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While Tokyo may still be in the throes of sweltering days and nights, we in the city are looking forward to a more soothing and thoughtful season, one that is arguably the most beautiful Japan has to offer. Chopard is celebrating that turn into the season of allure with a week-long event at the Isetan 1st floor stage, beginning today, the eve of September. There, it will showcase (and be available for purchase for the first time) some of the world’s most exquisite watch models created by Ancient Japanese artistry for a modern woman, as well as a look at why Japonisme is still one of the most inspiring aesthetics today.




少年の夢… 我々女子には未知の領域。

What happens when we girls delve into the mind of a curious boy? This one’s brimming with books, art, pictures, taxidermy, masks, fashion, and graphics, all mixed up in a cacophony of creepiness. It’s an attempt to show exactly what it’s like to be inside the mind of a boy, in its glorious chaos, all set to the background of gloriously chaotic Kitakore in Koenji, Tokyo.

この春に銀座線の車両をジャックしたファッションゲリラ集団、THE HAPPENING。数名のファッションメディア限定の”電車ランウェイショー”に呼びだされ、私がある駅のホームへ駆けつけた。突然に現れたモデルたちが電車に乗り込み、パパラチやストーカーみたいに彼女たちを追った私。電車を降りて、地下鉄の駅でポーズをとるモデルさん(表現者たち)の圧倒的な姿でメディアたちも、一般人も、どんな人でも不思議な騒ぎに巻き起され、エモーシナルなハプニングとなったのはいうまでもない。


そんな強い意志を持ちながら、東京の各地で”ハプニングショージャック”をしてきたTHE HAPPENINGが今回仕掛けるのは…

This spring, the fashion group known only as The Happening commandeered a few subway cars on the Ginza Line for a guerrilla runway show. I was called out to a show limited to only a few members of the media, and I found myself on the platform of an station underground. When a model appeared and stepped into the train,  I followed her inside like a paparazzi or stalker.I trained my camera and shutter finger on her, snapping away as she posed and preened in the car, the usual propriety of Tokyo’s train passengers be damned. The models in their avantgarde garb then all gathered in a nondescript hallway somewhere deep inside Ginza Station, with a gaggle of photographers and muggles all gawking at the scene.

“I said to them, `Even if you won’t give us the OK, we’re gonna do it anyway`!” said Kyoko Fushimi after the show, a stylist and the brains behind The Happening. “In the end, they gave us their permission, and helped us out with logistics.”

And with this sort of determination to bend the rules, The Happening has been happening at random places all over Tokyo, showing off fashion-forward designs from the city’s best up and coming talent. So what do they have cooking this time? Well, it’s certainly a more inclusive way to enjoy their events…


Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 6.48.02 PM


日本のファッショントレンドの回転は想像通り、とってもはやいもの。(昔の裏原トレンドなんて、3ヶ月ごとに変わったという伝説がある)。今の時代では、流行の寿命はもう少し長くなった、、、が、それでも”進化”が早いのは確か。この記事の中にも出てくる各「ネオ」トレンドもそう。今回特に触れたいのが(現名称)「ジェンダーレス系」だ。みなさんの記憶からはもう消えたかもしれませんが、下記の記事 をあげた当時は(旧名称)「ネオイケメン系」と呼ばれていた。やはりトレンドの回転と進化がはやいもんだな、、、

ジェンダーレス系のトレンドは「ネオ」トレンドのどれよりも発展しており、今やジェンダーレス系アイコンのユースケデビルくんがセレブの席に座れるようになっている。また、彼に憧れたジェンダーレス男子が数多く出てきて、例えばりゅうちぇるさんがファッションアイコンとしてとても有名になっていますね。(この記事に写真をたくさん追加す ると偉い長くなりますので、気になる方は各リンクをクリックし、ご覧ください)また、綺麗な顔立ちのGENKINGさんも一流芸能人となっているこの、ジェンダーレス系の認識は一般の方の間でも普及してます。

