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Berlin’s Insane Alternative Fashion Week SS 2015 ベルリンの現実領域を超えた BAFWを体験してきた

Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 8.29.32 AM

My plans for a post-fashion month trip to Berlin consisted of making NO plans. It was a total coincidence that a new event called “Berlin Alternative Fashion Week” was being held in the city while I was there. And while I had no intention of spending another week chasing runways, when my friend (an art curator) pulled out two tickets to see a group show, we jumped in.

It seemed the local fashion community was at odds with this event (Berlin has it’s own official Fashion Week in January and July which already seems to struggle for fanfare) and feigned to stay away. I really didn’t know what to expect. We stayed in the back, just in case we needed to make a swift exit early.

I live in Tokyo so you can imagine I have seen my fair share of jaw-dropping presentations before. Let’s just say those were warm-ups to this…

NYCで9月頭から始まるエレクトリックな2015SSファッションマンスに続けてベルリンに”ノープラン”でぴぴぴぴとする頭の中を修理に行って来た(そりゃ壊れるに決まってるわww)。すると、偶然にもちょうど”Berlin Alternative Fashion Week” (ベルリン オールタニティブ ファッション ウィーク=BAFW, ゲリラ的なファッションウィークって感じ)が開かれ、アートキュレーターの友達がミーシャを誘ってくれた。主催側に連絡を入れず、興味を持っただけで飛び入りで観賞をすることに。





Andrey Bartenev collection

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メイクアップフォーエバー30周年記念をパリコレで開催!Make Up For Ever 30th Anniversary with Kenzo, Pucci

Screen shot 2014-09-28 at 4.55.22 PM

ファッションが自分自身の世界観をつくるのにとても重要な役割を担うように、メイクアップもまた大切な要素。ミーシャはハードコアなファッションムードのときに Make Up For Everというブランドの黒やオレンジのリップを使っているよ。この”ファッション”コスメティックブランドは世界でトップを争うブランド。なぜなら、数多くのファッション界やエンターテインメント業界のメイクのプロフェッショナルに愛用されているから。

今LVMHの一員となったこのブランド。創設者でありメイクアップアーティストのDany Sanzはメイクアップ界の革命児。ファッション界でいうコムデギャルソンのようで、業界にはDanyスタイルの作品がたくさんあるのだ。ミーシャは今回、パリでファッションウィーク中に開かれたこのブランドの30周年パーティに招待していただいた。また、ヨーロッパの”ハリウッド”といわれるところにも足を運んだ。そこでちょっと意外なサプライズが…。

”ファッションはあう意味アートだ” に共感するみなさん、メイクアップだってそうなのですね(男性にも特別なメッセージある!↓↓ )さて、先へ…

As much as I believe fashion is an utmost important factor in creating your own unique world and persona, there’s a LOT to be said about how makeup helps us get there. And the Make Up For Ever brand- which I use when I am in the mood to be hardcore about my personal style (think black or orange lipstick) is one of the most “fashion” cosmetics brands in the world. I say that because of how it is actually one of the most widely used brands by all makeup professionals in the fashion and entertainment business.

Owned by LVMH now, the founder is actually a makeup artist herself, Dany Sanz, and she’s a Goddess in the makeup community… a game-changer like Comme des Garcons. There is a lot of art involved here in Dany’s style… so I was honored to be a guest at their 30th Anniversary Party held in Paris during fashion week. I also visited the “Hollywood” of Europe, where there were some crazy surprises in store. If you believe fashion is art, then makeup is all that and more. Read on…


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High-tech On Air clothing changes at whims like the air ◎最新テクで空気のように変化を身にまとう「on air」が誕生


The city is a tough place, relentless in its aggression, challenges, and pace of change. It’s survival of the fittest out there, and if you can’t keep up then you’ve no chance. And when it comes down to the wire, the last layer of protection from the city that you’ll have is what you’ve got on your body. So what’s your armor gonna be?

