Autumn Winter 2015-16 Tokyo Brands AW 2015秋冬の東京ブランド Tokyo Brands | 東京ファッション

KIDILL AW 2015-16 バックトゥーザフューチャーを具現化、キディル秋冬




デザイナーの末安弘明(Sueyasu Hiroyaki)さんがテーマにしたのは50年代のロンドン。不良っぽいファッションをしていた1950sダンディなファッションを着たテディボーイたちをソースに、さくらんぼのキャッチーなアイテムも取り入れた。”レトロパンク精神”なコレクションかと思いきや、チャイナ風のトップスやパジャマのようなルックも飛び出す。

Hiroyaki Sueyasu’s brand KIDILL is in its 3rd season at Tokyo Fashion Week (but with a huge number of years as director of Honey’s Dead shop in Tokyo and designer of Liber Oz and Hiro in London) and he’s established his aesthetic as one that throws dandyism with colorful POP references all into the wash together. With this new 2015-16 fall winter collection he picked up the DHL design award representing Tokyo and is one of the top labels to watch from Tokyo Fashion Week.

This fall/winter collection takes reference of London circa the 1950s and the bad boys of the streets in edwardian looks known as “Teddy Boys”. Of course, their anti establishment and anti sevile row stance gave them the label of early punks, but Kidill’s designs don’t merely reproduce that entirely. In fact, there are reference to China in a Mandarin collar top and pajama-like ensembles that put a wedge between then and now.



Kidill menswear 2015-16 Tokyo Fashion Week. Photo: Mami Tanabe

Autumn Winter 2015-16 Tokyo Brands AW 2015秋冬の東京ブランド Tokyo Brands | 東京ファッション Tokyo Fashion Week | 東京コレクション

スレトシス秋冬2015-16コレクション Sretsis 2015-16 AW collection

SRETSIS_MBFWT15_16aw  -53

タイ発のブランド、スレトシスが秋冬2015-16年コレクションも東コレで魅せてくれた。たくさんの花やレース、ラッフル、それからアイコニックなキッチュモチーフやスタイリングは思 わず袖を通して見たくなるものばかりで、かわいらしい。今季は、モデルたちが400本の花で観客をガーデンテラスの迷路へ案内してくれた。70年代のハッピー で少し幼さの残る花柄と、シースルーリネンやレース、花の刺繍などが多用されている。一方、コレクションにはお花畑で遊ぶのが大好きな、森のかわいい動物 たち(犬も!)もおもしろいアクセントを加える。世界的トレンドを取り入れたファー靴にも注目!それから、本物のちっちゃいいきものもいた!動物のコスチューム を身につけたおちびちゃんたち、さ♥


Sretsis is the Thailand-based brand that has taken Tokyo by storm with its flowers and lace and ruffles and iconic motifs and styling that makes you want to try and make a coat of cotton candy. The autumn/winter 2015 collection was shown on a setting of 400 flowers on a set of stairs (usually for the audience seats) that the models navigated like a maze of a terrace garden. The fashion over current was a 70s happy flower-child vibe with lots of see-through linen, lace and flower embroidery.  The undercurrent was a group of furry little forest animals (and a puppy) who like to come visit the garden and frolick. The shoes were furry, following the worldwide trend. There were some “real” furry creatures, in 2 little cutie pie children in animal costumes.

Check out the collection from the viewpoint of young photographer Mami Tanabe- and peace out, gurls.

SRETSIS_MBFWT15_16aw  -55

Mona Matsuoka in my favorite look♥ ミーシャのお気に入りは松岡モナが着用していた★


Autumn Winter 2015-16 Tokyo Brands | 東京ファッション

An underwater Broadway. Tsumori Chisato 2015 pre-fall ツモリチサトの描く海の中のブロードウェイ。2015年プレフォール


Tsumori Chisato, the empress of making an illustrated wonderland come to life, has gone….sporty! With colored furs, simple color blocking and a functional lineup of down coats and blouson pants, 2015 pre-fall is an active showing. Of course, without some fantastical world being played out on the clothes it wouldn’t be Tsumori, so here we’ve got an underwater Broadway in illustration. But more interestingly, there are photo-real all-over prints too- a newer arena for the brand!

And speaking of newer arenas, don’t forget the menswear which invites men who live to be vibrant into the Tsumori Chisato world…


2015プレフォール(秋)のtsumori chisatoはポップでスポーティ。でもブランドらしいガーリーでハッピーな世界観は健在。