このジェンダーレス系の「今」に触れてみると、やはり海外の注目が気になるところ。i-Dマガジンが記事をあげて、”ギャル以降、一番面 白い東京のトレンドはジェンダーレス系だ”という。また、その影響のおかげか、彼らは海外のユニセックスのことを”ジェンダーレス”というふうに呼べるようになった。海外のAFP新聞はもっと 深く取り下げて、”ジェンダーレス系はフェミニズムに当てはまるか?それともアンチなのか?”と問いた記事をあげた。私も、今のジェンダーレス系にとても感心を持 ち、Z-Tokyoのコラムでは ”ジェンダーレス系はセクシャリティにも影響を与えている?”とあげてます。

ファッションはただの洋服のトレンドで終わることが多いけど、時にこういうふうに社会の傾向を反映させることもある。”私には関係ない”と思う方でも、今回はぜひ感心を 持って、みていただければと思います。今後も、こういった美少年と中性的な美少女が増えるのか?ま、、、それが「美」であるなら、増殖しても決して悪いことではないよね。


In Japan, we know that trends come and go very quickly (historically, new ones came and went in the span of 3 months). It takes a little longer for the modern ones to cook, and now the “neo” trends mentioned in this article below are getting to the point of being well-done. Specifically, I want to call out “neo ikemen” which as we all know, is now called “genderless” fashion. And genderless is starting to take on a life of its own now. Where are we at, exactly? First, the genderless icon above, Usuke Devil, is all over the TV airwaves and has spawned dopplegangers such as Ryucheru (with 450k followers) and more and more “pretty boys” are popping up on Instagram all the time. And who would have thought that androgynous O-nee Genking would be like the Kim Kardashian of Japan by now?

The trend has gotten so big that the world has taken notice. i-D Magazine says that Genderless is the most interesting thing to come out of Japan since the gyaru. And perhaps from this, they were influenced to start calling “unisex” fashion “genderless” instead. Then, the AFP goes so far to ask whether Genderless hurts or helps feminism. Meanwhile, most of the Genderless boys’ fans are women, and now that the trend has hit the mainstream, many girls ask the question: “Are you gay?” “Do you have a girlfriend?” The idea of blurring sexuality through fashion and actually having it relate to sexuality is fascinating to me, and I wrote a column over at Z-Tokyo asking if they’ve got anything to do with each other (read it bilingually here).

Some people think that fashion exists in a vacuum, but sometimes…it really reflects a society at large and can offer insight into where it’s headed. So are we in for pretty boys and girls for the foreseeable future? Hey, there are worse things that could happen. Read the original “Neo Ikemen/Genderless” article below.



Original Post: 11/19/2014


  1. 世界規模のインターネットの進化 (それにより、トレンドが雑誌に限らずSNSからも生みだすことが可能になる)。
  2. 日本の経済悪化。(だが、ファッションとサブカルチャーは経済効果がある)。
  3. 官民ファンド、クールジャパン機構の設立。



Subcultures have long been an integral part of the Japanese fashion scene, but they weren’t considered something to be *protected* and *proud of* until recently. The catalyst for this is three-fold

1. The internet globalization

2. The struggling Japanese economy

3. The advent of the “Cool Japan” initiative.

#3 was a major turn, when Japan started to realize that selling their unique fashion culture abroad could be lucrative, instead of keeping it caged inside of Japan. Right now the big trends in this new era are being given the prefix of “neo”. And they are taking off big time, in and outside of Japan. …some of these are even being created outside of Japan rather than inside! What are some of the “neo” subcultures in Japan right now, and what new “neo” subcultures might be born soon?


ファッションを仕事にする者としてどうしても見逃せない数字がある。日本で服飾を学ぶ学生の数が、1985年をピークにどんどん減少しているらしい。ピーク時約5万人の学生を抱えていた服飾業界だが、2015年、その数は30%である約1万5000人。さらにこのまま減少していくと20年後 には5000人(全盛期の10分の1)になってしまうことになる。
As a fashion professional, there is some disturbing data out there that cannot be ignored. In Japan, the peak year for the highest number of fashion students in here was in 1985. After that, the numbers just get worse and worse. While in 1985 there were at least 500,000 students studying fashion, in 2015 there were only 30% of those numbers at about 150,000. If numbers keep going in that direction, then in 20 years there will only be 5000 students studying fashion in Japan (1/10 of the peak period).
Why? Is it because it’s becoming harder and harder to be successful as a designer, or in any other position in the fashion industry? That simply isn’t true. So then what is it? In fact, other creative fields like beauty, hair, nails, film, graphics, and photography are all also “difficult” fields and yet their number of students are growing. So then… why exactly are students here abandoning the fashion industry?
スクリーンショット 2016-07-07 14.57.41

yuimanakazato haute couture 2016



“It’s been 12 years since a Japanese designer was seen on the haute couture runway”

