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stephen jones new book at dover street market Ginza

天才ヘッドピースデザイナー、スティーブンジョーンズの本 ”スーベニア”がドーバーストリートマーケット銀座で発売された。これを機に、スティーブンのお気に入りのアーカイブを集めたエキシビションがDSMでおこなわれた。先月、エキシビションスタートの時には本人も来場し、作品集をゲットしたラッキーなファンたちと写真を撮ったり、本にサインをしたり、軽くおしゃべりをしたりしていた。(ミーシャも嬉しいことに全部かなって、本当にラッキーだった!)

Hat maker extraordinaire Stephen Jones’ new book “Souvenirs” is now available at Dover Street Market Ginza, which appeared along with a wonderful exhibit of some of Stephen’s most loved archive pieces. He stopped by last month when it opened, and let a few lucky fans who got their hands on the book first, get photos, a signature, and a small chat if you were really really lucky.

stephen jones new book at dover street market Ginza



Time: 14:20
Location: Yoyogi Station
Theme: Going Fashionably Meta -アナログ vs デジタル


There is so much talk about the material world vs the “virtual” one, paper vs the web, and what’s real vs perception in social media. The same could be said for what counts as being a “good” fashion designer. In the world of analog, it was one who put on fashion shows, had store fronts in top capitals and dressed “famous” people. But now, it goes beyond saying that there is a plethora of ways for a designer to forge a career. It could take just one hit design, one photograph, and one blurb to start a career if it takes off online (*cough* Vetements)….

All photos: Alex T Thomas

ロサンゼルスは、ファッション過疎地?ストリートスタイルのパラダイスってわけでもないし、クチュールメゾンがはびこってるわけでもないけど、今敏感な人たちは感じている: ロサンゼルスが、ニューヨークを差し置いてファッション業界を牽引するビッグシティになろうとしていることを!

“モスキーノがロスでショーやったのね!” と興奮した様子の友達。”エディスリマンがサンローランの拠点をロスに移動したし!”と、また他の友達。ふたつのブランドのふたつのショーってだけじゃ、まだファッションキャピタルとは言えないけど。



Is Los Angeles a fashion wasteland? No…. but, it’s not exactly flush with the waters of street style parades or endless couture maisons either. But there are certainly whispers in the air that LA is going to be ramping up its fashion pull to try and put a dent in rival New York City. “Moschino is going to be showing here!” squealed one friend. “Hedi Slimane moving Saint Laurent here has and will continue to do wonders!” said another. But two brands and two shows does not a fashion capital make.

So then we have to look deeper, into the nooks and crannies and see where the creatives in LA really are. The ones forging their own style born and bred by the city, and not just mimicking those of NY or abroad. It’s people like this that bring a city into the fashion spotlight, bringing something new to the table that people will happily travel long distance to see in person.

There, I was able to meet up with Steve David, a hair artist and designer of avant garde headpieces who loves the city he grew up in and is banking on it getting its (and his) time to shine.




Adapted from a manga “Shojo Tsubaki” (少女椿) from the 80s which became a cult hit, this tale of psychotic intrigue has been turned into a feature-length film starring fashion model and “dolly style” fashion icon Risa Nakamura. Disclosure: I actually have a cameo in this film, as my friend Torico is the director and I’ve already seen a screening of it, which will be in limited release beginning May 21st in Japan. The original story is an “ero-manga” (erotic manga) and is a fever dream about a girl “Midori” who joins a band of circus freaks who are led by a magician who uses black magic…

shojo tsubaki 5


airplane at the louis vuitton volez voguez voyagez tokyo




そのルイヴィトンが、ガリエラ宮パリ市立モード美術館 館長のオリヴィエ・サイヤールのキュレーションによって集めた膨大なコレクションの展示を行っている。「Volez, Voguez, Voyagez – Louis Vuitton(空へ、海へ、彼方へ──旅するルイ・ヴィトン)」展というタイトルのこのエキシビションは、一歩中へ足を踏み入れればたちまち、創業者一族のアーカイヴから現在までのルイ・ヴィトンのクリエーションの膨大な歴史をたどる旅がスタートする。

Japan is a nation that has a penchant for the good things in life, and that includes designer goods. And one of the most beloved in the whole nation is Louis Vuitton. And that’s not just among the rich or fashion bourgeois, but no doubt that the baker or butcher down the street knows the brand, or may even have his own LV wallet at home. And that’s because the relationship between Louis Vuitton and Japan goes back a very long way.

