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Jellyfish DNA silk by Gucci and Sputniko kimono exhibit

クラゲのように光り、バラの香りに包まれ、そしてフェロモンがむんむんと出る女性を想像できますか? それを実現しようとしているグッチとスプツニ子! による ”Transflora – エイミの光るシルク展”が東京で解禁された。バイオテクノロジーを衣服で表現しようという、最先端的な企画は要チェック!

Could you imagine a woman who glows like a jellyfish, smells like fresh roses, and emits human pheromones?
“Transflora Amy’s Silk”, Jellyfish DNA silk by Gucci and Sputniko revealed in Tokyo yesterday is the attempt to make that a reality in clothing through biotechnology .


Jellyfish DNA silk by Gucci, constructed by Masaya Kushino



Seen most often in self-professed “otaku” (geek) designer collections in Tokyo, digital pop-collages are a huge thing. Avatars, pixels, characters, eyeballs, cosplay, pop-objects and analog media motifs are often plastered together in a way that purposely looks like a job done on MS Paint.

So what an incredibly unexpected surprise to see Paris’ adopted grandfather Yohji Yamamoto who is known for his blacker-than-a-black-hole clothes  dipping into the same psychotropic Akihabara-inspired fashion..!




Screen shot 2013-10-30 at 2.20.27 PM

When I was a student at Bunka, I pretty much wore black. Black with zips of neon here and there, and some illustrative patterns, but it was pretty much black. Old-school Marios Schwab, Ann Demeulemeester etc was my jam. Only during Tokyo Fashion Week after I graduated did I step outside of my comfort zone and try new and “wild” clothes. This was quite a bit before the “kawaii” trend hit, before Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and otaku fashion blew up.

文化服装学院の生徒だった時、私はもっぱら黒い服を着ていた。黒でネオンのさし色が あちこちについたものや、はっきりした柄はついていてもほとんど黒いものを。昔のMarios SchwabやAnn Demeulemeesterなどが私の好きなブランドだった。卒業後、東京コレクションの間だけ私は自分の居心地のよいファッションの領域を飛び出して新しいかつ“激しい”服に挑戦した(それは “かわいい” ト レンド、きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅやオタクファッションが出てくる少し前のことだった)。

Photos by Mami Tanabe




This particular episode of my column running in SOEN magazine is probably my favorite. That’s because it’s also revealing something very personal that changed my mind and therefore changed my life. And saying it changed my mind is an understatement. It literally BLEW my mind (I love the japanese translation for this: “fish scales fell out of my eyes.” Hah. But I digress )

So the message is simple but powerful, and here it is:
We do not “find” ourselves, we create ourselves.

話がそれたけど、メッセージは至ってシンプル。だけど力強い。それは… “自分とは「探すもの」ではなく、「創造するもの」だ。”
Screen shot 2013-09-08 at 1.12.32 PM

VOGUE日本がめったにフィーチャーしないローカルなアイコンたちをピックアップ!ペリ、ひらり、Tiffany C、栗原類、アミアヤ…


It can’t be denied that magazines are an extremely important part of the fashion landscape here in Tokyo. That goes for all printed matter, in fact. In terms of fashion styles, Japan’s is the most segmented market in the world and each style/tribe/age/ladies/mens/orientation has one or several titles dedicated solely to that style like a Bible. I won’t get into that right now, because now I want to talk about that ONE Bible that everyone knows: VOGUE Japan. VOGUE-J is often considered one of the top VOGUES in the world, probably in terms of fashion editorials which are always top-notch. This is thanks to the amazing teams that shoot the best of the best in locations around the world. The style of photography for local mags is quite different from “foreign” glossy mags, and VOGUE tries to keep the global standard bar set high to appeal to their readership which wants fantasy. So anything shot locally tends to be the item shots for the catalog-like layouts or local celebrity interviews. 
雑誌という媒体が、ここ東京でファッションの情景を映し出す、とても重要なポジションに位置している。(特に世界で印刷物がまだまだ売れるのは大体日本だけ、とも言われるほど全ての印刷物は重要という)。事実、ファッションのテーマにおいて、日本のものは世界でも有数の、細かくカテゴライズされた特有の市場である。雑誌もすごく多く出てる日本はジャンル、年齢、レディース、メンズ、族… それらのどれもがひとつ、もしくはいくつかの、まるでバイブルのような「スタイル」にその身を固める雑誌がほとんど。またその話はしてみたいと思いますが、今回は一つの雑誌にしぼって… 誰もが知っているVOGUE JAPAN について。
VOGUE 日本 は VOGUE の中でも、世界的にトップクラスのクオリティであると有名である。おそらく常に超一流であると、ファッション界での定説とされている。それは世界の中でも有数のベストロケーションで撮影ができる環境と、トップクラスの素晴らしいチームのおかげだろう。よりローカルなファッション雑誌の写真のスタイルは、海外のハイファッション雑誌とは異なる。VOGUE は全体として、国際的な標準値をファンタジックなものを望む読者のために、より高い位置で保とうと努めている。なので、「海外」というイメージを反映させるためにVOGUEは日本でファッションシューティングをめったにしない。こっちで撮るとしても物撮りや日本セレブの撮影ぐらいでしょう。


Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 1.23.51 AM
“beauty is in the eye of the beholder”
Yes. Same goes for sincerity, intelligence, fashion and asshole-ry. 
I was judging at the High School FashionDesign Awards on Saturday and then had a lecture afterwards at the Bunka Fashion College “Fashion festival “. Afterwards a young man asked me, “What does it actually mean to be fashionable? Because I look at people who are supposedly fashionable but I don’t understand why. What does fashionable MEAN?”
Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 1.23.22 AM
And I remembered my own very first glimpse at the fashion world- a fashion show being replayed on TV when I was a tween and I thought to myself,”What is this weird stuff on the runway?? I’m gonna be a designer and I’m going to make things people can actually WEAR!” (kind of ironic considering how I am now). 
But what I really meant was, “I want to make things that **I** like.” 
そこで私は思い出した。すごく昔、私がファッション界において、一番最初に垣間見たものだった。TVではファッションショーがリプレイされているのを見て、思った。「何この、見るにも耐えない作品は… 。私がデザイナーになって、みんなが”着れるもの”を作ってやる!」(今の私の状況とは若干矛盾しているようにも感じさせるけど… ) だけどその言葉の真相は、「私の好きなものを」作りたい!ということだったでしょう。
Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 1.22.59 AM
That’s basically what it comes down to, and it’s the same thing that I told the young man who asked me about being fashionable. You can’t please everyone with fashion,  it is IMPOSSIBLE. 
So anyways, to get back to the topic, the difference between being considered weird or unique. I personally know the difference when I am dressing myself, but of course that will also change subjectively. 
とにかく本題に戻る。「奇抜」っていうのと、「変」ってのの違い。私が個人的に知っている違いを、例えば私が自分自身をコーディネートしているときを例にして言うと…。もちろんそれは主観によって変わるんだけど… 。
Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 1.22.45 AM
Knit top & skirt: NOZOMI ISHIGURO Haute Couture
Tights: Poem by Rabbit
Shoes: One Spo
Hat: Miche Dulce
I think “weird” is easier; it’s a step away from common sense. For example, if you put on a fancy gown then common sense says that you’ll wear some fancy heels with it too. So If you put on sneakers instead, that’s definitely going to be considered weird by the majority. But not everyone is taught the same common sense around the world or even in Japan, so it’s very easy to be misconstrued as a strange being. 
As for being unique, I think it’s about finishing off the details that show you’re not crazy; rather that it’s planned and on purpose is what separates it. Clothes that fit, have balance, clean hair (unless dirty hair etc is the point, these rules aren’t set in stone) etc. will keep one fashionable while still being experimental. 
So which freak flag are you going to fly? The weird one or the fashion genius one? Either one, I`m not complaining.
Read my column on this subject at SOEN’s online site, as part of my monthly “Life in the 2.5 Dimension” series. In English HERE.
「奇抜」や「ユニーク」であるということに関しても、それはあなたがクレイジーじゃないってことを証明するために、一つ一つに磨きをかけるということ。というよりもむしろ、ちゃんと計算してコーディネートして、意図的にクレイジーじゃないって切り離すこと。洋服はフィット感、バランス、綺麗な髪、(汚い髪ではこのルールは成り立たない) etc. するとそれはオシャレの一つとして、しばらくの間、実験的にキープされるでしょう。
… さぁ、あなたはどっちのブッ飛んだ旗を取りに飛んでいく?「変わった」か、「ファッションの天才」か ?どっちでもどうぞ。
Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 1.24.03 AM
Asst editor Yoshi Peter


Screen shot 2013-06-30 at 1.48.20 PM

The next episode of 2.5 dimension life is now online at Soen so check it out! This one is about daydreaming, and I kind of lament not having the opportunity to get in my own head these days. Every minute seeks to be filled with things to do, phone calls, text messages, tweets, meetings and then (if I’m lucky) , sleep. The best time for daydreaming was during class…I didn’t say that. But yeah, I came up with a lot if great ideas while in school, furiously jotting down ideas and sketches so I didn’t confuse them with my homework notes. When do you feel the most inspired? Nowadays I get my best ideas in the moments before I fall asleep in bed. That place of limbo between consciousness and unconsciousness is very powerful and often one idea will lead to another. I also get major inspiration after reading magazines…yeah, those relics! And even following Pinterest, which is like an online inspiration board of sorts, where I am bombarded by so many amazing, axing photos at once. If you’re not familiar with Pinterest you definitely gotta check it out.