And with that, Yuima Nakazato took his ouvre of costume design for the likes of Lady Gaga all the way to the top stage, as a guest member of this year’s Haute Couture collections in Paris. As we all know, to show a haute couture collection during this fashion week, one must be specifically invited by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture so being asked to a guest spot is a huge honor.

12 years ago it was Hanae Mori with her ball gowns and intricate decor for ladies looking to be glitzy. But Yuima brought his own shade of glitz, in the form of his signature holographic fabric, which turnt out that runway like a future fantastic Bjork in hyperspeed.

yuimanakazato haute couture 2016







It’s another year and another round of the SOEN Fashion Awards, which are considered the most prestigious of contests in Japan for discovering young talent. Every time, getting the prize gets more and more difficult as young ingenues are tasked not only with creating an awe-inspiring  3-piece collection, many now have to dabble in developing their own technology, fabric and innovative couture techniques to come out on top. …All while impressing a panel of judges that are the top in Japan, like SOMARTA, Dresscamp and Tsumori Chisato. The winner is bestowed with 1 million yen and an all-paid study abroad in France.

There are 5 “awards” in total, so let’s look at this year’s winners and imagine the future of fashion getting just a little bit more interesting.



今、世界のファッション業界で大きな議論を呼んでいるのが、ランウェイから実際に服が届くまでの(だいたい6ヶ月という)ギャップを縮めようとする”see-now, buy-now”という動きについて。(直訳すると”今見て、今買う” 。つまり、欲しいと思ってから手に入るまでの期間を短くするということ)これは、製造、販売側にしてみれば悪夢のような物流スケジュールになることは明らかだけど、それでもさまざまな矛盾が取り除かれすっきりするため、多くの人に取って結果的にはプラスに働くのではないか?と思う。


ファッションキャピタルシティの中でも一番コマーシャル的なニューヨーク。この街では特に”see-now, buy-now”の動きが強い。ニューヨークファッションウィークのカレンダーにはクチュールブランドではなくスポーツウェアやカジュアルウェアブランド がずらりと並ぶ。だから、ニューヨークではすでに、”see-now,buy-now”ファッションウィークが、もうすぐそこまで来ていると考えている。

ニュー ヨークが上手く回り出せば、きっと次は東京の番だ、と個人的に思う。東京はsee-now, buy-nowのアジアのキャピタルとして、沢山の人がやって来るようになると思う。すでに、クリエイティブなデザイナーの多くはトランクショーに顧客を招待して、see-now, buy-nowのファッションショーを以前から続けてきた。…東京はもしかしたら世界のsee-now, buy-nowキャピタルにもなり得るかもしれない?

Right now the huge topic of discussion in the global fashion industry is regarding disruption of the cycle from runway to delivery (usually 6 months) to”see-now, buy-now” (making looks immediately available to purchase). “See now buy now” is a logistical nightmare in terms of production and distribution, but in capitalistic terms it makes total sense. We want what we see right away, and often by the time clothes hit stores, we are on to the next thing. Big brands with cash flow and resources like Alexander Wang are jumping on the bandwagon to hold on-season runway shows and many other commercial brands are following suit.

This is especially true in New York, which has always been the most commercial of the major fashion capitals. The New York fashion week calendar is mostly filled with sportswear and casualwear instead of couture, and thus I predict a “see-now buy-now” fashion week is just around the corner.

And then, after New York gets that ball rolling, I believe Tokyo will become the See-now buy-now destination for Asia. The most creative designers here are already producing on a trunk-show schedule, and the consumers have been attending see-now buy-now fashion shows for over a decade. ..could Tokyo even become the see-now buy-now capital of the world?