AW 2014-15 Tokyo Brands | 東京ファッション

SASQUATCHfabrix asks “What is Avant-garde?” AW 2014-15 一体アバンギャルドって何?サスクワァッチファブリックス秋冬2014


What IS “avantgarde” ? Is it something merely ahead of it’s time? Imagination vs power? is it possible to be truly avantgarde and still accepted by a majority? A typical impression of something avantgarde is probably very outlandish and garish, but looking at this “avantgarde” collection by Japanese menswear brand SasquatchFabrix, we see that stereotypes can’t always be trusted.

This brand took it upon themselves to come to their own conclusion. What did they find?…


そこに着目したコレクション、2014awのサスクワァッチファブリックス。”?衛前 What’s Avant-Garde”と題されたコレクションには彼らの”アバンギャルド”が投影されている。