I was just sent my copy of the “Fashion Industry Job Book”, a sort of who’s who encyclopedia of selected Bunka Fashion College graduates. I was pretty shocked yet delighted to be asked to be in it, because there are so many amazing graduates out there in the fashion industry now besides me.

I was flipping through it and stopped at a picture of Chiho Oide, from my graduating class! She’s a pretty popular model for PS magazine now, and I am so proud of her! In fact, just recently I was running around backstage reporting on the Girls Award show, and I run right into Chiho all dressed up and looking gorgeous for the runway. Also from our graduating class is Miho Tanaka who is an excellent editor at SO-EN magazine. It’s very surreal to think that only four years ago we had no idea if we would be “allowed” into the hallowed doors of the enviable fashion world. And for me, I came an especially long way to get here.
So En magazine's Industry Directory
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interview in Bunka Fashion College's  newest catalog
I am also featured in an interview in the newest 2012 school year pamphlet for Bunka Fashion College with my homeroom teacher, and it just compounds this surreal feeling I get when I think; I`m living my dream, working in the fashion industry in Tokyo. And to think I came here from a little town in Washington State, USA.
I finally don’t feel like an outsider here anymore, although I have come to accept that I will always stand out in Japan no matter what. But I actually have decided to keep one foot outside of the circle on purpose. This way, I never lose my own personal, unique perspective when looking at the fashion here in Japan. It’s best for me and also for the designers I`m analyzing.
Right now I`m only dipping my toes in the water! There’s so much more I want to do, from styling to designing and more, MORE collaborations!
Maybe I will someday be featured in the Job Book again, this time with a different title ;) After all, just 6 years ago youtube didn’t exist, “blogger” wasn’t a career path and it is highly possible that what I will do in 10 years doesn’t exist yet. How exiting!


-Misha Janette
Editorial Asst. Megumi Ishimura
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