Best Japanese Brands of 2016 | 最強日本ブランド 2016年保存版


So what are the top Japanese fashion brands? What are some cool Japanese fashion brands? Or maybe you’re on the search for some up and coming new ones? Or perhaps you’re wondering what Tokyo Fashion Week is all about? (which is more like fashion month, in fact) The Japanese fashion scene is perhaps the most varied and colorful in the world, and can be seriously difficult to navigate unless you have someone “in the know” for exactly what you’re looking for. As I review the best brands and collections, the link will go here, in English and Japanese. If you’re curious about Tokyo fashion trends or the culture behind it, I write a lot of those articles over on this page. And finally, if you want to follow my world adventures and practice some of your Japanese reading skills in the process, then find my blogs here, or follow me on Instagram.





Best Japanese Brands of 2016 | 最強日本ブランド 2016

Motohiro Tanji モトヒロタンジ FW 2016

Dressedundressed ドレスドアンドレスド FW 2016

Facetasm ファセッタズム FW 2016

Tomoumi Ono トモウミオノ SS 2016

Zucca SS 2016

The Happening SS 2016

Cune SS 2016

Akane Utsunomiya SS 2016

Elephant Tribal Fabrics SS 2016

Tenbo SS 2016

Tamaki Fujie SS 2016

Balmung SS 2016

Alice Auaa SS 2016

Cleana SS 2016

Tsukasa Mikami SS 2016