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Adapted from a manga “Shojo Tsubaki” (少女椿) from the 80s which became a cult hit, this tale of psychotic intrigue has been turned into a feature-length film starring fashion model and “dolly style” fashion icon Risa Nakamura. Disclosure: I actually have a cameo in this film, as my friend Torico is the director and I’ve already seen a screening of it, which will be in limited release beginning May 21st in Japan. The original story is an “ero-manga” (erotic manga) and is a fever dream about a girl “Midori” who joins a band of circus freaks who are led by a magician who uses black magic…

shojo tsubaki 5




そんなミーシャの想いを形にしたのが、伊勢丹新宿の夏浴衣フェア”Now and Tomorrow” by Misha Janette ♡。伊勢丹1階のメインイベントスペースにてお披露目してます。そこでは、7階の呉服コーナーからセレクトした浴衣と、3階のリスタイルコーナーから選ん だ洋服を合わせてスタイリング提案をさせていただいた。同じ浴衣を、オーソドックスな方法と、呉服と洋服をミックスさせたモダンな方法で着たマネキンを並 べて置いて、その違いを際立たせた展示は伊勢丹にとっても初めての挑戦だそうだ!ここでは、4つのスタイル提案を紹介&解説します。さて、あなた のお気に入りはどれですか?

In Japan, the summer season brings out a type of traditional clothing called the Yukata, which is a lightweight summer kimono. While in the west we look to the runways and streets for new styles and trends in clothing, changes in yukata trends are pretty much limited to print and color as its design (shape), and how it’s worn, never changes. In Japan, wearing the yukata as it always has been is so normal, it’s like cereal and milk. You aren’t really *supposed* to mix it up… like putting coconut water in that cereal. But to someone like me, the long robe with the wide sleeves and obi belt just seems so versatile in possibilities! Can’t we play with it… just a little?

So with that concept in mind, I have collaborated with Isetan in Shinjuku to direct the Summer Yukata Fair “Now and Tomorrow” by Misha Janette ♡ which is featured on The Stage, which is in the middle of the 1st floor! In it, I styled my favorite new yukata designs with the newest western fashion from the 3rd Floor Re-style shop. You can see how the yukata are worn in an orthodox way, as well as in a more mixed-up “avantgarde” way. In fact, this is the first time Isetan has ever mixed traditional clothing with western fashion!! Please see the four main styles below…which is your favorite?








Even the most analog of accessories is being forced to upgrade using super high-tech advancements. But what does that mean?

To find the answer, last week I visited Los Angeles to witness a revolution in mechanical watches, the world’s first Master Chronometer from Omega.

Although I run a fashion blog, when I wake up in the morning the first thing I check are technology and science blogs, because I’m a big nerd inside and let’s be honest: technology is the most exciting frontier, even in fashion. And watches are in fact the first ever “wearable tech”, considering they have little mechanical “engines” inside. Their simplicity seems almost primitive, and expecting them to work 100% on every occasion is a given. However, apparently there is something in our modern daily lives that is messing with even the most luxury of mechanical watches and rendering them faulty… can you guess what that is?


気がつけば耳にするのは悪いニュースばかりで世知辛いここ数年、ファッションは逆に鮮やかなプリントや遊びの効いたデザインなど、ポップなコレクションを発表する事でバランスを取ってきた気がする。それこそ、ミーシャはピンクのパイソン地にうさぎがプリントされたコートとグラフィカルな目玉とばってんがチャーミングな60年代風スパンコールTシャツドレスを着ておめかし。どちらもプラダの2016 pre-springコレクションのもの。こんなにドレスアップして向かった先はといえば、そうプラダの最新コレクション。プラダ メンズ ウィメンズの秋コレクションがミ17日の日曜夜にミラノで開催された。


Fashion has spent the past few years creating a remedy to the real world’s problems by ushering in collections of POP grandeur, in fun and peppy prints and playful designs. I myself was swaddled in a pink python coat printed in bunnies and a 60s-style t-shirt dress featuring graffiti eyeball stencils and pretty plastic paillets from the Prada pre-spring collection currently in stores now. This is certainly one of the most peppy, uplifting, and buzzworthy collections in a long time. But as the audience shuffled into the venue for the Prada mens and womens fall show in Milan on Sunday night, it was like we’d stepped into a different world. This collection that Miuccia Prada showed for fall 2016 was an antithesis to pop, and was instead a snapshot of a dark and twisted tale… and that tale is reflecting the reality of the harsh world we live in. Is fashion finally coming to terms with it by going dark and heavy?