都会を代表するもの。めまぐるしい変化。変化を取り入れられなければ、都会ではサバイバルできない。この果て、最後に身を守るのが服だったらどんな甲冑を選ぶの?そこでサバイバルモード「On Air」がFinal Home から誕生。



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ザハハディドの2020年オリンピックスタジアムより、バオバオが東京に相応しいだろう? The problem: Issey Miyake BAOBAO, Zaha Hadid, and the Tokyo Olympics


日本のトップブランドの イッセイミヤケ が展開する BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKEがクリエーターと開発する企画 BAO BAO PARK EDITION。

過去には、あの東京の有名なファッションアイコンであるスプツニ子とのコラボを果たしたこの企画。そこから6月に待望の 4度目のコラボとして最もユニークなライン、「Distortion」が販売され、そのデザインを見た世界中の人々の間でバイラルに話題になっている。過去、現代、未来をも描くこのデザインは、来る東京オリンピックの影響で世界の人々の興味を更に引くのではないかと思う。

With a continued slew of hit accessories and offshoot lines to his name, Issey Miyake is on a roll these days. Or should I say, on a triangle these days. His biggest hit is the line of geometric bags called Bao Bao, and the newest edition is jaw-droppingly cool. In fact, I hardly ever have the joy of seeing Japanese fashion pop up on mainstream English news blogs I read, but there was Miyake’s new futuristic “Distortion” origami bag hitting viral levels around the web.

What is it about this particular bag that has viral globe-stopping properties? What does that have to do with Japanese design, and its future? And that thought led me on a joyride thinking about the Olympics, Zaha Hadid, Kanji, cursive, kimono, tailoring, and more…




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Unravelled in red ◎ 『赤による覚醒』


Unwrapping the “Paper”

“ペーパー” を剥がして…

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The secret history of Serge Lutens ◎史上最高のクリエイター、セルジュ ルタンスの秘密背景

serge-lutens-dior-9 So I want to share a story, one that has been inspiring me since it was privately told to me a few years back. It involves one of the most celebrated visionaries in history, Serge Lutens, and how he got started. The story is sprinkled with a message about believing in yourself, and also holding fast to your intuition and judgement of others. Here we go…

何年か前にミーシャが個人的にものすごい影響を受けた話をみなさんに紹介したい。それは、史上最上級ビジュアル アーティスト、メイク、フォトグラファーのセルジュ・ルタンスと著名仏日文化人のフランソワーズ・モレシャンによる話。そこには”自分自身のセンスを絶対に信じること”そして“他人を批評することの影響”というメッセージが込められている。さて… lutens3

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The prestigious SOEN AWARDS JAPAN 2014 winners and full collections ◎装苑賞2014年で輝いた優秀な若手デザイナーを全公開します!


The SOEN Awards is a long-standing design competition in Tokyo, now in it’s 88th iteration. Created by SOEN Magazine with support from Bunka Fashion College, and judged by a panel of the country’s top designers (like Tsumori Chisato and Keita Maruyama) it is one of the most prestigious in the world. I wish it got more international press, because these are worth seeing!



The goal of the contest is to find the most fantastical, innovative, fresh, and creative young designers who are based in Tokyo.  Hopefuls go through a very rigorous screening process which takes almost a year, and work with the judges every step of the way.

This year was not only one of the most fantastic in recent memory, but it was also clearly the most international with a few winners either coming from outside Japan, or from culturally mixed backgrounds in the country. Perhaps this is what lent to the wide array of awesome designs. There is a difference between being interested in in being abroad and actually letting it into the borders and I was very pleased.

Meet your future design superstars from Japan who picked up cash prize money, study abroad packages, and major bragging rights:


今年は近年の中で期待以上にファンタスティックなショーだったけど、数少ない受賞者を見ただけでもすごく国際的だと分かるものだった。留学生だったり、日本在住の外国人デザイナーが多かった。これはきっと才能ある若手デザイナー達たちを鼓舞したはず。海外をあこがれる日本は当たりまえだけれど、海外を真に受け入れる日本も素敵。 あーミーシャはとっても嬉しいです!


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2D to 3D Fashion Illustrator Jumpei Kawamura ◎ 常識を超えた 2D が超リアルに見える 3Dファッションイラストレーター川村淳平



You may have heard of a documentary called “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” which explores not just delicious raw fish, but more about the care and obsessive detail that goes into craftwork for Japanese artists (in food as in fashion, natch). I have met one such genius man, Jumpei Kawamura, whose minute attention to detail is astounding. And even better, he uses his incredible talent to create illustrations of the seasons’ best designer shoes and other accessories. 

最近、ファッションとアートの融合が業界でトレンドになっていることをブログでも取り上げたりするけど、ミーシャついに見つけてしまいました。ファッションとアートをミックスさせ、両方の魅力を最大限に引き出す天才イラストレーター・川村淳平さんを!彼の特徴はなんと、超リアル 3Dに見える2Dアート。まさに2.5Dかも!!


Shoes:00061 “UNITED NUDE” Flat Pack Shoe “Moon Life”

Top: Shoes:00118 “Christian Dior” Pumps(FW2014)