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Lifesized Blythe in Bottega Veneta editorial is not creepy ◎等身大ブライスの着るボッテガヴェネタに会いに行った


Talk about Valley of the Dolls. “Blythe” is Japan’s answer to Barbie, with oversized alien-esque head and eyes and petite physique. Oh, and she’s got a signature smirk…hey, she sounds like a model! Then how perfect would it be to make her the same size as one, and put her in the latest Bottega Veneta collection? Because fashion. And because Japan. And because… why not



This is a collboration between Bottega Veneta and Japanese fashion magazine SPUR. In the magazine, the doll appears in an editorial as a doppleganger to the model, both wearing pieces from the 2014 ss collection.

Then the actual lifesized doll will be on display at Bottega Veneta stores in Japan, starting in Ginza until the 17th of this month and after that at the Omotesando store until March 2nd. After that, she’ll be taking the show on the road with stops in NYC, Paris and Milan. The editorial appears in the March issue of Spur for all you doll collectors (*cough*fetishists) out there. You know you. Can’t. Stop. Staring. I want both the lifesized doll as my mannequin AND all of those dresses she’s wearing. It brings attention to the collection for sure, a brand who’s fashion often gets glossed over for it’s quiet handbags. Way to make it properly loud!




Blythe’s “Bitch, please” face









Misha Janette
Asst editor Natsumi Yasuoka

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