MILAN, ITALY - JANUARY 17: Misha Janette attends the Prada show during Milan Men's Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016/17 on January 17, 2016 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Misha Janette

Screenshot 2015-12-19 00.40.37

最後の、第3戦「エッジ」がスタート!クリスチャンダダ、Leonard Wong, Nocturne #22 In C Sharp Minor, Op. Posth., フレイクがレアなことに大阪に登場!下記で各ブランドと並んでいる商品の一部を紹介します。

大丸心斎橋店で開催されているポップアップショップ、”ネクストラグジュアリー”のプロデュースに参加させてもらっている私。日本を牽引するパワフ ルなブランドをセレクトさせていただき、2週間おきに入れ替わるというとてもエキサイティングな企画!というのも、もうすぐアートデコ調の素敵な建物をリ ノベーションする大丸が、その前に行うこの大きな企画にミーシャを招いたくださったのだ。



I have put together a rather unique pop-up shop for Daimaru Shinsaibashi in Osaka, as they allowed me to experiment before they close down to renovate the Art-deco-era building. Over the course of 6 weeks, three groups of brands which represent the next generation of luxury fashion from Japan will be presenting an ample lineup of their newest collections and archives for sale.

We are now into the second of the three parts, on from Dec 16 to 30th. The theme is “Edge”

I have asked 5 brands who have a strong sense of self and stand out better for it: Christian Dada, Leonard Wong, Nocturne #22 In C Sharp Minor, Op. Posth., and accessories brand Flake. Please read about these special brands below and check out the store at the first floor of the grand Daimaru Shinsaibashi Department Store on the main Midosuji Road. (and don’t forget to check out the holiday windows I designed for them!)

Misha Janette styles Desigual New York Spring 2016



2015年9月、スペイン発のブランド、Desigualは2016ssコレクションを発表した。とっても光栄な事に、そのショーのスタイリストをやらな いかと声をかけて頂いた。しかも、NYFWのオンスケジュール、一番大きなオフィシャル会場のランウェイコレクションのスタイリスト!ミーシャの役目は、 スタイリングだけではなくて、アクセやシューズのデザイン、ヘアメイクさんへのオファー、音楽、モデル、そしてランウェイピースのデザインにまで多岐に渡 り、本当にたくさんの事を経験させてもらった。もちろん、プレッシャーに押しつぶされそうになったこともあった。でも、最終的に大成功!今までのデシグア ルのショーのなかで、ベストなものが出来たと思う(自分で言うのもあれだけど!)。本当に夢のような時間だった。クリスチャンラクロワとアイリスアプフェ ルにも会えた。 2016春夏の洋服がもうすぐお店に並ぶので、その前にミーシャがそのアイテムをショーのなかでどうやってスタイリングしたのか、ぜひみなさんにみていた だきたい!

What does it take to put together a fashion show for one of the most important events of the year, New York Fashion Week?

This is my experience.

In Sept of this year, Spanish brand Desigual showed their 2016 spring/summer collection. I was so honored to be asked to style this collection which showed on the official calendar, in the new NYFW official venue, in the largest hall they have there. I was to style the show, design accessories and shoes, offer suggestions for hair/makeup, music, models and even design some special runway pieces. Talk about pressure! But in the end it went so wonderfully, and I may be biased, but I think it was their best show ever! And I had an amazing time (and got to meet both Christian Lacroix and Iris Apfel!). Now that the new pieces will be hitting the stores soon I want to share with you all about what it took to put this runway show together.

Finale for Desigual 2016 Spring New York style by Misha Janette




…ロレックス?スポーツウォッチ? 今時はiWatch?ってとこかな。





She who has time, has infinite power.

Think quick; what are the first three things you think of with the words “wrist watch”?

Rolex. Sportswatch. iWatch.

One of those answers *should* be “women”. The wristwatch was actually first invented as a way for women to tell time when only men wore pocket watches. It was watch brand Omega that marketed the first wristwatch to women around 1899, back when it was seen as gauche for women to pay attention to such trivial things as “time”. Now, we have had hundreds and thousands of elegant designs that look beyond gender, but for all purposes concerned, this event was a celebration of women’s watches AND the myriad women who wear them.

Last week, I was in Milan to witness over a hundred years of women’s watch designs, and learned a little bit of this feminist piece of fashion history along the way. There were dazzling designs, a brilliant gala, and a riveting Q&A with Nicole Kidman.




ゴージャスってなんだろう?「かわいい」というように、人にとって、それぞれ意味がかわってくると思う。私には「スタイリッシュ」だとか、「努力したおしゃれ」だとか。そしてたまには内面的にも「ゴージャス」といえるよね 笑。




セルフィーでかわいく自分を写して送っちゃえ!みたいな感覚は大歓迎なので、写真と、自分なりの「ゴージャス」を送って応募してくれたら嬉しい。SNSをやっている方、誰でも応募可能〜 パーティはちょいシークレットなので、ハッシュタッグ応募ではなく、送信応募でよろしくお願いします🎶



What does it mean to be gorgeous?

Obviously the word has been hijacked in our current time and can mean anything you want it to, as long as it means it makes your eyes dance and feel good. And then every once in a while we can use it for other matters not so only skin deep. But that’s for another time and place.

Because I am hosting a “Gorgeous” themed secret party for Hankyu on August 22 in Osaka. If you ever think “I want to get dressed up, but there’s never a chance to do it in Osaka!” well now is your chance! The location is secret and only 50 people are getting in. Are you in Osaka at that time? Then sign up and come be gorgeous with us, honey!

Entry HERE!




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