Time: 12:30
Location: Yoyogi Hachiman
Theme: Absurd in white さかしまに白を


As a continuation to the last time, I am picking up some of my favorite finalists from the Bunka Fashion Contest this year. Just by chance I ended up with a group of white looks so I put them to denim for an avantgarde take on casual friday.



The theme for my piece is “An absurd utopia”. I was inspired by a novel called “Absurd” written over 100 years ago.  In the book, the main character becomes bored with the world in which he lives, and he becomes obsessed with collection strange things with which he holes himself up in his room with. The book tells his story by going through his strange obsessions and hobbies one by one, and I felt this related to me and how I feel inside. How I feel inside overlaps with who I am as a modern person, and I poured that story itself into the textile. So I ended up with this self-centered piece about my own world without even thinking about it.




I could say that my design source was Joan of Arc. I always make clothing with the thought of them being pieces of art at the same time. I try not to be bound by the rules of dressmaking, which I always consider a positive thing, and I keep that in my mind. I created this piece with the same mindset as if I was sketching a drawing.





I created these white pieces by imagining what an undiscovered ethnic tribe from the future might wear.