The “LV” monogram itself is inspired by Japanese “mon” or coat of arms, and no less than three Japanese artists have been tapped for major collaboration since the start of this century (Takashi Murakami, Comme des Garcons and Yayoi Kusama).

So now Louis Vuitton has chosen Tokyo to be the second city to get their large-scale exhibit, “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez- Louis Vuitton“. Stepping inside, you’ll find a myriad of rooms displaying the personal trunks of founder George Vuitton and his friends and family through the decades. It’s a literal “trip”, taking you through the desert, into the air, on trains, and more.



This past weekend was Tokyo Design Week, one of the biggest conventions for design, technology, art and fashion in Japan. Within the week are the Asia Awards, awarded to young creators in a number of fields. For two years I`ve been on the judging panel, and I want to introduce to you the top three winners who masterfully blend concept with art and fashion.

One uses mattress foam to make extremely intricate 3D floral fabric, one created a fashionable piece of confounding art, and then one found the positive side to being a “hikikomori” (a shut-in). Here they are!





kunio kohzaki pins

この仕事での最大の楽しみ、かつ喜びを感じる瞬間のひとつは、”根っからのアーティスト”に出逢ったときだったりする。彼らは想像を軽々と超えてくる。作り出すものはもちろんだけど、その行動や発言すべてがおもしろくて、興味が湧き、引き込まれる。その一人はヘアとヘッドアーティストのKUNIO KOHZAKI.



One of the most satisfying things about my job is feeding off of the genius of the artists around me. Be they in clothing, photography, events, art, makeup, even modeling… it is a sickeningly satisfying experience that cannot be understood unless you’re one who seeks it too, like a wee bit of a creative high.

One of the artists who makes that sweet buzz is hair/head piece artist Kunio Kohzaki. His magazine and catalog work is incredibly fun to look at, and this article from my blog a few years back when I was just a starry-eyed fan, is a great intro to his huge body of work.

kunio kohzaki pins


先月、ファッションウィークのためにきびしーーーい寒さのNYにいた。なるべく室内に引きこもっておとなしくしてた。ショッピングデーなんてもってのほかで、むしろ寒すぎて店から店へとはしごするその一瞬でも死にそうだったから、ちょっとした空き時間も買い物に行く気になんてなれなかった。(いろんな人に話してるけど、本当に顔がひりひり痛むような寒さ!) でも、それでもどうしても行きたい展覧会があった。それは遥々ブルックリンで開かれてた”Killer Heels展”。この展示は好評のため延長されたし、いろんな人に”絶対行くべき!”とおすすめされたもの。地下鉄の階段を上がると、少なくても10センチは雪が積もっていた。それを見た瞬間、エキシビションに合わせたヒールを履いてこようか迷ったけど、Y3のフラットなミリタリーブーツにして正解だと感じた。その午後、展示されてたシューズの美しさに圧倒されて、豪雪のNYなのにもかかわらず、あの不安定なヒールをはきたい気分がわいた…

It was killer cold in New York City during fashion week last month. Moving less, staying inside, was my mantra. In fact, I didn’t even make a shopping day or even shopping afternoon or hour… the idea of stepping out between stores and getting the shock of the cold made my system shut down just thinking about it (I keep telling people, “It stings, like piranhas nibbling at your face”). But there was one place I absolutely wanted to get out to: The “Killer Heel” exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. It had been extended until Mar 1 and everyone told me it couldn’t be missed. Exiting the subway, there was at least 10 inches of snow on the ground. I considered wearing an homage to the exhibit, but I pounded that pavement in flat Y3 military boots. By the end of my afternoon, I found myself a little more on my tippy toes, feeling the awe and beauty of the heels there.

extreme form of aesthetic mutation by joji kojima

Painting by Joji Kojima (not in the exhibit, but it should have been.)