kimono in Jorge Salinas fashion show


Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler….Once upon a not-so-long-ago there were runways which staged fantastical collections for nothing more than to show off some bulging creative muscles and not necessarily meant to be sold off the rack. Sadly, there is very little room left in the world for those who still create costumed fantasy. Ones that we can perhaps agree that keep on going are Iris Van Herpen, Guo Pei of China and more or less the Writtenafterwards globes and cotton toga clouds here in Tokyo. Now we can add another to the list;  Jorge Salinas of Lima, Peru.


私の好きな英語の表現、「Like bees to honey」。蜂が甘い蜜にわんさと集まるというように、東京っ子が大好きなMiuMiuの新ショップとそのパーティで大集合した。そう、盛大で美しいパーティが行われ、そこには国内外の業界人や有名人(夏木マリ、梨花、菊池凛乎など)、中には広告を飾っている女優のミアゴスも招待されていたり、しかもラフシモンズとそのボーイフレンドといったスペシャルゲストまで招かれ(なーんて噂を聞いて)、とても盛り上がった。
Tokyoites love miumiu like they love drinking on weekdays. So it was no surprise that a new standalone boutique on Omotesando would make for incredible fanfare. Yes, there was a huge, beautiful party that brought out the ENTIRE industry from here Beijing to Denmark. They even invited over the actresses in their current ads like Mia Goth, and even had special guest Raf Simons and his boyfriend to Tokyo to join in the revelry.Take a look at the recent addition to possibly the world’s most decadently decorated shopping street in Aoyama, Tokyo.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


先月、ファッションウィークのためにきびしーーーい寒さのNYにいた。なるべく室内に引きこもっておとなしくしてた。ショッピングデーなんてもってのほかで、むしろ寒すぎて店から店へとはしごするその一瞬でも死にそうだったから、ちょっとした空き時間も買い物に行く気になんてなれなかった。(いろんな人に話してるけど、本当に顔がひりひり痛むような寒さ!) でも、それでもどうしても行きたい展覧会があった。それは遥々ブルックリンで開かれてた”Killer Heels展”。この展示は好評のため延長されたし、いろんな人に”絶対行くべき!”とおすすめされたもの。地下鉄の階段を上がると、少なくても10センチは雪が積もっていた。それを見た瞬間、エキシビションに合わせたヒールを履いてこようか迷ったけど、Y3のフラットなミリタリーブーツにして正解だと感じた。その午後、展示されてたシューズの美しさに圧倒されて、豪雪のNYなのにもかかわらず、あの不安定なヒールをはきたい気分がわいた…

It was killer cold in New York City during fashion week last month. Moving less, staying inside, was my mantra. In fact, I didn’t even make a shopping day or even shopping afternoon or hour… the idea of stepping out between stores and getting the shock of the cold made my system shut down just thinking about it (I keep telling people, “It stings, like piranhas nibbling at your face”). But there was one place I absolutely wanted to get out to: The “Killer Heel” exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. It had been extended until Mar 1 and everyone told me it couldn’t be missed. Exiting the subway, there was at least 10 inches of snow on the ground. I considered wearing an homage to the exhibit, but I pounded that pavement in flat Y3 military boots. By the end of my afternoon, I found myself a little more on my tippy toes, feeling the awe and beauty of the heels there.

extreme form of aesthetic mutation by joji kojima

Painting by Joji Kojima (not in the exhibit, but it should have been.)