The moral of the story is to never forget to daydream, not only for getting a break from reality, but as a great motivation to level up. Read it here


2.5次元ライフ、次のエピソードの英文は装苑でオンライン発信中!お勉強がてらチェックしてみてっ。テーマは「デイドリーム」。だけど最近はなかなか、それを頭に入れる機会が無くて、少し悔やんでる。毎日、毎分、毎秒。何かやれることを捜し求めては、それで埋められていくの。電話が鳴る。メールが届く。ツイッター、ミーティング。それから。。。もし運が良ければ睡眠をとったり。w デイドリームに最も最適だった時間は、授業中だった。。。!学校にいる間は、いくらでも素晴らしいアイデアが浮かんだの。狂ったように浮かんだアイデアを次々とノートにメモしたり、スケッチしたり。。。でも、宿題のノートに一緒に混ぜて書くようなことはしなかったわ。あなたはどんなときに、特にインスパイアされたり 、アイデアが浮かんだりする?私はここ最近では、ベッドに入って眠りに落ちるまでのひとときがベストな時間かしら。眠りに落ちるか落ちないかの、意識があるような、無いような。。。そんな瞬間。それはとても力強くて、よく一つのアイデアが基になって、他のアイデアが生まれたり。それから雑誌を読んだ後にも大きなインスピレーションが浮かんだりもする。。。遺品みたいなものね!それからPinterestでもフォローしてたりして。いわゆるオンラインインスピレーションのひとつね。そこでめちゃめちゃ叩きのめされたことがあった。もう、びっくりした!w もしあなたがPinterestをまだ知らなかったら、完全にチェックすべきね! この話の教訓は、白昼夢に欠かせない。ただの現実逃避だけのためじゃなくて、自分がレベルアップするため起動源に!ここでご覧ください

Photos by Mami Tanabe for SOEN



SOEN7-9 Cage dress /ケージドレス:ANREALAGE
Head piece /ヘッドピース: ANREALAGE (Katsuya Kamo)
その他私物:Shoes by Priveledged, Red dress and bustier from MODCLOTH.com

Screen shot 2013-06-30 at 1.48.33 PM

The next episode, “The Fine Line Between Unique and Weird” is on sale NOW in the Aug issue! The one with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on the cover—

次回の、「ユニークと変の境界線」は8月号、きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅが表紙を飾ってる方で発売中!!Check! Check!


Assistant Editor: Yoshi Peter

ファッション的に、日本は一つの国で地獄と天国が同時に存在してるよう・・?装苑で連載中「2.5次元ライフ」の第5話 “HERE AND NOW” をチェック!

Screen shot 2013-05-29 at 3.24.47 AM

Can hell be heaven, at the same time?
People who live in Tokyo: “Augghh its so #%$€! conservative here!”
People who don’t: “Holy sh*t theres so much freedom in Tokyo!”




When it comes to fashion, culture is a HUGE factor in determining how people dress. As a culture, japan is very reserved, polite and tries not to be a screamer.That in effect trickles down to fashion being equally simplistic and casual for most of the population. Perhaps that is not the “crazy kawaii”  stereotype that has permeated the world though. It exists of course, but in small pockets here and there.
I recently had a blog reader tell me “I like to dress up and be more stand-out than others so I felt suffocated in Japan and always thought it would be easier if I went overseas. But then I started reading your 2.5 Dimension Life column and realized maybe it was possible for me to be who I am here, too”



Yes! This girl inspired the topic this month in which I say that even though the general populace is conservative, *IF* one wants to dress up, it is the *EASIEST* place to do so. I call it the “fashion crime rate”. Unlike in the west where people like to give strangers a piece of their mind on the street whether their opinion is solicited or not, in Japan the culture teaches that you just DON’T bother people you don’t know. You just don’t. You could be dressed in a pikachu costume and everyone will let you on your merry way. In the west, dressing “2.5 dimension” means learning to constantly be on the defensive. Exhausting ! But in tokyo it can be just another day if you want it to be.
In this way, Japan has given birth to, and let thrive, all of the “strange” subcultures. Although it may seem that the grass is greener on the other side for many young japanese kids, that’s not always the case. Something to think about. Case in point, my dress this time is from a HK/London-based brand, “Ground Zero”. How easy is it to wear these pieces there compared to Tokyo. I wonder?







dress ドレス:GROUND ZERO
Hat ヘッドピース: Prism-Gem
Shoes シューズ: What For

You can read “Here and Now” in English online at SOEN! この連載は毎月、FashionJP.net/Soenにて英文でお読みになれます〜お勉強にどうぞ!こちら

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 4.13.54 PM

和文エディター:Shunsuke Okabe