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Shopping the best of Tokyo: Harajuku DOG 世界が嫉妬する東京ショッピング!原宿DOGスタッフの魅力

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Sometimes when I`m writing this blog I forget that I have been here for 10 years and that not everyone already knows all of the best places to go visit or shopping. I often feel like I am talking only to other fashion people or other veterans of the local industry, but I know that many people still come to Tokyo for the first time, or don’t often get the chance to shop like locals. I get a LOT of requests from fan overseas on where to shop when they come. And I realized I NEVER made a section on this blog about the best Tokyo Shopping! So now I am starting! Announcing my new corner: “Tokyo’s Best Shopping” which you can find the link to at the side bar.

And even better, I am writing about all of this on ANA’s popular “Is Japan Cool?” web-zine as a columnist. This site contains tons of information on the best that Japan has to offer to people around the world. you’ll find basic intros there and here on the blog I will be giving the deep and dirty information on the shop because I talk too much.

こうしてブログを書いていると、ときに日本へ来て10年経つことを忘れてしまう。そして、決して皆がみんな、立ち寄ったり買い物をするのにいい場所を知っている訳ではないという事も。つい、ファッションピーポーや、ベテラン業界人の皆さんに向けて書いてしまいがちだ。でも、ミーシャの強みは外国人目線から観た東京ファッションを発信出来るという事。そしてかっこいいと感じたものを英語で発信できるということ。海外の読者から本当に沢山よせられるリクエスト、”日本でショッピングするにはどこへいけばいいか”。そこで気付いたんだけど、実は東京ショッピングのコーナーは設けていなかった!ということではじめます!新コーナー”Tokyo’s Best Shopping” サイドバーに黄色いリンクバナーがあるので、そこから飛べます。

また、ANAの人気”Is Japan Cool?”ウェブジン(ウェブマガジン)でコラムニストとして東京を紹介しているのでこちらも見てみてください。このサイトでは、日本から海外へ発信すべき情報を大量に扱っています。発信者のひとりとして関わらせていただき、すごく光栄!トピックは自由に選べるので、本当にベストと思う情報を流していきたいと思います。ショップやイベントをウィットに富んだ英語で紹介しているので、チャレンジ精神旺盛な方はぜひ読んでみてください!さて、このブログではみなさんに楽しんでいただけるようにもう少し深みのあるショップインフォメーションを書いていきますよー。




Number 1: DOG Harajuku

Getting total freedom to tout the wonders of Tokyo’s fashion scene for a blog means I am faced with deciding where to even start. The fashion scene here is varied and can go from quaint to incredibly extreme. But since I live on the edge (and if you are  traveling to Japan I’d say they’re adventurous too), we might as well start with a BANG. Just what is it about this store that makes it irresistible to visitors AND locals alike?


東京のファッションシーンをアピールするのには、はじめにどこを取り上げたいいか、ルールがないだけにずいぶん悩んだ。東京のファッションはめまぐるしく変わる。古風なものからぶっとんだファッションまで幅広い。でも、ミーシャはわくわくするようなものが好みだし、(そして、日本へ観光にくる外国人はきっと冒険好きだから) よし、ドドーンと派手な所からスタートしましょう!DOGだ!いったいなぜ外国の人にこんなにDOGに魅力を感じるのだろう?!



Welcome to Harajuku. If you think that the extent of the wonderfully quirky mayhem is confined to the famous Takeshita-dori alleyway, you’d be wrong. An underground world where total uniqueness and flaunting of fashion rules is located here and on display for you to peruse. It’s the legendary shop DOG, and there might not be any other place that exists in Tokyo that will show how truly deep the fetish for fashion freedom goes. Come step down into the narrow stairway with me and discover it… (read the rest here in English)

One of the reasons that DOG has remained popular is its sense of community centered around its sales staff. They are considered the street-style rock stars of Harajuku. To work at DOG you must have a sense of extreme personal style as well as be able to work a thread and needle as they make their own clothes behind the register to sell. These are the current fashion freeks who inhabit the Oz world of DOG.




Convoy @convoy_dog

Underneath Kai Satake (the owner of DOG), is his protege Convoy. He is the head of PR and media at DOG and has been in charge long enough to run the place. He is just as popular for his personal style and raucous parties he throws as a DJ.

コンボイ @convoy_dog


“マイファザー”らしい。何と素敵なツーショット!This is apparently his real father!


Hirari Ikeda @ikedahirari

A princess of the most ghetto calibur, Hirari is the scene queen of Harajuku. Her style is meant to shock, not just you but for herself as well. In fact, there’s a certain artistry to the way she puts together her outfits and then bedazzles them for Instagram. Recently she is trying to revive 90s Tokyo trends like the Kigurumin and Cyber movements.

池田ひらり  @ikedahirari


Screen shot 2014-12-11 at 3.56.04 PM

Daiki Nakashima @penixpeni

Probably the shyest of the group (in public, anyway) is Daiki Nakashima. His hair and funny faces are signature characters themselves.

ナカシマDAIKI @penixpeni


Screen shot 2014-12-11 at 3.59.15 PM Screen shot 2014-12-11 at 4.00.06 PM

Takeru Niimi @takeru_niimi

Takeru is also the designer for Buccal Cone, a brand identified by its old-school kanji calligraphy prints. He’s got an eclectic style that comes out less in his clothes on himself and more in his mysterious designs (worn by celebs like Rihanna).

ニイミタケル @takeru_niimi

たけるさんはBuccal Coneのデザイナーでもある。このブランドは習字の漢字プリントが特徴的。彼のスタイルは正規なハンサムボーイでありながら折衷的で、ブランドには彼のミステリアスな面が見られる(リアーナも愛着しているみたい!)。

Screen shot 2014-12-11 at 4.03.18 PM

These are young people who are the be all end all of unique taste makers in Tokyo and faces of Tokyo’s wild side to the world. The small group become superstars in their own right, getting fashion magazine spreads and appearing in music videos or TV shows. But make no mistake; their dedication to the store and keeping its wild world alive is unmistakable .  Many of the “remake” items are made by the sales assistants themselves, and if you think you’re being ignored from behind the register, it’s probably because they are just concentrating on making something new (Hirari made some awesome silver pumps I call my own).

…They won’t hound you like the shop staff at some *other* well-known malls in Tokyo, they are instead chill as cactuses. Stop in to DOG and get a pic with your favorite staff member, and then take some advice on what to get from the store. If you haven’t been to DOG in a while, then this is your perfect excuse to go!



Screen shot 2014-12-11 at 4.05.27 PM


Link to DOG Harajuku MAP 地図を表示するにはこちら!

DOG Harajuku Official

Words Misha Janette
Edits Natsumi Yasuoka


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