Carine Roitfeld

Anna Wintour is the reigning champ of the fashion world, but her (ex)colleague Carine Roitfeld is for those people who thinkAnna’s style could use a little hot sauce. In comes Carine with her Vogue Paris editor-in-chief title, winning over fans for sleek, sexy, eye-bags-but-I-don’t-care cool Frenchy style that spawned seasons and seasons of Carine copycats. 

She left VOGUE and started her own magazine, “CR Book” published by the same hot crew as V magazine. Following on her heels was a documentary crew that is now releasing a film about the editor’s jet-set life titled “Mademoiselle C” that’s getting a theatrical release.



 carine-roitfeld-8 Famous editorial from VOGUE Paris

I have yet to see the film, but I greatly interested in her views on having a career, being a mother, the pressure of the industry, how she got there, and how she works with people. Honestly, I’m mostly curious in her working demeanor, as many say that to make it in fashion one has to be capital-B Babe (er, bitch) and I’d like to see that proved not always the case.

I actually had a run-in with the editrix in Tokyo when she was here for the Little Black Dress book release by Chanel. I was asked for a photo with her and I obliged by turning on a shy smile while Carine immediately perked up, twisted her body to her good side, grabbed her hip, sucked in the cheeks and proceeded to give 3 or 4 model poses in succession as if it were a Mario Testino photoshoot. It was a sight to see; a photo is worth a thousand words and she knows how to make it say “Fabulous!” over and over again. 

ファッション誌の編集長って女の子なら(服好きな男の子も?) 一度は憧れたことがあるんじゃない?毎日おしゃれなものに囲まれて最新情報をいち早く手に入れられて、とってもきらきらしたイメージがあるもんね。しかも自分がGOを出した作品やページが製本されて本屋さんに並ぶなんてほんと素敵。誇らしい仕事よね。でも本当はそれだけ世間に影響あることをするんだからプライベートな時間がなくなっちゃうくらい忙しい仕事。責任もすごく重い。実際ずっと結婚するタイミングを逃している人もたくさんいるのが現実。(きゃーピンチ!)でもカリーヌは幸せな家庭をしっかり築いていてまさに理想の人生なのかも!?


「マドモアゼルC 〜ファッションに愛されたミューズ〜」HP ムービーをぜひ見てほしい!



From “CR Book”


From “CR Book”


From “CR Book”


From “CR Book”


Styling work by Carine Roitfeld


Styling work by Carine Roitfeld


Styling work by Carine Roitfeld


She styled 3 covers for V Magazine

carine-vogue nov-2009

One of her best covers for VOGUE Paris


VOGUE Paris by Carine



 -Misha Janette

-Natsumi Yasuoka